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Adderall Side Effects

Adderall XR is the most prescribed ADHD medication but what are the side effects and dangers of this using drug?

Side Effects

Adderall’s side effects, or contraindications as they are properly known, identified in the drug trials are in most cases mild and relatively infrequent. During Adderall’s drug trials poor appetite, stomachaches, and insomnia were the generally reported side effects by parents but headaches were rated notably more significant when children were receiving higher doses of Adderall.

The frequency of these side effects do vary from trial to trial depending on dose and age of the participants. In trials on children, loss of appetite occurred 10 more often as an Adderall side effect than the placebo or chance frequency. It affected 22% of those taking Adderall. Insomnia was seven or eight times more likely and affected 17% of those on the drug. In adults headaches were twice as frequent (26% of users) and loss of appetite ten times more likely (33% of users).

The data doesn’t reveal how many users suffered multiple side effects but at least 20% of all users of Adderall suffer a side effect and it could be 40% or more.

Adverse Events

An adverse event is a significant change in health whilst taking the medication. These may not be an Adderall’s side effect but if it occurred during a clinical trial it has to be recorded. Generally an adverse event is serious enough to cause the patient to stop taking the medicine. Often these events are unrelated to the drug being tested. During two trials of Adderall, 2.4% of participants stop taking the medication due to adverse events but 2.7% of the patients receiving the placebo dropped out because of them.
In larger trials where Adderall was assessed for side effects over longer-term usage the adverse events were:

Adverse event % of pediatric patients discontinuing (n=595)
Anorexia (loss of appetite) 2.9
Insomnia 1.5
Weight loss 1.2
Emotional lability 1.0
Depression 0.7

Half of these patients had been taking Adderall for 12 months or more.

Other Long Term Health Risks

In addition to trial data, longitudinal studies and individual reports by doctors have indicated other Adderall side effects.

Psychosis is a generic psychiatric term for a mental state in which thought and perception are severely impaired. Persons experiencing a psychotic episode may experience hallucinations. Amphetamines (one of Adderall ingredients) have been known to amplify exisiting psychosis. It is unclear if long term usage will cause psychosis in a previously healthy patient.

As Adderall is a relatively new drug, the longer term effects are not known but some data has indicated that it and other stimulants may stunt growth. Other research suggests that children with ADHD are more at risk of stunted growth generally.
Sudden death in Adderall users is linked to those with patients with existing heart problems. Only twenty five patients have died after taking any form of ADHD medication and many of these may not be connected to the medication.

Addicition, Withdraw and the Central Nervous System

Long term use of amphetamines generally leads to the body building up a tolerance to the drug. This forces doctors to prescribe higher dosages or switch the patient to other, possibly less suitable, medications. The constant stimulation of the central nervous system may lead to dependence on the drug with severe problems when the drug is stopped. Long term usage may also increase the chance of cocaine addiction, a stimulant similar to amphetamine.

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  1. Polly

    I take adderall and have really appreciated the differences and improvements it has made in my life. However, I work with teens in a residential treatment center and one of our patients started to experience auditory hallucinations after starting adderall. This was about five years ago. Now, at age 18, the hallucinations continue and she has been diagnosed schizophrenic. Should she try something besides the usual heavy doses of antipsychotics to treat her symptoms or is there nothing that can be done at this point? If anyone has any comments or feedback, it wold be greatly appreciated.

  2. tim

    all I can tell you is that I experienced hallucinations as well when i suddenly discontinued use, and severe panic attacks almost daily wich went away when my doc put me back on adderall

  3. amanda

    i think adderall is the best thing that has happend to me in a long time!
    as well as being able to consentrate more i have lost heaps of weight! f**k yEaH!
    lol lurve yoohz xxx

  4. anonymouse

    We have a doctor/surgeon friend who is self-prescribing Adderall because it helps him keep his weight under control and helps him stay “alert and focused” – and his inability to stay alert and focused is probably not because of ADD or ADHD, but because of long, strenuous hours. I’m glad I’m not one of his OB patients!

  5. Caroline

    My son is 5 and has been on adderall xr for a while now he has ADHD, sensory integration dysfunction, and oppositional defiant disorder. He is now having trouble with very loose stools could this be caused by the adderall or the respirdal?

  6. Jason


    Was your last comment, a question or an attack? –> “Has anyone heard of treatment for ADD without the use of medication?”

    Ever since the brain injury, I have tried a variety of things to work around the attention problem. Nothing worked, nothing.

    I have tried ritalin, strattera, and adderall (in that order. Ritalin made me feel as if I was on a couple hour caffeine high, followed by a deep drop. Strattera worked, but it made me so tired all the time. I have been taking adderall for one year now and its great! By far, adderall is the greatest of all three medications, which I’ve taken. It gives me me a focus ability that I thought was no longer possible.

    But, I do suggest to everyone, including parents, that they try working around ADD without medication.

    Viva la ‘Adderall! 😉


  7. Goose


    Im not sure if your son needs to be put on adderall at the age of 5, its sounds a little ridiculous. Think about it, hes a kid, its his job to run around, play, be hyper and have loads of fun, this is his only opportunity, I remember my cousins being unbelievably hyper and not paying attention when they were younger and now do great in school. You have to at least give him a time to grow out of it, and any kind of long term medication seems like it might just impair his development.

  8. Linda Gagnard

    My son is 12 and he has been on adderall for maybe a year. I only give it to him on school days. Lately he has been having a lot of headaches. Could adderall be giving him the headaches?

  9. Misty Qualls

    I’m very interested in the side effects of these drugs. My ex boyfriend was adhd meds for years and i think the meds has had a serious side effect on him. Has anyone else has a problem with the side effects of this kind of meds?

  10. Patricia

    I’ve been on adderall xr for at least the passed 5 years.
    30 mg. daily. I have noticed lately my heart races and I feel like I have to eat. Plus a taste in my mouth that I can’t describe. Is it time to go off this drug? I have tried to reduce the mg. but it’s hard for me to focus. Seems like I can’t remember.
    Can anyone help me with this?
    Thank You,

  11. Patricia

    I dont think that the age matters. If you need the help of a medication then you need the help. I also think that is a type of child abuse if your child needs the med. and you do not give it to him/her. All your child knows is that they are always the one getting in trouble or repermanded in school and they dont understand why! And in turn this can make a child withdraw and not be very out going. I also think that any med. side effects should be looked into before taking them. But by all means if a child needs the help then get it for them. It doesnt mean that the will have to be on it forever, my son and daughter both were on Adderal (not the time release) in their elementary years and it made a huge difference for them, they were both able to get their homework done in an hour or so after starting the med. where as befor it was 5 or 6 hours of homework every night and no child should have to deal with that, they should be able to go outside and play with the rest of the children after school. My children ended up out growing the ADD. and have happy healthy lives now.

  12. sam

    i am 14 and i have been on adderall for about 2yrs now.i must admit it has helped me alot in the past but as i get older i have worse side affects with it.
    Mainly deppression. but with it for me also comes dizzines and heart arithmiea.
    I am meeting with my doctor on the 13 but after we talk i am NOT taking it.I no i have grown out of my ADD like my dad did

  13. mig welders

    i hate taking adderal and when i take it i cant eat and i have this wierd taste in my mouth and i get like i day dream alot and my parents make me takei try to pretend to but i just hate it

  14. jake

    I started taking adderall a few weeks ago and it has changed my life. I get so much more done…and feel it has changed my attitude and confidence. I used to feel lazy and worthless, with all the talent in the world. Depressing. This has been a wonder drug for me.

    My only concern is my appetite suffering, and even moreso I feel a bit nausous(spell?) during the day. Why is this? Am I taking too much?

  15. lorie

    Meg, If you can’t talk with your parents about how you feel when you take addrall, can you talk with the doctor who is prescribing it?

    Patricia, sounds like your side effects are serious. There are a variey of meds for add/adhd that people experience differently…maybe time to ask your doctor about the differences and try a new one.

    My question: Has anyone experienced hair loss as a side effect of adderall? Or, do you know about wheter this has been researched?

  16. E

    I started taking adderall xr 2 years ago, may of my senior year in high school. over the past 2 years i have experienced great feelings, horrible anxiety, new and liberating ways of seeing the nature of reality, depressing feelings that have sent me in a rut for days, as well as many more intense surges in the flow of my life.

    At some points I can remember feeling strung out, tired and unable to let my body do what it needed to do, like sleep and relax. (this is most likely from too much medicine)

    I can also think back to several joyous moments, experiencing eppifanys where every element of the world seemed in union with the working of my mind.

    Right now, I take Adderal xr one day, and live the next 5 days closely intuned with my mind and consiousness in order to identify what misenterpretations has my mind been making resulting in a slower output of physical energy into daily activity.

    ADHD seems to describe the event when the mind misperceives the reality going on right here and now. You cannot be fully conscious of the subtle communicative gesters given by your daughter/friend if your mind is full of thoughts about what exactly you want your boss to know when you go in to his/her office this morning to put in your 2 week notice…you will miss your opportunity to “get the real picture” if you continue dividing your mind up into fragments, none of which are sufficient enought to grasp the nature of the at hand.

    Adderall, side-effects and all, has helped shift the way that I internally process life as I flow through it. Adderall has been empowering for me, because I feel liberated from mental distractions. Realizing that these are distractions that can be let go of, I have been able to quit the seemingly automatic generatation of thoughts by my mind.
    Being on Adderall gave me the idea that the mental clutter, the negative things, like feelings of inadequacy, fear about the future, discontentment with my life situation, are not real, these dark clouds can be removed to uncover the free and spontanious me!

    Once I was able to detach from the “bad” stuff, like bad views of myself, of others, of my life situation, I realized that…I felt happy!!!

    Now, I spend my days without medication, contemplating the nature of my mind, interacting with my environment in a way that I try to understand the subtlest aspects of conversations, of my mental responses to events and overall, I feel like I can take a deep breath and process one activity at a time.

    Best of luck to each and every person who strives to let go of distraction and live on in peace!


  17. Sol

    Hi Everyone

    Here it goes, I took Adderall for about a year. I am in my 30’s and I am a counselor by profession. I always had a lot of energy and was easily distracted. I had a difficult time with organization as well as staying on task.

    I went to conference where the topic was Adult ADHD and my friend began taken Strattera and between the Conference and my friend I ended in a psychiatrist office who began prescribing this medication.

    I have never been on any psychiatric medication, or any medication what so ever. I never took recreational drugs nor did I smoke.
    No medical condition.

