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Behavior Intervention Review

Bella Online, the Voice of Women, has a section for dealingAutistic Spectrum Disorders. It covers a wide range of autism advice and information for dealing with autistic children on a day-to-day basis. A good example is this book review of Behavior Intervention for young children with Autism.

"Since writing another book on her autistic children, the editor Catherine Maurice received so many calls from parents inquiring on behavioral programs and combining them with the countless types of therapies that families are trying to incorporate. She refers to the countless breakthrough treatments that parents flock to in order to cure the autism their child has. She feels that unless you can provide concrete scientific research to support said statements no one is really an authority on autism. There are an alarming number of professionals and parents that have come to rely on educators and therapists and they may not have all the facts, yet we rely on them to have the answers for our children".