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A Glimmer of Hope For Dore?

A couple of developments on the Dore front.

Firstly, the Dore New Zealand still appears to be operating and offering help & support to Dore Australia clients.

Secondly, I had an email from Dr Rutherford regarding the Dore closure. Obviously its a very sad time for him and staff at Dore, they are all now redundant, but many are still coming in to help clients as best they can. This includes a new web based exercise program. Here is what Dr Rutherford has to say about it:

The new My Dore site (which has actually been in development for 2 years in order to replace the current exercise booklet system) has been rapidly completed and is now active on the Australian and UK website. Currently this allows clients to access their current prescribed programme with some emergency exercises attached (the ones we normally hand out if the client has had to cancel appointments and which will take them forward for a further 1-2 weeks).

I am working with the IT staff that has come in voluntarily to help support and develop this system further to allow us to support clients in the longer term with updated exercise prescriptions based on predictive models (as we cannot perform the usual testing at the moment) until the administration process is complete.

As you know the administrators will be actively seeking buyers for Dore to take it forward as a going concern. We do not want to let clients down meanwhile if there is a chance that the reins can be picked up again and we can somehow save the programme.

I know this will mean a lot to those Dore clients currently left in limbo and offers some hope for future. It is also a testament to the staff’s belief in the program that after being made redundant, they are still coming in to help their clients.

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  1. David

    I feel really sorry for the was that Dore was handled as I feel the programme does work, I used to work for door however I always felt the amount the course cost and the state of the centers was a joke. I think that Wilfred is an honest man that has been led astray by some very poor managers and a chief exec that I woulded have trusted to sit the right way on a toilet seat

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