    I remember seen this Psychiatrist It took him about 5 minutes to diagnosed the condition after I explain my symptom’s. After that Visit it would take be about 1 minute for my visit he just wrote the prescription in front of me and call his next patient from the waiting room.

    I began taken the medication. I lost weight, if I took the medication too late I was not able to sleep, I was focus alright, too focus, I did not feel myself, but I was happy I was thin and able to feel smart and capable of taking additional work. I worked full time and found myself wanting to start a PHD program which I got accepted too. I worked from 8 to 4. When home took cook, clean, etc and then from 7PM to 2Pm I worked on my PHD assignments.

    Slowly when ever I felt that I needed to focus more I will take 10mg more. I began having heart palpitations as well as other minor symptoms.

    Then these symptoms kept on getting worse. Everything seem to connect in my head. I began to feel paranoid, depressed, auditory hallucinations, etc… I lost my mind.

    I was hospitalized at New York Presbyterian for about 3 weeks. Even thought my husband explain my condition. The hospital began to diagnosed my condition, Paranoid Schizophrenia, Depression, Bipolar, etc….

    Well they put me on more psychiatric medication. After 3 weeks I began to gain my sanity again. An I stop taken these medication on my own. I knew when I felt well enough what had happen to me. Although there was the fear that I would back to hearing voices and feeling like insane. But it never happen.

    For 5 months after hospitalization I was follow by a psychiatrist and for 2 years after hospitalization I was seen a psychologist.

    This is what happen to me. It was a very scary journey.

    Would I recommend this medication?

  18. Sol

    have you used it for 5 year and how have it effect you? I find that all the side effects vary. And that people that take this medication have different expereince with it. The people that mostly taking it are children. They are not able to communicate the long term effects that may have on them. This drug can also have long term heart effects.

  19. my 16 yr old son recently (2 wks) began taking adderall, after 2 weeks the dr increased the strength to 30 mg’s. since beginning the first dosage of adderall he has become irratable, has diarhea (sp), isn’t sleeping well, has racing heart all day, lost interest in sports, and is focusing all his strengths and energy on a failing relationship w/his girlfriend. My question is…do you think the adderall is the reason for these changes, are these changes something that will pass with the increased dosage, how much time will it take before positive will take the place of the negative? His psych’s office staff makes me feel stupid when I call and talk with them. Your input would really be helpful to me at this time in his treatment. Thanks…

  20. unknown user

    honestly… ive done a lot of amphetamines this stuff keeps me going however. im not perscribed aderall but its close to the feeling of meth if (you use a high dose) i cant belive they give this stuff to children lol. i wanna see a doctor about getting a perscription to aderall because i do construction and it gives me the energy i need to get the job done 🙂

  21. Camila

    I’m on 10 mg adderall and I’ve been having a lot of pain in my lower ab…also on my right side, (on my kidneys?). I’m on cymbalta as well. I’m wondering if the combo could lead to kidney damage?

  22. Crystal

    I haven’t noticed any side effects and I’ve taken adderall for 8 years now. Recently I was without for a few days…I could definitely notice. I ate all the time…was soooo tired and was unable to control myself with certain outbursts or actions. (not a lot, but a noticable few) strattera was awful for me…it magnified outbursts times ten and made me down(and i’m a really happy person)! I would like to not have to depend on this drug…but my body expects it now. Hopefully I won’t need it some day.

  23. Autumn

    I have been on adderall for over a year.I now get panic attacks and rapid heart beats,and my nerves can become so out of control from it,I will get an anxiety attack.When Im not on adderall i get a headace,I become lazy yet hyper,Like mkaing strange sounds really loud when Im home alone,Talking to my self.But when Im on it,I feel in controll and bla bla a o kay bla blaaa,But I doint want to be on this drug for the rest of my f*cking life,you know when Im an adult and such [im sixteen now] But when Im not on it,My add/adhd whatever they insisted my disorder was,Becomes rapid and more then I have ever had.I cant do naything,I cant even clean my room,I just sit and stare or act like a complete freak….It made me loose my mind,if im not on it however

    but like i said,i dont always want to be on it!!!

    let me know how to get off it and become normal again,or better yet still be very concitrated,I just dont think perscription drugs are the way,But sadly im to deep in now,and welladdicitive to these pills,The other part of me does not want to give it up.

    so whats the advice?????????????????

  24. Jessica

    I’m 21 years old. I take adderall = 30mg. To be honest I only started to take it to be able to concentrate and focus on anything. The weight loss became a plus too!… Although.. I’m reading more and more on adderall and its side effects. Reading about the “zombie” effect has really got me questioning this drug. It was perscribed to me no problem and now im wondering if the Doctor should of researched ME before letting me take this. I feel more awake, more concentrated, i’ve lost weight, but…. it made me somewhat bitchy at first. that is gone now…. now after reading various things… am i a victim of the zombie effect? at work i feel like so irritated with my boss CONSTANTLY and i hate talking to anyone when im here. this isnt the case anywhere else… I’m rambling on & Im sorry. Could anyone help me out?????? Advice? Guidance on this drug? Please.

  25. denise

    I have recently figured that adderall may be causing my hair loss. I started taking it about 6 months ago (less than 10 mg/daily). At first I thought it was just a normal cycle of hair loss. This has continued now for about 5 months. After reading several comments, I believe I will stop taking adderall and see if I begin noticing a change. Note: I have been eating properly, so I’m not sure I buy that it’s lack of proper nutrition.

  26. Shawn

    Hi, I just recently started taking Adderall about 4 days ago, One side effect that I got has had me a little edgy. Asthenia, where my left arm feels weak and I don’t want to or I feel like I cannot move it, But I have full strength.
    I am wondering if this drug can lead to some sort of Nerve damage and what this Asthenia can lead to. Has any one else had this symptom? I do not hear of others mentioning it too much.

  27. Angel

    I started on Adderall about a year ago with my Wellbutrin. Everthing seemed fine, then I started getting these horrible muscle feelings in my neck and hips. I can’r really explain it, but I feel the need to always extend my neck to the left and right, like I am trying to stretch my neck muscles. My hip are the same way. I will be sitting down and I have to move my hips and stretch those muscles. I also have been popping my thumbs over and over and over to the point that when I wake up the next morning, I can hardly move my fingers. I went off the Wellbutrin thinking maybe that is what caused it and it seemed to get somewhat better. Well, lets just say that I really need to be on Wellbutrin and the Adderall so my doctor wanted me to try it again and see how it goes, and it started all over again!!! My neck, hips and fingers HURT SO BAD!!!! Also, I was on Wellbutrin before I started the Adderall, and then my doctor changed and put me on the generic called Buprion? spelling? Has anyone else had these problems? Also, I heard the taking Omega 3 with Fish Oil could help???? Any ideas PLEASE HELP!!!!

  28. Travis


    I have been taking Adderall for 7 years now (started at the age of 18). I can tell you with complete certainty that medical doctors know little to nothing about this medication or they wouldn’t be giving this to children. This medication is grotesquely over prescribed. In addition the dosage is in many cases extremely over done. Seek several medical opinions before even considering solving your (the parents) problems.

    Ever wonder why giving speed to people who can’t stay still works? Most doctors will freely admit that they don’t know why it helps with addition deficit disorder.

    Caroline of April 29th
    Please take your child off this drug. What were you like when you were 5? Because the drug is new, the long term effects are not known.

    Here is what I believe is going to be discovered:

    -Heart Complications
    (See long terms effects of cocaine)
    -Growth Stunts
    -Paranoid Schizophrenia, Depression, Bipolar (confirmed by Sol of August 10th)
    -Attention Deficit Disorder
    (Yes, Adderall leads to an increase in ADD after the patient stops taking it)
    -Digestive system complications

    My list is incomplete. Time will tell.

    After saying all of that, I still believe many people will benefit from this drug. If you want to know if your one of these people I suggest you don’t listen to ANY doctor that prescribes this medication without doing blood tests, doesn’t checks family history or does not refers the patient to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist should perform several mental exercises.

    To Angel of September 13th
    I understand your problem. First you should seek proper medical advice from several sources. Yes, several sources. If you want to get off of Adderall you should start by lowering your dosage. TIME will help with many of your adverse effect after you completely stop taking this type of speed.

    To Jessica of September 4th
    Your feelings of “zombie” effects are not uncommon. Receiving a medical degree doesn’t mean you know everything about medicine. If you received Adderall “no problem” than there diffidently is a problem. This is a malpractice. (

    Seek alternative means.

    Get multiple opinions from doctors that actually deny some patients this medication.

  29. Sol

    I think that the best treatment for children is that parents should spent more time with them. PArents and children need to communicate better and love each other more. First I recommeded behavior therapy. This works find someone who is an expert in the field. Second maybe more physical activities like sports or something that the family can do together for your child.

    I believe that a lot of people look for medication to solve problems that at times can be solve by just taking the time to understand each other. Cognitive behavior therapy works because it changes the behavior through understanding the person.

    Sometimes we are prescribed medication that we don’t really need. Our bodies regulate naturally and sometimes we want to fix everything faster because at times we are pressured into doing things that we are not ready for. Before taking any medication that you are not sure of think and ask yourself do I really want to take this?

  30. I have experienced mild hair loss, pain in all my joints, racing heart beat, dry mouth(including weird taste) insomnia, paranoya, and horrible anxiety attacts. Yeah I know your probably thinking”well then why am I taking it”. I think I have become addicted to the medication. I constantly feel anemic if I dont take it, I dont get anything done, my grades are horrible and I feel worthless. I feel lost, I dont know what to do. I love having my adderall, but the consequences suck. Does anyone know of any way I could fix this problem. Im concerned about my health, I have really changed as a person, but I have become dependent and cant even funtion withou it. Pleas help! Write me back. Thankyou

  31. Sol

    You have to detox of this medication it will take about one month and after you do you will feel like yourself. You should get professional help. The same psychiatrist who prescribe the medication should be responsible to get you off the medication!!!

  32. Cristina

    To Sol: I am so sorry to hear about everything you have gone through. I truly know how difficult it is to survive your experiences. You did absolutely the right thing by seeking therapy afterwards. I’ve been seeing mine for over four years, and she has helped tremendously. So you are not the only one, but you are one of the lucky few to come out alive and well. I wish you and your husband the best of happiness in the future.
    Listen to your gut!
    If your gut is telling you something doesn’t seem right about your Adderall but you feel it’s necessary in order to function in the short-term, you are PROOF.
    If your gut is smirking because you have finally found a quick fix to help you in areas that would otherwise require more work on your part, you are PROOF.
    If your gut slapped in you the face soon enough so that you were able to rid yourself of the medication and you feel obliged to spread the news, you are PROOF.

