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More on Resigning Scientists

Remember those scientists who resigned over publication of research into the Dore Program? At the time it was odd that only five or the twenty or so experts on the Dyslexia Journal’s expert panel resigned. If the research was of such poor quality why didn’t all the experts resign? This suggested that there was something going on over and above a simple dispute about a scientific paper.

Now we have some more information. The five people who resigned are:

According to a Sunday Time article, they resigned because of “concerns over apparent conflicts of interest” and “[the paper’s author’s] working relationship with Angela Fawcett, editor of Dyslexia”. As these are the stated reasons I think it is worth examining the connections between the five rebels.

  • Professors Snowling and Hulme are married to each other
  • Snowling and Hulme (plus one other) jointly received a £1.26M research grant from the Wellcome Trust
  • Snowling, Hulme, and Hatcher all work in the same department in York University. In fact Snowling and Hulme (along with two others) run the department and control its budget
  • Rack is the Dyslexia Action’s Head of Assessment and Evaluation whilst Snowling is an Honorary Fellow
  • Rack works in Dyslexia Action’s York office which is based in York University close to Snowling’s, Hulme’s and Hatcher’s officers
  • On her department’s website, Uta Frith lists Snowling as a collaborator
  • All five have written and published papers with each other on numerous occasions including one attacking the Dore program

There is nothing unusual or wrong about these connections. Pick any five scientists working in the same field and you will find similar connections. This is how science works. What is wrong is for this gang of five to carry out a cheap stunt in order to criticise others for potential conflict of interests and close working relations when they themselves enjoy a similar situation.

The real reason behind the gang of five’s resignation is simply professional rivalry. All five have spent many years doing research into phonic based treatments of dyslexia so naturally they are against Dore’s approach that potentially invalidates their life’s work. Such rivalry is healthy and has characterised many of the great scientific debates but cheap stunts and newspaper articles should play no part in science.


  1. tom

    You are forgetting that 28 editors also signed thier letter.

    Is this how you think proper professionals behave? I have never seen this sort of childish behavior between other scientists. What a load of rubbish.

    What are your own conflicts of interest, do you work for Dore?

  2. Kristina

    Tom, get off your own childish anti Dore bashing thing already and move on. What makes you think Chris works for Dore, simply because he has sections about it on his site? Have you had a chance to peruse this entire site? Do you think he has “conflicts of interest” with all the other methods he posts on here? Chris has devoted timeless hours and monumental efforts putting together THE most comprehensive list of ALL treatments for children with learning difficulties on this website that is an invaluable source to the public, and all you do is harass him. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    I do not work for Dore.

  3. AMom

    Tom, my daughter has been on Dore several months now and is doing things she could not have possibly accomplished without the program. We have worked long and hard at it and are very committed so I do not consider it a miracle cure, just a new paradigm in the world of learning disablilites.
    I could care less about the issue among the scientists. My daughter is so much happier and capable. That is all the really matters to me and the thousands of others who are experiencing great gains from the program and those who have finished itas transformed individuals with a whole new potential revealed to them.

  4. tom

    “Have you had a chance to peruse this entire site?”

    Some of it. The entire front page is about how he was cured of his dyslexia by Dore. There are many other articles on here favoring dore and rubishing all other treatments. He use to post on all Dyslexia forums and sell Dore there. The only other forums I have seen him post on are ones about making money through this type of marketing.

    Can this site really be a hobby?

  5. Dear Tom,

    Disappointed with officially accepted treatment, we went to another, equally opposed treatment, over here in the Netherlands. Just like Chris, we found the breakthrough and we found it by doing the opposite of what “officials” recommend. As a consequence, I have started my own initiative. All I can say: more and more parents recognize it: something doesn’t add up. Thanks to Chris and others like him, the bits and pieces start falling into place – see my webpage.

    Let’s take this discussion to a facts based level. Please demonstrate respect and objectivity for other views.


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