16 Years On. My Assessment For Dyslexia

Back in 1989 I was 21 and taking various A’Levels and GCSE exams at my local college. In order to get extra time and use of a word processor in the exam I needed to be reassessed as my previous assessment had been when I was 11 or 12. Recently I found the assessment again and scanned it in. For comparison I’ve scanned in some home work from last year when I went back to college again to do more A’Levels. The homework was done at home but to exam conditions, so the page was written in 10 – 12 minutes.
The most striking difference between the 10 minute sample done for the assessment and the homework is the amount written. I’ve done twice as much in pretty much the same time. The handwriting is not that much neater but it is more controlled and tightly spaced but if I wanted to, I can make my handwriting much neater now whereas back then, that was my best handwriting. There doesn’t seem to be much difference in spelling but that is partly due to the fact that I used to avoid words that I knew couldn’t spell so the vocabulary I use in writing is much large now.
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Hand writing sample
Homework 2004
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  1. Jannika

    im 17 and only a few weeks ago i was diagnosed with dislexia, i meen surly they should have realised buy now, it took me to get 2/3 grades lower then predicted in my GCSE’s ( i was prdicted A*s,As and Bs)and fail 6 exams at college for anyone to even think about it! i cannot get onto the page what i know in my head! my spelling and handriting are terrable and i get b’s and d’s and p’s and q’s muddled up i am always doing things like having to rite things on ma hand to remember it and my reading age is about 9, my little brother who is 9 reeds better then i do. lots of classic signals of dislexia but it still took thm till i was practicly an adult! dose anyone actuly have treatment for dislexia? i dont i jst have a thing called studdy support at college they go throgh al ma work and and correct ma spelling and grammer and help me to put it into sentences that make sence (i right it very jumbeld about)i think its really good it really helps and im getiing the grades i should now because im getting the help i need to explain what i know in my head on papaer.

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