    PROOF – that Adderall is perhaps one of the most detrimental yet easily available DRUGS on the market, physically, mentally, and irreversibly. Yes, capitalization of the word DRUG was intentional. Amphetamines – the drug of choice for many, and often preferred to cocaine.

    Q: Why do psychiatrists nowadays hand out prescriptions like candy?
    A: $$$.

    Think back to your parents, and your parents’ parents. How did they ever survive without a stimulant? How were they ever expected to lead a successful life without a synthesized cure-all compressed into capsule form? Guess what, life is SUPPOSED to be difficult. Children are supposed to want to play 26 hours a day; adults are supposed to prefer fun over monotonous 12 hour workdays; HUMANS are SUPPOSED to be adverted OFTEN, as we have been given such complex minds with a capacity to do so. Think about the “symptoms” of ADD. Ever list them off to someone undiagnosed and hear the response, “Wow, I think I have ADD too!”?
    Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder is a full out FABRICATION. And the only person who isn’t making a profit from this product is US – the consumers; the “ill”. We have been scammed, ladies and gentlemen.
    I am 20 years old, and have been diagnosed with depression and ADD since I was 11. I’ve also had the fortune of serving as spectator as well as subject to the short-term and long-term effects of Adderall. I have seen firsthand the development, progression, and the aftermath of psychosis as a direct result from the medication – not just in myself, but in my own mother.
    As a treated patient, I also have experienced many of the symptoms you all have referred to above: from headaches, hairloss, and anorexia to muscle/joint pain, health problems, and slight auditory hallucinations and paranoia. Have I mentioned I am only 20 years old? I have only been on Adderall (consistently) for 10 months, and within these past ten months I have been to the emergency room twice, the most recent being last Sunday (9/9/07) for what is said to be more painful than labor. I have kidney stones in both kidneys and finally passed another in my ureter a few days ago. Doc said kidney stones are hereditary. No one on either side of my family has ever had kidney stones, much less any urological problems whatsoever. I have lost 15 pounds this past year – some of my peers think I’m literally starving myself, while others seek me out to get me to consider selling. And for those who still refute the notion that Adderall is even remotely synonymous with cocaine (such as myself in the past) – I have actually been told by several “experimental” friends in college that they prefer partying on Adderall than on coke. It is even treated like coke; I’ve seen it, crushed up with the bottom of its vile, lined with Mommy and Daddy’s credit card, and snorted with a $20 bill.
    So why am I still stuck on Adderall? Because my psychiatrist prescribed me to 100 mg a day. I have been taking that amount for close to 7 months now, the first three being periods of adjustment. (Think that’s bad? My mother was/is on 120 mg.) I am in my third year of college, and with my already “downer” personality, weening off the Adderall while maintaining my grades, mental and emotional stability is something I do not have the strength for at this stage in my life. All I can do is hope that by the time I graduate in 2009 I won’t be too far from salvation. So in other words, because I am addicted.
    This is not a sob story. This is me hoping to convince SOMEBODY – even just ONE person – to either stop taking the medication themselves, stop giving it to their child, or to reconsider any propensity they had to explore the option altogether. This is the year 2007; thus far we have achieved (successful) implementation of government, vast industrialization, mass communication throughout the world and cloning of DNA. Is it really so questionable whether so many prescriptions today are as necessary as the drug companies like us to believe after how far we’ve come as a people without such??

    Think about it, guys. Think for yourselves.

  33. finaly "normal"

    This comment is sad:
    “honestly… ive done a lot of amphetamines this stuff keeps me going however. im not perscribed aderall but its close to the feeling of meth if (you use a high dose) i cant belive they give this stuff to children lol. i wanna see a doctor about getting a perscription to aderall because i do construction and it gives me the energy i need to get the job done

    Posted by: unknown user August 17th, 2007 at 9:40 pm ”

    I an 26 and just been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. I stuggled in school and always labeled as the trouble maker. I am now studying early childhood ed and it breaks my heart that teachers didn’t know how to handle me. instead I was sent out of the classroom and never recieved the opportunities as my peers recieved. Later in high school I had the same preoblems but they were internal distractions. It seemed like anytime I attemped to do school work I was interuped by racing thoughts (random thoughts. I continue to struggle with these issues until I finally sought help on campus and wow. I am so amazed at the results and control I have over my life now. I was percribed 20 mg a day or reg Adderall I split it in half-taking 10 mg early morning and the other 10 mg at lunch…This is the secret to control this medication by taking it in SMALL increments I don’t have to worry about over stimulation nor the ineffectivness…anyone who is worried about it just break it in half and your good.
    I hate that it has taken me so long to find relief but any SLIGHT side effects it has is tolerable compared to my previous side effects of life without the medicatoin.

  34. finaly "normal"

    I am so sorry you have been going through all the medical “scary” stories of this medication. I honestly feel that you doctor started you out on way to high of a dosage. I started at 20 mg a day-10mg in the morning and 10mg at 12. This is the magic ticket. The XR is horbbile it leaves you feeling “high” all day long! but if you take half an half it really is a releif and then you can enjoy your evening at 6 or 7… I am also taking a low doages mild anxiety medication for my general anxiety disorder and that helps too… I take it at 9 and btwn these different combos. I have found sweet and enjoyable relief. I do have some of the side effect such at not wanting to eat, but I force myself to eat. I do get some mild head aches but nothing to intolerable. I would much rather deal with these MINUTE effects then ever go back to the blurry life I had before. I am 26 and JUST getting diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. My teachers always labled me as the “problem child” then sat me in the back of the class room. I am now studying to become an elem teacher and vow to myself I will bulid a partnership with parents to receive the best treatment for my students with the symptoms. I do not recomend this for younger children…percription:let them be a child!!! Age 12 should be the EARLIEST a child is given this medication. Also another important tool for recovery is therapy or as I call them “chat times”. This helps out so much because you have an observer able to help the patient with understandg (keyword: understanding) their diiferences from the world and I have been taught great strategies. I know I have gone on for way too long but so has underdiganosing AND overdiagnosing. Be very carefull and proactive but also have an open mind. My prayers any parents who are lots and feel hopeless….

  35. I have been on adderall xr for at least four weeks now and am generally very happy with it. However I am currently suffering a new side effect that I was not expecting…anger. I will have highs and they last about 4 hours but the next 4 hours (though they work the same way as the first 4) include intense irritability and anger that I have to be very careful in controlling. Often times I end up crying it out if I am unable to release the tension any other way. I also suffer with sever depression and am currently separated from my husband so I would like to believe that those two things are the biggest contributors to my anger. But just to be sure…has anyone else had trouble with this particular side effect?

  36. Alex

    This is a reply to Elizabeth; I suffered from depression until I was 48, though I tried medication for a couple of years was determined to get to the cause of it. I was able to end it by trying just about everything including healing therapy, extensive reading and meditation. It was a long and arduous journey yet worth it. Once the depression stopped I still was finding trouble functioning at home and work which surprised me since I thought my “zombie laziness” was due to depression. (Be patient with me, I will get to the anger part eventually…)My doctor prescribed adderall, telling me that some people don’t produce enough brain chemicals that keep them going and this is why those people are attracted to recreational drugs. This makes sense to me. At the moment the answer seems to be prescription drugs to boost production of those chemicals that many people seem to naturally produce in abundance(like seratonin). Some people are always on the go, productive and happy, most of us wish we could be like that naturally. Those people have many advantages other that those from functioning well, they also attract better, more mentally healthy people to them so their personal relationships are naturally better (this seems unfair to the rest of us). The whole thing feeds on itself and they then produce more good brain chemicals. I have found that adderall, which I take in small doses, (I open the granular pill and take about 5mg at 6am and 5mg at 10am) is helping me to focus at work and at home. I am getting my home in order after not having been able to do so for my entire life. I have increased confidence at work and the ability to deal with pressure and problems there that I didn’t used to have. Finally, I have to say, I have anger surfacing that I am having to cope with. I have always been an angry person and I think this drug magnifies it. At the moment I am taking a look at the things which anger me and finding them to be things one should be angry over. The next step for me is to see if I can resolve the anger and find a way to find peace with what is bothering me. I am trying to do this while on the drug. I have yet to see if this will work and eventually I want to stop taking adderall. For now, I am using it as a therapy for analyzing my thought processes and hoping that I will be able to resolve some of the issues that keep me underfunctioning and maybe start producing some of those “good” brain chemicals on my own. This could be too idealistic, from what I have been reading on this site. I will say that when I took antidepressants it was the first time that I felt good so I found out what other people felt like as well as I had a feeling I could aspire to. Without knowing what it feels like to feel good and functional how can you even begin know what you are shooting for? Since I have been on adderall I watch other functioning people and say to myself, “wow, so this is what you feel like most of the time, you have no idea how lucky you are!” OK,enough, I hope this helps. Let the search continue…

  37. AJ

    Hey guys. I just started adderral like a month ago but i have been on ritalin before. I recently discovered that my short term memory is very bad. Has anyone else experienced this?

  38. MG

    I am 18 and a freshman in collge. I’ve been on many different ADD medicines for 5 years now. I’ve taken Adderall (of all different dosages) and Straterra.
    I am currently on Vyvanse. It’s a brand new kind of Adderall. It lasts for 10 hours. When on Adderall, the initial “pop” of when it kicked in and the “coming off” were terrible times.
    I would have to plan my day around when I would come off my Adderall so I would not be around anyone due to the extreme irritability, tiredness and hunger.
    With the new medince Vyvanse, the coming and going are much smoother. The side effects that I was having with Adderall (diahrreah, irritability, loss of appetitie) where not with Vyvanse, but the good side effects of Adderall are there.

    Make sure that if you do take Adderall that you learn to know when you feel if you are hungry. Obviously you don’t feel like you want to eat, but you need to. I would never eat and never get the nutrients I needed and I ended up with 9 sinus infections, sinus surgery and vocal nodules all in one year due to the lack of nutrients.

