• Dawn says:

    I sold my Play Attention system in 2009 so it is no longer available (see my post above).

    For those looking for a used system (which would not include support), you can purchase support for around $250.00 from Play Attention (can’t remember the price exactly). The users are current users, so if you buy the two user system, it monitors up to two users at a time, so once you buy it, you can have two users covered under it. Contact the company for more details – they are very nice and helpful.

    Good luck.


  • Angie says:

    We are selling our Play Attention. We have the upgraded 3-D software and all of the components including the printed out users manual. It is in really good condition. Support from the company is available through them. I know they have a couple of packages from $150-$250/year. $1050.00 includes shipping.

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