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About Myomancy

Over the last few weeks this website has been attracting comments from various members and ex-members of staff of the Dore Achievement Centres. This has come to the attention of the CEO of UK branch, Bob Clarke, who has posted comments on Myomancy and also to Wynford Dore himself who has phoned me. Conversations with Wynford are always enjoyable but challenging because Wynford believes so passionately about what he does. So when Myomancy runs a negative story about the Dore Program he tends to forget all the places on Myomancy where I’ve said the Dore Program works and that it changes lives.

In light of all this I thought it wise to make a clear statement to all my readers about why I devote a considerable amount of time and money to running Myomancy.

  • The goal of Myomancy is to provide independent information on treatments for dyslexia, ADHD and autism so that parents and sufferers can make an informed choice about what is the best approach for them.
  • Myomancy is a blog, a personal web site. It represents my views and my views alone on all things connected with ADHD, dyslexia and Autism.
  • These views are researched and expressed on Myomancy to the best of my abilities but I am not a scientist, teacher or a professional writer. I am just someone who’s life was changed by the Dore Program and felt a need to express myself.
  • I believe in free speech which is why I allow anyone to post comments on the articles regardless of whether they are for or against my views. Only post that are illegal or purely offensive are removed.
  • Myomancy generates a small amount of income for advertising. I would like it to be more so that I can afford to spend more time on Myomancy. It is up to the reader to decide what, if any, impact that has on the independence of Myomancy.

With reference to the above I have removed one comment from the website that is highly critical of the Dore Program and, based on additional evidence I have at my disposal, is completely false.


  1. Kathleen Dudley

    I am seriously considering starting my dyslexic son on the Dore Programme. I have been on various forums and learning alot. I have read Wynford Dores book and it makes alot of sense to me. I did not realize I had learning disorders until my sons started school and we had them independantly assessed. I held off putting my sons on medication until this year as I felt pushed into a corner by the schools and medical profession in the states. My boys are doing better on medication but the Dyslexic one is still moving quite slowly despite all the help he is recieving from his school and from me at home. This condition has become of the utmost importance to me and I want to learn all I can.

  2. sal

    I have an 8 yr old son with dyslexia and like many before me am now researching all options available to help. As far as I can see we hve come down to The Dore programme or learning breakthrough?? our buget rules out the former and learning breakthrough is an exciting discovery, but are we short changeing our son? is it less effective?? I would appreciate others feedback

  3. Darren Stalder

    I was hoping that “About Myomancy” would tell me why you chose the term. What does this have to do with “Divination through the movement of mice”. This is the only definition of Myomancy that I could find.

  4. myomancy

    “Divination through the movement of mice”

    That is the only definition I know of.

    I thought it would be a good name for a site that I hoped would be informative. Sort of divination through your computer’s mouse.


  5. The Dore programme as with many others, Davies, Listening, FastForward, Accelerated Learning, or whatever is being commercially pushed for SpLD (be it dyslexia, dyspraxia, APD or ADD/ADHD etc ) will always have some success and some failure. This is due to each person (even those with the same label)having unique learning differences that led to difficulties appearing in the first place. Having shared characteristics (reversed letters/poor balance) does not mean the problem will respond to the same solution.

    As a parent of a child with Spld (& I have 4) it is hard to stand by and watch them struggle and natural to want to pay someone to fix it. Sadly too much is left to chance – some pick a programme and it works, whereas for others it doesn’t. Even when a programme such as Dore works you have to question what part is actually working. Is it:

    Finally being assessed properly
    Relief at a diagnosis
    Less stress -this makes learning easier.
    Improved balance/motor from exercise
    Correct 1:1 targetted at weak & strong areas.
    or even the Hawthorne Effect – improving because teachers/family have been told that you have ability & will improve.

    How ever much scientific research there is it is almost impossible to know what is affecting what. So take out the Dore element and substitute something else and the results are the same. Some improve & some don’t.

    I could not afford to send each of my children on a £2,000 course. Which child to choose? Which course to choose? I would have spent a fortune trying to get it right for them, breaking my own heart and overdraft limit in the process.

    Instead I did the following things:

    I paid £200 to have an EP assessment so I knew what was what (I should have just pushed for a Statutory Assessment, but you live & learn!).

    Contacted support services such as BDA, IPSEA and the LA Partnership with Parents.

    I took on the school system & went to Tribunal to get what was needed

    I used £2,000 and spent 15 months working for an SpLD dyslexia diploma.

    This was so that I could support mineother children through the and thumb my nose at the next Education official who wanted to know why I, a mere parent, thought I knew what was best for my child!

    Although an SpLD tutor I do not teach privately out of school hours. The time for learning is in school 9-3pm with the appropriate support. I do assessments & advise parents what to do next. I support handwriting/spelling & sequencing issues in school time and run afterschool clubs -for parent/child fun while learning life/SpLD survival skills.

    Info sheets will eventually be available on my website free of charge. I am glad Dore saved his daughter, but I just wish that everyone else could do the same without having to pay.

  6. Via

    Sharon, you obviously have a clear and rational insight into area of SpLD.
    It would also seem that you’ve had a challenging time to reach where you are at now.
    What you explain appears to make sense.
    All the best in creating your Website.

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