  39. Laura

    I have been diagnosed with ADD since I was a child in elementary school. I strongly recommend to mothers to wait until high school before you think about putting your children on any medication, which is only of course if your child is not in complete danger of failing out. What I recommend is that you or a teacher/tutor of some sort try to work with him/her on their learning skills as much as possible. This will keep the child from gaining dependency from any medication and could also help them to manage their ADD. It is possible, with some work, to manage ADD. If they are still struggling by high school I recommend starting them on a low dosage of medication and checking periodically to see whether or not they feel confident that they could go without it.
    I am speaking from personal experience. My parents worked with my teachers to make sure I was seated in the front of classrooms(away from distraction), given only standard yellow pencils , and even got me help from tutors. Once I was in high school and very aware of my ADD I worked harder to focus. Since this is a time where I found my high school sweetheart, everyone in the world seems to against you, and the pressure of knowing that my grades now will depend on where I go to college, you could say my mind was constantly on other things. I did my best to go without medication but, between the hormones and the stress I found it increasingly hard to concentrate. They started me on concerta, but I experienced painful migraines, one of the symptoms. My doctor had then prescribed me adderall. To this day I still take it during midterms and finals, when it is most stressful, and it has been very effective.
    I am however, not happy with the side-effects, Physically or psychologically. I am normally a vivacious person but the medicine makes me become dull and too serious. Physically, I find myself unable to eat, this makes my body very weak and makes me feel sick.

  40. coral

    I worry about people who say kids shouldn’t be on add/adhd drugs, instead “let them be kids”. I am 35 and JUST started taking ADHD medication a year ago. It has been a long year of getting the right medication/dose, but I can not explain how WONDERFUL my life has been since then! My parents knew I had ADHD but were against medication, and 25 years ago much less was known. I was raised on a farm worked before and after school ran around had lots of exercise and fun. WHAT people who don’t suffer form the disease don’t realize is I could run a marathon then try to do homework and not be able to concentrate. The interrupting people during conversations before I knew what I was doing then the geez I keep interrupting gilt is horrid. And there is also the whole people irritate me so much because my mind is racing and they don’t’ get what I’m trying to say and they are all moving too slow! Imagine being a child like this and not understanding why you feel this way. I’m a nurse (not that it matters so much) and I’d always caution people to take GREAT care when medicating a child or themselves for ANYTHING. But for people to say medicating a child is ridiculous, let your kid go and play is down right medically ignorant and not very compassionate. There is a HUGE difference between being a hyper, class clown, goof-ball, lazy video playing kid and having ADHD, please be respectful of parents choices. It is hard enough to cope with a child (or ones self) with untreated ADHD. The gut wrenching decision of treating vs not treating a child or yourself is hard enough with out people tell us were idiots for it!

  41. Rachel L Ford

    Ive been on adderall for about 2 weeks now.Im also having success and problems with this drug.Late in the day I get very snappy and emotional at times. I also enjoy the weight loss and energy boost,but I wonder if its worth the bad effects.I will continue to take this medication for the rest of the month. I hope the side-effects lessen or diminish.

  42. Cathi

    Hi all..
    I would like to write this comment to everyone who is taking Adderal XR or is a parent with a child on this drug. My son was diagnosed with ADHD at 5 years old..yes 5 and it was very upsetting but realized the drug would control his impulsive bahavior and his focus. During his years in school, we found his behavior erratic at times, and were recieving notes and calls from school. Grades were fine but the doctors increased his dosage with his age which didn’t help. My son is now 13 and within the last 3 years have had numerous behavior issues with him and had began couseling sessions to control his anger and increased impulsive behavior. We learned that Adderal XR was causing the problems! The drug is known to enhance moods, verbal outbursts, sadness, lack of confidence, self esteem, paranoia, aggressive behaviors, negative thoughts and hopelessness. We have taken him off the medication and decided we will not put our child through the pain the drug has caused. He is a different child, has friends, hasn’t gotten angry, his grades are good, no verbal outbursts, pays attention, interacts well, is positive, and is HAPPY. Please evaluate your child’s situation before your told to take Adderal XR…you may be doing more harm than good. I am not saying taking your child off medication for ADHD is the right thing to do, but proper therapy and proper parenting makes all the difference in the world!

  43. bryan

    you parents who put your children on add pills are retarted. they were most likely normal children before you put them on the drug and when they get older they will feel like they need to take it even if they dont need it. the reason being that if they dont take it they will realize that they havent taken it and only after they realized that they havent taken it they will get the steriotypical add symptoms that the parents have beaten into there childs head for years and years. i know this because i have been taking it for about 10 years. and i am well aware that the effects of the drug dont last all day yet i still dont have a problem writing papers or doing my homework on the weedends when im not on the drug. it is something about the school setting that brings out the worst in me and probably others. its a placibo effect more than anything. and the add symptoms that you get only after you realize you have forgotten to take the medication only further proves my point about it being a placibo. also just because a child is not interested in what you have to say doesnt mean that he has a problem paying attention it meens that you have a problem keeping his attention you are probably boaring as hell. but on the upside for the parents you get a nice obediant zombie child and you save allot on lunch money. but when they grow up dont kid yourselves they will hate you. and there is nothing that will change that because it is already too late for apologies. even i your intention were pure there is no excuse for what you have put them through.

  44. Ross

    My 6yr old recently started taking adderall. He has improved so much, but now his temper or fustration has increased. Is this normal? Do you take the good with the bad?

  45. Kim

    I am a Pharmacist and I have to tell you that I see alot of Adderall comming through the pharmacy and I think alot of parents do not realize how this medication works, so let me try to explain.. Children with ADHD need a stimulate and that is why they jitter around, cant sit still, etc.. Well Adderall is a stimulate and gives them that stimulate that they need to be able to concentrate in school to give them the edge that they need to be able to learn in school. IT IS NOT FOR THE BENEFIT FOR A PARENT TO CONTROL THEIR CHILD SO THEY BEHAVE! I have a child on this medication too.. and I know first hand, and I had to make a decision.. his education or my pride. One thing to keep in mind.. Dont give it to them after a certain time in the morning, If it is past 8am then it is TOO late! They wont be able to sleep.. and NO! Benadryl is not the Answer.. Adderall is a good medication if taken correctly by your physician .. it can be beneficial to helping your child learn and to succeed… Sincerely Kim

  46. Tina Grant

    To All Parents,

    I am a Psych PhD student and have studied child developmental disorders for years durring my MA. ADHA CAN NOT be accurately diagnosed prior to the age of 7 yrs. The criterian used for diagnosis are considered to be typical AND VERY NORMAL behavior under 7yrs old. Also most family physicians are not qualified to diagnosis mental/developmental disorders. They tend to only know what the drug companies teach them so they will prescribe their medication. ADHD is a chemical problem in the brain. Currently the stats for over dignosis are that ONLY 10% of the diagnosed population actually have the chemical imbalance of AHD. Many times other issues present similar symptoms. Children with higher intelligance that are bored in school appear to be ADHD. The symptoms are EXACTLY the same. Both problems are due to a lack of stimulation with the same symptoms but for very different reasons. One is boredom the other chemical imbalance. Children with learning disabilities who have difficulties understanding what is being taught have the same problem with boredom that gifted children do, they just stop paying attention.

    To make an accurate diagnosis more than just a parent’s interpretation of the child’s behavior is needed. The same symptoms need to be displayed in more than 2 settings. Not just school or just at home. If the behavior is isolated to just one enviromental location the problem is environment.

    Many parents do not like hearing their parenting, or the home environment may be the cause of their childs behavior, but many times it is. If ADHD type behavior is displayed only in the home it is a cry for attention from the child to the parents. More time just needs to be made for your kid.

    If the behavior only happens at school there is usually (99% of the time) no problem with the home life or the parents skills and the child is bored in shool for whatever reason and it would be more advantagous to contact a school psychologist for an evaluation.

    If your child does have ADHD it needs to be diagnosed by a mental health professional with specialized training. Just like depression, regular counseling and behavior therapy need to accompany medication. The ultimate goal of medication therapy is short term to control symptoms while behavior therapy is taking place prior to its effects. Medication should not be needed for more than 3-5 years.

    Improperly treated (meds only) ADHD can, and often does, develop into behavior disorders. Behavior modification needs to take place in an effort to prevent this. There are many directions the development of this disorder can take but without proper treatment it will not just stay ADHD.

    Remember ADHD can not be accurately diagnosed before 7 yrs old. After 7 yrs it is difficult to diagnosis because children are aware of what is socially acceptable and inacceptable behavior, they are able to use self control to cover symptoms for social reasons. After 12 symptoms may be exaggerated for the sake of diagnosis because the kid wants drugs for the high or to sell. The symptoms of ADHD are not that difficult to fake. 7 yrs old is the best and most accurate age to diagnosis ADHD. Remember this should be done by a mental health professional, not the family physican who is not qualifie to diagnosis or treat ADHD. If it really is ADHD you will, without a doubt be notified of problems at school very similar to the problems you are experiencing at home and that your child’s friends parents report when your child is at their house. The symptoms will occur in every environment your child enters, not just one. If your child is under 7 yrs they can not be properly diagnosised and have absolutely no reason to be on meds. If your Dr. is recomending them find a new Dr. because your is irresponsible. The drugs were not even tested on children under 6 because of the sheer impossibility of diagnosing a child under 6 years old. While 7 is the optimal age for diagnosis sometimes behavior is severe enough for a diagnosis at 6, younger than that is irresponsible. The drug companies back this statement on their websites and state the drugs should not be used on children 5 and under. Adderall doses over 10 mg are not recommended for children under 10 years, 7-8 years only 5 mgs should be taken a day.

    To Recently Diagnosed Adults,
    It is very unlikely you are ADHD and you need to examine factor in your environment for eplanations. The only way to accurately diagnos ADHD is across many environments; school, home, social, etc…. If work is the only place you currently have problems you are not ADHD and probably just need to reduce your caffiene.

  47. Tina Grant

    One more thing. Adderall users MUST take drug holidays. This reduces the chance of addiction, slows tolerance increses keeping lower doses of the drug effective for longer period of time. There needs to be 2 days a week the drugis not taken every week. It is best to stagger these days if possible. If not the drug should not be taken on weekends and only used on work or school days. There should also be one week 2 times a year the drug is stopped. Again, this helps to negate some of the addictive long term effects of the drug and lessens withdrawl symptoms when the drug is stopped. Even if the drug is not giving a treatment effect and a new drug needs to be tried there still may be withdrawl symptoms. Only taking the drug for 2 or 3 days at a time instead of continually for long periods without a break almost eliminates withdrawl and makes drug changes more smoth. If there are withdrawl symptoms the current dose of the drug is too high.

