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NeuroNet is a treatment centre based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA run by Nancy Rowe. There are few details on the website of what the treatment entails but its clear its a combination of auditory, balance and sensory integration training.
In the NeuroNet evaluation we look at auditory and vestibular behaviors, and how these behaviors affect a child’s ability to learn basic skills. All behaviors are assessed in a low-level multi-tasking context. The five areas addressed by the NeuroNet evaluation include:
1. vestibular control of body centering (attention);
2. vestibular control of body differentiation (speech and handwriting);
3. visual/verbal integration (communication and language);
4. auditory processing (reading decoding and reading comprehension); and
5. visual processing (spatial relationships and mathematical reasoning).


  1. Slavka Pozensky

    I am looking for a NeuroNet program in Boca Raton. Is there any?
    And how do I contact anyone to talk to about thist program?

  2. Slavka,
    Boca Raton isn’t very far from Fort Lauderdale and visits to the therapist are not that frequent as the programme is largely home-based .I did some training with Nancy Rowe in Fort Lauderdale where she is based and there were several local therapists on the same course so it is possible there is someone in your area.I would contact
    Lyn Wells

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