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ADD / ADHD Natural Remedies: Part 1

If you search in Google for ‘ADHD Natural Medicine’ you find lots of mention of alternative medicine or herbal remedies for ADD / ADHD but no evidence that any these natural treatment works.

One of the top names in this field is Listol, made by Progressive Health . They make very specific claims about how Listol can help with the symptoms of ADD / ADHD.

Listol is a natural supplement that may help children and adults with ADD/ADHD by removing toxins from the body while enhancing memory and learning.

And then go on to say:

Children with ADHD are deprived of certain nutrients which cause a malfunction in the metabolization of linoleic acids and affects the absorptions of essential fatty acids. Listol adds these nutrients back …

What scientific justification do they use for these claims? A well documented list of ingredients for Listol as it happens. It is a credit to Progressive Health that have not only listed Listol’s ‘all natural’ ingredients but have identified the specific research why that vitamin, mineral or herbal extract is included. Looking closely at the list, some of the studies date back to the 1970’s and quite a number of them are experiments on animals. One study, on Zinc and ADD / ADHD, that we covered in yesterday’s article on ADD / ADHD Diet and Nutrition , shows zinc works only slightly better than a placebo.

The crucial piece of scientific evidence for Listol is missing. A study where children are given Listol and the results recorded. It is impossible to say whether Listol works or not because its not been tested. This might explain the diclaimer

[Listol] is not intended to be used as a substitute for any medication. Rather, it should be part of a nutritional program that can be beneficial for your health.

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  1. Marie Spencer

    please send me info on best herb for an 28 yr old friend with ADD( she currently uses marawana(sorry spelling wrong) and sometimes meth; Have you heard of Restores Plus IV??? Thanks. phone also 503-990-3343; please call.

  2. Marie Mueller

    I am an adult who suffers from ADD. A health professional friend of mine recommended I try Renewpro. However I want to try Listol because I have been reading so many wonderful reviews on it. Can I try both? Would Renewpro give me the same benefits of Listol. Thank you. I will be awaiting your e-mail.

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