    If there are symptoms of hedaches, diareaha (sp), stomach pains (not because of taking the drug on an empty stomach), or heart palpitations these are signs of an overdose and the dose of the drug should be lowered. The APA has the most reliable information on these drugs. They are independent of the drug companies yet govern the psychological indutry to ensure ethical guidelines are upheld and the best interest of the client is the primary focus. Drug company interest are not important because psychologists can not prescribe drugs, but they have a duty to refer lients to someone who can when they’ve diagnosed a disoreder which requires drug therapy, like ADHD.

  48. Travis


    I would just like to say thank you to Tina Grant.

    She knows what she is talking about because she has done the research, unlike many doctors that prescribe this medication.

    Drug holidays are a very important part of not becoming addicted to this substance.

  49. After 3 yrs of denial, my husband finally convinced me to seek help b/c of not being able to stay focused, not being able to stay on task, being very unorganized, etc. I talked to my doc who recommended a psychiatrist. After going through some tests and taking an at-home questionaire (my mother & husband had to take one too), I was diagnosed ADD. I started taking Adderall about a month ago.
    Immediately I noticed the high that I got about 2 hours after taking a dose. But after about 4 days, I didn’t notice that high anymore.
    But just this week I’ve had a very interesting symptom appear. I don’t know if it’s b/c I’m 43 and have simply reached my sexual peak, or if this is something that the drug has caused. In either case, neither my husband or I are complaining. The only drawback is, well, the sexual peak is VERY high.
    I plan on talking to my doc about this at my next appt the 2nd week in November, but until then, has anyone else experienced this “symptom”? Or have I simply reached my sexual peak?

  50. krazymnd

    i have just started taking adderall for my add and take 10 mg 2x daily-my question is i get like a racing feeling and highs and lows the whole time the med is working-will this go away or get better the longer i’m on it?

  51. tracy

    My daughter has been taking Adderall for some time now.
    Since taking this drug, she has a poor apetite, doesnt like to sleep, complains about stomach aches, her eyes are sinking in and she is losing weight (she is 7 and only weighs 40 pounds).
    My ex has her living in his home for now until the court can change custody but he refuses to acknowledge anything I tell him about her side effects, he says the doctor says she is doing great and he sees great improvement in her.
    I have no idea who the last doctor he took her to was, a phone number or an address that had diagnosed her with the ADHD again or if he/she did.
    I have her on the weekends and each time I see these side effects and I dont like it and he wont listen or do anything to help her!
    He just wont discuss anything with me that is a concern about her most of the time.
    I am doing a research paper on Adderrall for my college class and I am also turning it into my lawyer so if anyone has any imput on my story please let me know so I can help my daughter out the only way I can, by getting information, giving it to my lawyer and him give it to the court.
    He has her on two Adderral pills, I think that her morning one is for 25 mgs and the one she takes at lunch is a smaller dose.

  52. JB

    I can speak to those who feel they are addicted to adderall. My doctor put me on 30mg twice a day but eventually that didnt cut it. So what I would do is I would sometimes take up to 210mg a day!!! That’s 7 30mg pills. Since it was hard for me to get enough dosage to take this much the entire month, I would take the drug at high dosage for 15 or so days, then nothing for the next 15 until my prescription renewed. I am now dealing with chronic diarehha, nausea and stomach cramps. I dont process milk products well anymore either. Good news is I was able to overcome my addiction by myself but it took some work…very tired days, irritability, sexual issues, and severe weight gain.
    My message to parents is not necessarily keep you kids off this if they are ADHD, but to monitor very closely especially when receiving high dosage. Adderall played a very important part in becoming as successful as I am now, but was it worth it? I am starting to think not.

  53. Anne

    Has anyone heard of treatment for ADD without the use of medication?
    –Kill yourself.

    just kidding!…
    anyways…adderall is great but when i’m coming down I get so depressed and pissed at everything.

  54. Rachel

    Im so and I took adderall for about 5 months and man was that stuff weird. I really liked it for awhile, i became very focused, i go things done, i became very clean(when im usually not), i wrote a 10 page paper for school in about 3 hours when it should have taken 8, i exercised ALOT, and i never had an appetite. After a few months though i began to bruise on my thighs alot, and im not sure if that was because i wasnt eating a whole lot or it was actually a side effect of the medication. I also had some hair loss, and my brother at a wedding said my eyes were sagging. Im not sure if thats all because i wasnt eating alot, or it was because of adderall.

  55. Kevin

    I’ve tried the two-a day meds at 10mg each. That worked for my attention problem but made me very irritable and had a short fuse. When I switched to 20mg extended release, my short fuse grew but my attention span shortened. Lately, I’ve taken 20mg xr twice a day and my focus is much better. My fuse is not too short and my hrate, which was very high when I first started, is back to normal.

    I do worry about long term side effects and when I run out and don’t get a refill quickly enough, I definitely can feel it. I feel like my brain is going in 1000 different directions. I just don’t know if it is a withdrawal effect or just me needing it for attention.

  56. Paco

    adderall really works with me…it helps me keep on task and my thought process is more concentrated… but my creativity… well im just not as creative when im on it. one problem i’ve had was that last year i took it once every morning and i did’nt grow one inch and i was like the shortest guy at my highschool then this year i decided not to take it to see what would happen and i grew about 4.5 inches in 4 months. so i think its the adderall that was stunting my growth

  57. Tonya

    HI my daughter is 10 years old and she started taking adderall about 2weeks ago. My question is could the meds make her to something that she would normally not do early on. Or do she have to be on it along period of time. She was apart of something very seriously in school and I think the the meds really played a big part in it because this is not her and the thing that she was acused of doen’t make sense to me and its like this all happen after she started taking this med.

  58. Robin

    For anybody wanting to try alternative methods besides the meds, try — it’s about eliminating preservatives, artifical colors, flavors dyes from the diet. Also try organic milk, omega 3 oils and there is a natural pill at Whole Foods called Sea Buddies Concentrate Focus Formula. I have tried most of these for my son and have gotten a little bit of relief for his ADHD. Next I am trying Focus a natural pill I found on-line.

  59. John

    I was diagnosed with borderline ADD three years ago and was given 15 MG XR pills. I’m in college now and I had a really important paper due so I took thee pills on Sunday at about 1 PM. I was concentrated all day and I got my paper done. However, later that night something changed. It’s like I have constant discomfort in the whole chest area. It’s like I can’t take in full breaths and it’s just really uncomfortable. I just don’t understand it. I’ve taken this dose before and nothing of this sort happened. It’s Wednesday now. The effects of the adderall have long gone but the breathing complications still remain. I’ve been able to sleep but I’m just uncomfortable all day. I just don’t know what is going on. Will this ever stop?

  60. michele

    my son was diagnosed with add in may..from the time he started preschool to now(he is in 3rd grade)he was suspended twice in the first week…and suspensions continued.he became well known starting from preschool til now. he would punch a kid in the stomache to scratch a teacher to throw a kid down to the ground , he was very arrogant,very sure of himself and from what his teachers say he showed no empathy for anything or anyone.although he was always told by everyone how goodlooking and even considered beautiful..he seemed to feel like he had something to live up to.i must say he has outgrown alot of it this past year..he was prescribed adderral and at first i couldnt bring myself to giving it to him. it had been about a month and he started up again so bad i decided to give him his dosage mixed in his yogurt and with him not knowing…he would never take it voluntarily. about 20 minutes later he said to me “I feel different” i sat with him and noticed his zombie look which broke my heart..then he started taking very deep breaths his chest tightened and him being a good eater he refused dinner saying he wasnt hungry afterall…let me tell you i never gave him another pill..the guilt i felt..I FELT LIKE I JUST GAVE MY SON POISON…this is just my experience …he continues his acting, he performs in musicals and such..he seems as if he outgrew some aggresivness..he’s still sure of himself just not too bad..i will pray and get other alt to meds..

  61. elizabeth

    To Angel,
    I have had BAD problems with my muscles. I feel like they are all contracting and I continually have stretch. I feel like my muscles have little rips or tears in them. I had to quit taking adderall because my entire body hurt so bad.

  62. David

    Listen up people –

    Do NOT take this drug int eh high doses that a lot of people do. Do not get addicted and have the lack of control over yourself. You have to have the self control to be able to say “enugh is enough”.

    I used to take about 10-15 mg per day (I weight about 145 pounds”. The highs and lows were HORRIBLE and I felt like I couldn’t live without adderall. And THAT isn’t even considered a high dosage.

    So this is what I do. I take 3, count them, three, miligrams per day on average, if not slightly less. I take 1/8 (3.75 mg) or 1/16 (1.875 mg) probably 3-4 days a week, if that. The average only rises because there are some days where I have an extreme amount of work to do. But still, I work full time, go to school at night (architecture school – very hard) – and I do it all on 3mg per day or somewhere around there. The key is to get enough sleep and eat a blanced meal. Trust me. Sometimes you feel like you need adderall and what you really need is a grapefruit. When I am free of stress enough to get my 8+ hours of sleep, I only take 1 mg per day on average, meaning I take 3 mg once a week or so. Eat fruit and whole grains – take flax seed oil or some other form of Omega-3, and get your sleep.

    I do not trust the long term effects of adderall, and you shouldn’t either. What you should do is do everything else right and then use adderall when you need that extra boost. And for you people with kids that have ADD, give them even SMALLER amounts – and make sure they eat right. I am living proof – you are what you eat. Take adderall in small doses. My doses are so small that I actually HATE taking the drug – when you take more than 10mg per day, like I used to, you enjoy taking the drug. That is called dependence and it is dangerous.

    Good luck and be weary.

  63. Sami

    I am a 19 year old student in college. Since I was a child I’ve been known as a troublemaker. In first grade my teacher (private school) had to tie me to my chair with a jump rope. (to all who are about to criticize her, shes my aunt) And at the time I didn’t understand because I didn’t do anything in particular that day, but I received a letter and was told to give it to my parents. On the ride home with my mom she opened the note and explained I wasn’t going to attend that school and I would be enrolled in public school. My first week in public school I was suspended twice. I remember 3rd grade I was suspended the first day. To be honest I recall being suspended every other week. ALL YEAR PEOPLE. My parents never let me take meds unless they were natural. I look back today and I’m so grateful. Today I’m told Ive got a great personality and I work hard in school and at my job. Ive gone through some dark times in my life, but in all I’ve just gotten smarter and stronger. Any kind of med just isn’t the answer. Its mind over matter people. At school my teacher told me she put her child on Ritalin, I’m talking about a 6 year old, I can’t explain how I felt and what I wanted to say. That child’s life is forEVER going to be effected and he’ll never be the same. I have plenty of friends in college from different country’s and they ALL have one thing in common. When I ask their opinion about Americans they call us fat, lazy and crazy. Sometimes they call us stupid. Giving a 6 year old adderal is guaranteeing they pick up a crystal meth pipe when their older, and ending up in rehab and/or committing suicide. And its legal???? the president doesn’t think their is something wrong here??? Of course he does, nobody other then bush has collected more money from drug companies. Its estimated hes collected over 700,000 dollars in 2007 from drug companies. And its a wonder why Osama Bin Laden spends his oil money on crashing plains into the twin towers? it doesn’t justify what he did but believe me, things only get worse before they get better. You have been warned.

  64. shawn

    i started taking the med when i was in elem scholl i am now 22 yrs old i suffered terrible migranes,weight loss and numerous of other side effects from the medication which led to me being diagnosed with eplipesy at the age of 13 was when i had my first seizure the migranes and lack of sleep are what trigured my seizures and since then i have had myclonic tonic eplipesy since then the doctors thought that the med will help me focus better in school but it didnt i never listened to the teacher and was rarely at school because i was always having headaches, stressing and my vision also became affected by the medication as well . My life has changed majorly due to this medication parents if your child is showing signs of adhd or add dont be quick to put them on meds actually see what there problems is in school it could be that they may need extra help in school not needing to see a doctor and be put on medication adderall can have a very negative affect on kids .

  65. Lori

    My daughter (15) has had bad reactions to all of the stimulant medications. Although I have always hated putting something like that in her body, it makes the difference between struggling to pass in school and making 90’s. (Hey, I’d be happy with C’s, if that were her best on no medication). A few of my co-workers have tried something from a health food store called Sea Buddies Concentrate Focus Formula. Has anyone tried that? My co-workers had good response with their children, with no side effects. It is apparently an enzyme therapy.

  66. Adrienne

    I’ve been on adderall since 1996 and my doctor(that i have been seening once a year to get script for the past 6 years)thinks i should have no probelm if i just stop taking it. well i stopped taking it for 6 months while i was pregnant i gained 100lbs i was depressed unmotivated and more tired then the normal pregnant women. i can’t enjoy my life with out it, it feels. another problem i’ve been having is pain in my jaw and i have a headache by 5pm usually everyday. i’m 24 years old and i need adderall…i think i am going to die form a heart attack anytime but i must take the adderall or i am useless. any body in the same boat i don’t care if its right or wrong Email me

  67. Zach

    I was told at the age of 10 that I was to over active and needed to be put on medicine to help me. Thanks to my parents they made the wise choice to refuse this. Ya, I was a little wild but thats why I was called a kid. At the age of 17 I started experement with drugs. I got hooked on Meth for about a year. It was a very hard time in my life that I take as a learning experence. After quiting meth I was very confused and at times it was hard to think. I went to see a doctor and was perscribed adderall. I started talking this for about a month. The first two weeks was good. I felt better and wanted to do more things. Then about the third week I started to feel almost exactly like I did on meth. I did some research and found out that it is very similer to meth. I stopped use right away. It took me another month before I felt right again, well not all methed up. I remember sleeping alot. It has been 5 years now and all I can say is every day that passes I fell that much further from meth and more clear headed. I can not believe they give this to children. They tried to say its for me, more then once.( I was the crazy kid that the teachers couldn’t handle) Now I am in school for my applied science degree. My friends say I am a very mellow person. My family cant believe how calm I am now. I grew out of it. I am just saying this to urge parents to wait until the child can make a real choice, and not to decide your kid is to active, maybe it is a good thing. Find something your child likes to do and let them learn for them self. Now some people might really need this but I think it is getting way out control and we are hurting our kids. I have a 2 year old daughter and I want to see all the children of the future to have future.

  68. Dino

    I’ve been taking adderall Xr for a week now, and i’m already seeing purple bags under my eyes which i never had before, specially my right eye, is that a adderall side effect? what can i do about it??

  69. Dave

    I want to thank Tina & David for their input, I am currently diagnosed with ADD and am in my early 30s. I was taking less than 10mg a day and then increased my dose per doctor instruction. I immideatley noticed headaches and an increased irritability. I’ve since lowered my dose back to less than 10mg/day and notice the benefits w/out the side effects.

    To Tina’s point about Adults with ADHD “It is very unlikely you are ADHD and you need to examine factor in your environment for eplanations. The only way to accurately diagnos ADHD is across many environments; school, home, social, etc…. If work is the only place you currently have problems you are not ADHD and probably just need to reduce your caffiene.”

    This is exactly the reason I was diagnosed because of this is the one aspect in my life that I was having severe problems with. Measuring across multiple environments may not be feasible as most working adults do exactly that, work 50+ hours a week. This is where you may find the most problems and impact for medication. I would suggest to anyone before taking ANY medication to read Dr. Hallowell’s and Dr. Ratey’s book, “Delivered from Distraction”. This is a great start for anyone that even thinks they have ADHD/ADD and then progress with therapy and medication very conservatively.

  70. Karla

    I was on Adderall XR for years, but decided to go off all medications a few months ago. Since I quit Adderall, I’ve gained weight (20 lbs.!), yet I’ve also run 2 marathons. So I’m wondering, since a side effect of being on Adderral is “weight loss” (which, unfortunately, I never experienced), perhaps a withdrawal side effect is weight gain?? And if so, is this a transitional thing? And how long before I can expect to get back to normal? If anyone knows anything or can point me in the right direction for answers, that would be awesome!

  71. Dave

    I am a 20 year old college student. I go to a very competitive college and am on 25mg twice a day of adderall xr. I was prescribed adderall about 8 months ago and have zero regrets. For about 3 years prior to that doctors thought I was depressed, but couldn’t do anything about it. Finally a neuropsychologist concluded that ADD/ADHD was causing my depression. Note: Prior to my depressed state I was an all A student, so this made a great deal of sense. My doctor prescribed me on Strattera, but that did not do anything for me, so he switched me to Adderall. Adderall does have many side effects but the benefits greatly outweigh the costs.

    A main side effect almost everyone experiences on Adderall is weight loss or loss of appetite, and there is a very simple solution to this: Eat. You have to make yourself eat even when you’re not hungry and get on a regimen of eating at or near certain times. Eventually this will just become routine and the loss of appetite will disappear.

    Adderall does produce similar effects to cocaine and other stimulant drugs. Whenever I feel my heart racing or hands trembling, I just take a big breath and hold it in for a while and let it out very slowly. I do this several times and it helps me relax and focus my energy toward whatever the task at hand is.

    Adderall is a stimulant for a reason. It is made you so can take it and feel immediate effects. This means that it does not have to be taken every single day. Not taking it everyday helps you to not become dependent on the drug. If you feel like you need it everyday, then you should get on a non-stimulant medication such as Wellbutrin or Strattera, both of which have far less side effects.

  72. kairi

    Adderall a weird drug. it keeps you awake and more “alive” and also will help concentrate better, but on the other hand it calms you down, gets you quiet and depression from time to time. im 15 and have been taking adderal for about a year now. wen i dont take adderall xr itmakes me very sleepy and very annoyed. another problem i am having is that i seam to be less attracted to girls and im not “turned on” like before taking the meds. it seams like i “shrink” as if im in some cold water. its hard getting “turned-on” now. even wen i try. i have no sexual feelings any more. i feel sexually uncomfortable with myself…and i feel uncomfortable talking to my doctor, especially wen my dad is with me. any suggestions? should i stop taking it? or what should i do?


  73. Con

    Adderall causes me to lose appetite and get cotton mouth as well as become more nervous and anxious. The positive effects are the focusing which only happens if the right dose is given and you are feeling comfortable. I’ve been prescribed for over 7 years before that i was prescribed to ritalin in 6th grade which caused me to be anxious, nervous, paranoid, and anti-social as well as extreme loss of appetite. Is there a way to stop these side affects ? I know I have ADD and I can’t focus but in order to focus I have to sacrifice my appetite and comfort of being myself. I even take Adderal 10mg XR the Blue ones and it does that. My heart is beating 10x faster i feel like. Anyone feel the same ?

  74. Tom

    I am 29 years old and I have been taking Adderall for 16 years for my ADHD and it has done wonders since the first day I took it. When I was young, I was obsessed with being the center of attention and making people laugh. I will admit, my parents spoiled me rotten (which might have been a cause for my disorder). At school, I was always getting into trouble. I would randomly yell out jokes, names, objects, etc. I had no idea why I was doing this but the other kids always thought I was funny for making the teacher mad, so I continued to do so. Principal recomended I see a doctor, then the doctor refered me to a specialist. Turns out I had ADHD – mild Turret’s Syndrome caused by low levels of Dopamine. The Adderall cured my hyperactivity and random outbursts the first day I started taking it. It did not cure my laziness, make me want to do my homework, or get me better grades…and its not supposed to. Adderall made me pay attention to everything and everyone else in my life, besides just my thoughts and actions. Please re-read that sentence…. Adderall will not make you smarter, more social, or act better…but it is amazing what happens when you stop just paying attention to yourself and take in the whole picture. From the sounds of the posts on this web site, not many other people have had the same experience. My only advice is to talk to your doctor (and your parents), be open with them, and ask as many questions as possible. I had to go through a 3 month consultation with my doctor and parents before they started me on medication. It sounds like some of you just walk into a doctor’s office every month and get your perscription without knowing why you are taking Adderall in the first place. I guess I would be pissed off at the medicine too. This medicine is DEA controlled substance and every pill that is made has to be accounted for at the end of the year. So I have to disagree with the comments about doctor’s handing out Adderall like it’s candy and not knowing what the medicine does. You can only get a 1 month supply of adderall because your dosage needs to be monitored and the doctor must send off their forms to the DEA. I really think with the right dosage, the right doctor, and communication, Adderall is very effective in treating ADHD. FYI – history of my dosage – I am taking 40mg day (2 * 20mg) for about 10 years. In high school I was up to 60 mg a day and the doctor reduced my dosage when I went to college. I hope the lady that was taking 100mg a day (Stephanie post from September 15th or so) is still alive. That is a near lethal dose of Adderall, and I would recomend that you take only what you feel comfortable taking. Hopefully this is advice for everyone else too, if you are jittery, irritable, and you can’t eat or sleep…then you need to lower your dosage or talk to your doctor about other meds. I only had two or three sleepless nights until my doctor got the correct dosage. No withdrawls, discharge, hair loss, shrinkage, or loss of coolness experienced on my end. I did just find out that I have a kidney stone, and although I don’t know whether or not its related to Aderall I thought you should know. I will reply back once they do examine my kidney stone and say if the stone was Adderall related.

  75. We have three adopted children. the childern have been taking some sort of stimulant since first grade,starting with ritalin, then concerta, then adderal. the middle child (female) also has taken stratteria, focalin,triliptal and equetro.I wish they didn`t have to take these meds, its so much trouble keeping routines and appointments, basically comsumes my life and energy.We did try to take the children off these meds during the summer it was an interesting summer but on into 6-9 weeks of school beginning they were begging me to get them back on their meds r/t their grades attention span and behaviors worsened.I don`t understand why kids today have to be on drugs,I realize life is fast paced,the surrounding are different.I even wondered if their back ground (family Genes) beared the answer,well thats a long story and yes the family members are all in trouble and need more help than can be given.We love these kids as our own, I have to wonder what their children are going to be like and will they be healthy or how many generations will this control.

  76. cee

    Tried vyvanse for a couple of weeks. Have developed an eye twitch (lower lid). Wondering if this is going to be a permanent condition, even though I have stopped the medication….

  77. Kate

    I am 44 years old and strongly suspect that I have ADD. I have struggled my entire life with concentration, attention span issues and am scatter-brained to the extreme (I have lost my passport 8 times). School was a huge struggle for me. My acting and artistic skills were high. I came last place in absolutely everything except music and drama. I was however very popular and always have been without having to try. The other members of my family are very well educated and intelligent. It has always been a mystery to me and to my parents. They would send me books at school which became more and more inane (since they deduced I must be stupid) which I found impossible to pay attention to. It wasn’t until I was about 12 that I happened to pick books from their library, which were ridiculously high brow for a girl of my age. Looking back I probably barely understood a lot of what I was reading but I knew these books were good and they captured my imagination intensely. From then I developed an appreciation for literature which I’ve kept (until quite recently). When I was about 15 the headmistress at my school threatened to expel me since there was no point in my staying on to do ‘O’ Levels (a set of exams taken in England of between 7 and 12 exams taken at about age 15 to 16). My grades were appalling and I was disrupting the rest of the class, so she said. I decided for the first time in my life to study as I didn’t want my life disrupted by having to leave school. Rather than risk the fear of the unkown, I almost killed myself studying every spare minute that I had and did fairly well considering. The headmistress insisted on sending the exams back for re-grading as she thought there must have been a mistake. For some reason I could not handle the whole experience and ensuing reaction of the people around me and I begged my parents to let me leave school at 16, which they agreed to. I think the whole experience left me feeling confused and like a fraud and I felt terrified that I would be exposed at any minute. Since then most of my life’s major choices have been driven by a need to hide my problems with concentration, memory and attention. Coupled with this I have always had a strong determination to succeed and rise to challenges. I had fairly successful career as a freelancer in the film industry until I turned 40 and started my own business. I have created a product that is very popular and has had an incredible amount of press and has grown by 60% every year since it started for years ago. HOWEVER, I am finally at my wits end with my issues. While I recognize that I have many talents and qualities, my organizational and management skills are SO bad that the business is teetering on the brink of collapse in spite of it’s popularity. I’ve also entered into a new very loving and supportive relationship with the most wonderful man I’ve every met. In many ways life is good and never have I wanted to run away from it all more than I do now. I have constant anxiety about what I haven’t managed to do, what I’ve forgotten to do and I feel paralyzed. When I was at school all my greatest friends were the most talented and intelligent. I got by because developed a persona that was both unthreatening and appealing. In spite of being “stupid” I managed to hold my own, in my own way, with the best of them. When I reached a certain level of achievement I ran as fast as I could and hid from the world. I feel that something similar is happening to me now and the pressure is making my ADD (if that is what I have) a hundred times worse. One of the reasons I am writing this and why I found this site, is I have just come back from spending Christmas in the States with my American family. I have a first cousin who, although I don’t know very very well, I have always recognized strong similarities when seeing her over the years.. She is an over achiever who lives in fear of what havoc she is causing or about to cause around her in spite of her best intentions and sense of responsibility. She has a three daughters one of which, the middle one, aged 18 (I haven’t seen in a long time), who was telling me about her problems at school (which the other 2 daughters do NOT have). It may as well have been me talking, I couldn’t believe my ears. She was diagnosed with ADD and prescribed Adderal when she was 14 and said that it has changed her life her self esteem. Her mother was diagnosed as well and they are both taking the drug. My cousins daughter said that now she in college she prefers only to take it when necessary which sounds absolutely right to me. I would really appreciate hearing similar stories and what life is like on Adderal for someone like me. Life is hell for me at the moment. I am finding it impossible to pay attention to anything and I believe that it is forcing a kind of depression, anxiety and fear on me. I would appreciate any comments

  78. lindsey

    To Dave — who says that Wellbutrin is not a stimulant —- you need to understand that there are 2 types of medication for depression – one is considered an “upper” and one is considered a “downer” Wellbutrin falls in the upper (stimulant) catagory and Effexor falls in the downer catagory; Often Wellbutrin is presribed with Effexor and if the Wellbutrin is not effective, Adderall might be presribed. Anyone getting high from Adderall should not be on Adderall, or they should have their dosage examined. Adderall will make a person with ADD feel “normal” — education is the key to any medication; being HONEST with your doctor is key; keeping a daily journal of meds; food and any supplement is key; oft times, an herbal supplement can complicate the effects of medication, just like orange juice can reduce the effective of some meds —- everything needs to be balanced, in order for your body to be in balance.

  79. barbara

    I have been taking adderall with effexor for the past 3 months. I notice that I bite on the inside of my cheeks. Has anyone ever noticed anything like this?

  80. John

    I’ve been taking adderall on and off for about a year. I wouldn’t say that I entirely need it but it does help when I am going to school. I’m in a very competitive university and once the semester started I decided to get back on it. I went off for 2 months. As far as withdrawals go the doctors are right I’ve talked to. With such a small dosage of amphetamines (for most people) it is not going to cause withdrawals like you would see with street drugs that are more addictive in nature like crystal meth. It’s all the same but different portions of different chemicals in different dosages. The bottom line is that they are all “uppers.” They are all stimulants on the central nervous system. That’s why you feel alert and so task-oriented. I take a 20 mg pill everyday now that school started. There are two types of adderall and two types of prescribed amphetamines in general- that is slow release and the normal amphetamine salt tablets. I have been prescribed with both. What works for me is the tablets because I am actually able to sleep at night as compared to the 12-hour slow release xr pills. On both however I have experienced headaches. I don’t know why that is and I have noticed that is a side effect for many adults. My opinion is that it is just a lack of nourishment during the day and when you “come down” from the pill your body isn’t being driven by the stimulants you took earlier in the day but now has to rely on the natural process of your metabolism. With me I’ve noticed that forcing myself to eat regularly like I do when I’m off my adderall lessens my side effects as far as headaches are concerned. As far as restlessness and not being able to sleep, I would recommend switching to a less potent form of amphetamine like dexadrin. Doctors know better than I do the difference and availability of other types. I guess your job is to find one that works best for you. If I were to recommend it to my family or friends I would say no. Decinately no. I don’t want a pill to be the reason I am more successful in school or more social or optimistic. I think the purpose of this life is to learn and grow and accomplish such things on your own without the help of a CNS stimulant. It seems anyone will have more will power and more drive with this pill it is just a matter of chemistry. But I believe it cheats us of what life is all about- and that’s to grow through your own self-will. To those of us that really believe that is unatainable without medications then this is the drug for you. I do warn that it is addictive. I haven’t let myself get to the point where I need to re-up my dosage or anything like that because I understand medicine to a degree and its effects. My doctor has said it shouldn’t have any long-term side effects but think about this people- it is a relatively new drug. How can anyone know the long-term side effects of this drug? And it is a gateway to illegal meth. People who enjoy the euphoria they feel while on this would certainly be tempted to try other more powerful stimulants. For me I’m off this once the semester ends. I just need to do good to get into my program I am studying for. Also, a side note, I am familiar with recreational drugs. I have seen friends become addicted and am quite knowledgable as far as those go. All Adderall is is a toned down, synthetic form of speed that is prescribed so that it is legal. It’s like crystal meth or cocaine, powder or rock form (crack). They are all uppers and when you are off it your nervous system is so used to having those chemicals bring you “up” that when you’re off it you’re “down” further than when you started taking it. When I got off it I just noticed I gained my weight back and had an apetite. To those who have formed psychotic symptoms it is not because of the drug but because of your genetic make-up! If you are prone to develop abnormal psychotic behavior it is because it is in your genes and usually it will come out with a stressful even in your life or with these mind-altering chemicals. The adderall kind of “sets off” what’s in you already. The same goes for a host of other drugs. Do the benefits outweight the side-effects? That’s for you to decide. For me I think it is what will help me for now but i definately don’t intend on staying on it. I’ve gotten off before and I will do it again. My advice is to keep the dosages down or else you’ll get “strung out.” Anyone interested in this topic should watch “Requiem for a Dream.” It displays a lady who took diet pills similar to adderall and innocently got addicted. It ruined her life. Just be careful people and learn about your body and what you think is best for you.

  81. John

    I’ve recently started to use it, and besides the few side effects (lack of sleep, curbed appetite, sweating?) I have been feeling great and thinking clearly, and I don’t have trouble focusing like I always do. I haven’t ever felt such a relief of my inability to concentrate. It’s a very powerful medication, though, and I would say use with caution.

  82. WALTER

    I’ve been on Adderall for 4 years. I love everything this medication have done for me.
    All positive and very little negative to say.
    Just like any other thing respect it don’t abuse it and enjoy the benefits it brings.
    One other thing, I laugh when I hear how Adderall can make people crazy and how people can start hearing voices and see things on it…

  83. Hello everybody my name is Kenneth but everyone calls me. When I was a kid I was on riddelin. They had me on high doses. I was better but it made me quiet. Then they lowerd the doses.I was fine. They took off it when I was 12 they said I didn’t need anymore. Ever since then school became ten times harder. I couldn’t concerate. I had 15 things on mind. I just couldn’t concerate on one task. I started drinking. Getting high of of paint thinner. The older I got the worse it got. I knew needed help. I couldn’t say it. I lost jobs, girlfriends, friends. The last I had I lost it. My dad and mom said what is going on. I couldn’t concerate. Know I am on Adderall I been on it for about two weeks. The doctor increase it. I take it two days a day. I feel like a knew person. I can concerate know. I start my new job February 12, 2008. My mine is less full. I have some side effects from it. Like loss of appetite. I’m use to eating five a day and know it is only three. It hard for me to go to sleep. As before I was tire. But know it is hard for me to go to sleep. I do have some headaches. I am much better and that’s all that matter. Thanks for the site. And everybody who wrote comments I hope everybody is doing better or on there way to lifting a better life.

  84. shawn

    my husband was prescribed Adderal two years ago and I swear his doctor was an idiot!!!!!! He had my husband on 80mg pills twice a day!!!!! It was a horrible expierence being around him while coming down, alot of the time I got the short end of the stick(abuse). Now he is on 25mg twice a day but he seems to be doing better than b4 but the days he doesn’t take it he is an a**. I hate to know what is going on in his body after all the use of this drug.

  85. Sol

    Britney Spears is all over the news. The news media reports indicated that she has been taken adderal. It is difficult to take medication when ultimally no one really can predict how these drugs effects the individual with their own other personal and emotional issues that surround the persons predispositions. The Public prior to jumping to any conclusions, or being influence by medical doctor recommedations really separate themself from others and understand the really reason that drives us to take a medication not just because it give us more energy, make us lose weight, makes us focus better. I do not dismiss that there are some children that really need to be on medication but children also have a lot of natural energy and a parent needs to differenciated the difference.
    It’s like falling in love. You fall in love with the idea that you will be happy for ever and that the person that makes your heart beat you will always feel the same way for that person. But after a few months the love changes, you get to know the person and understand that not everything is rose color. You learn and either work in that relationship or move on. What occurs in the beginning of the relationship is that the partner is first after a few months we make our demands. When we take Addreal we are in love with the idea that we are different and that this drug is a positive thing for people but after a few months we either become too depress, blame our doctors, our partners, our children and ultimatly is just that we have accepted a new variable into our life living with a medication. A negative an distructive relationship.

  86. my son is 6years old and i took him off adderrall to try natural stuff. that is not working so now i put him back on 10mgs with the natural stuff to. he lost 16lbs when it was prescribe to him. the doctors don’t seem to care they jacked his dose up to 25mg in 7 months. it is not right what theydo. i am trying this way to see what happens. thats for your time rissa upstate new york

  87. mom of a 13yr. old

    my 13 year old son has been on adderall for the past 3-4 yrs. just here lately his dr. has perscribed him 30mg. once a day, he was taking 25mg. once a day. now he is saying that he is hearing voices after it’s all quiet, and that he sees shadows, and dots when he closes his eyes at night, trying to go to sleep. He is doiong pretty good in school, but man when he gets an attitude, he gets one now and it’s so hard to talk to him. He just started stealing things from other people in the household and lies about it. He says that he knows that he had done it, but he can’t remember when. But, when he was on the 25mg. he didn’t have this problem, just he couldn’t do good in school. Is this behavior natual when an updose is perscribed? Does anybody out there have an answer to my question or a differnt solution? After I had read what people had wrote man I don’t know about this medicine. I want the best for mu son, but I don’t want to harm him. He is in soccer, he does really good in that because he is running around releasing his energy. But, it the side effects of this medicine that worries me. A worried mom of a wonderful 13 year old boy

  88. Bethany

    I have taken adderall for about 3 years. So i know what it is, i know all the side effects…
    but i just wanted to say…DO NOT GIVE YOUR CHILD WHO IS 6 YEARS OLD DRUGS. if they are doing bad in school and you answer to that is medication?? well then you just ruined your own child. if you CARED enough about your child you will take them off a healthy way. i have 3 nephews and 2 nieces. all under the age of 7. they are so joyous and happy and if i had to see them on drugs, i would be DEVASTATED.
    if you must put a child on drugs, WAIT until the kid can FULLY understand the effects of the drug. so basically don’t put your kids on drugs until at least highschool, if at all. i would turn to natural supplements. i take it, but i want to get off of it so badly. im going to go see my psychiatrist in a month about getting off of it. the only reason why i don’t want to is because i don’t want to gain weight…

  89. Alexa Darracq

    I have been prescribed Adderall for four years now. I have really mixed feelings about the drug. It is currently helping me in school and allowing me to finally work to my fullest potential. I know college would be much harder with out it. HOWEVER, adderall has its downsides as well. I often feel twice as lazy and want to do nothing but lie around all day when I’m not on it. This is only when I am taking the medication on weekdays and then decide to forego it on the weekends. When I took a year off from school, I refused to take my adderall and I slowly began to be more productive without my meds(though not more so or equally so if i were to take my meds). I have had a lot of problems with taking adderall. While a lot of people may like that adderall supresses the appetite it can be very dangerous, especially if you are a student athlete or anemic, like me. I literally have to remind myself and force myself to eat otherwise my health begins to deteriorate as it did before. I also get sleep deprived, despite the fact that I am now taking a lower dosage than I did in high school. I never feel tired until early hours of the morning and so when i get lil sleep i just take an adderall and the cycle repeats itself. Also my personality changes drastically when im on Adderall. I become very monotone. I am much much happier on days I dont take it. I take it because I must. I dont have the time to try to succeed on the same level without my medications at this point in my life.
    Though, I would like to give some advice. let children be children please, i beg you. The body is known to build a tolerance to adderall, so if you start a kid on adderall at 5 I cant even imagine the dosage he’ll need just by the age of 12. At the age of 5 what could the child possibly be doing that he needs medication to help him. Dont use it to fix his behavior yet please. And also, for those who refuse to stop adderall just b/c of the weight loss effect, remember that the way you are losing weight with adderall is not healthy at all.

  90. Angie M.

    I’m a 32 y/o female on day 2 of generic adderall for ADD. I noticed yesterday that I was more calm and mellow. I am only on 10mg 2x/day but only took 1 yesterday. I had a normal appetite but noticed a stronger than normal urgency to urniate a few times last night and an increased volume of urine. I lost 3 pounds in one day (must be water weight). I had a little headache last night and this morning. Can anyone tell me if this med. depletes your potassium or sodium? I thought I read it somewhere. I was wondering if my sodium or potassium level got low and that’s why I got the minor headache. Just curious. I also noticed yesterday that I did not shake my legs or feet or play with my hair as much when I was sitting. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Have a bless day.

  91. well i have been taking it for a few months now…i lost 30 pounds and i dotn eat half as much! i like it loosing all this weight and the meds make me so happy and full of enegry! i do get more done and im positive about doing the stuff…
    but i do get VERY dizzy EVERY time i stand up but it passes in seconds.
    i also get headaces often but thats a normal thing for me.

    over all i like the stuff…

  92. john aleene

    I have just started taking my regime of adderall. im taking 70mg, but am having doubts.It is the time released, i take one in the morning before school and have trouble sleeping. also even after the 12 hours are over my heart will not calm down it has been continuously rapid ever since i started. Im wondering if i just quit taking it all together will my heart rate go back to normal?

  93. Casey

    i have been on adderall since the age of 9, that was now 11 years ago. i stopped taking the medication when i found out i was pregnant with my son. i went through a severe depression for the first couple of months of my pregnancy, racing hormones and chemical imbalances caused by pregnancy did not help either im sure, but it was extremely hard. i now am back on the medication, i found it very hard to do even everyday things without it. it felt as though my inability to concentrate had multiplied significantly sice being prescribed to adderall. i have become completely reliant on the drug, both physically and mentally. i call it a drug because thats what i think it is. what makes my addiction any different from that of a meth addicts? only difference is i didnt have a choice in the matter, i was 9 and had no control.. now im trying to do something about it but its so difficult

  94. Allison

    I have been taking adderall for a month and a half. A week ago my doctor upped my dosage and now I have TERRIBLE insomnia. Will this go away?

  95. cody

    To Debbie, about her son, it probably is the adderall messing things up in his life, he prolly lost interest in sports and his girlfriend cause he is overthinking everything.

    As for me, i have taken it almost everyday since i was 9. I am currently perscribed 50 mg, a 30 xr and a 20 instant. It gets the job done, but i think my brain has suffered. My memory has gotten so poor that i have to clip my keys to my pants so i dont lose them. I repeat myself often repeating whole sentences within the same period of talking to someone, then forget i ever talked to them. I go through 2 debit cards a month etc. Inside my brain I cant manage my thoughts anymore. I feel confused and bitter all the time and am no longer an optimist. When i go without it i have horrible depression, not like sad, but like, unhappy with all things. Adderall did get me through school, and into college, although i was expelled from highschool, but adderall got me through that too. Its got pros and cons. I wouldnt recomend giving it to a young child, i for example have permenent black bags under my eyes, whereas i used to have none. Bottom line, it works, but there is a cost. You cant run your brain on overdrive forever without it breakin down. Also, randomn fits of rage.

  96. cody

    in response to casey above, i feel the same way. It fixes the problem as long as you take the pill, once you stop the problem that was there all along that you never learned to deal with cause of the drug rears its head up again infinately worse.

  97. lauren

    I took adderall for about 6 years. Ive been off of it for about 3 years. I started taking my normal dose and after a couple of years started to abuse it. I had such a hard time getting off of this drug and i still have problems. I now have an irregular heart beat and still lack motivation. I have gotten better but i wish i never even started taking it in the first place. I would much rather be me…a couple lbs heavier and alittle lazy but it so much better then depending on a drug to get things done and to get through the day. I would never recomend this to anyone.

  98. Julie

    My family has a long history with ADD. I had it as a child, they didn’t have medication back then, my sisters children all have it and now my 13 year old son has it. All I can say is there is a huge difference in his ability to achieve good grades in school as well as focus on simple tasks without forgetting. I used to battle him to tears about remembering to turn in homework, misplacing things, etc. But, now that he is on the Adderoll XR (since he was 7) He is a straight A student, he has taken and completed his Taekwondo training and is a 2nd degree black belt. And it has not stunted his growth. He is 5’7″. He is a little thin. (110lbs) and his appetite around noon-3pm is non-existent. But, he eats a healthy dinner and sleeps 8hours at night. I’m not saying there hasn’t been a lot of adjustments. We’ve had to train him on being more organized and how to overcome the ADD. Even if you never outgrow it you can control it. I myself still to this day write myself lists daily to remember things I need to do. And I have never taken medication. You just have to find whatever it is that helps you control it and stick with that even if it is tedious.

  99. joe

    Well my family has a long history as well me as myself have ADD I just started 2 days ago now if theres any body out there that can tell me how fast does the adderall works to make me loose the weight because im desperate please some one tell me.

  100. d

    Just a warning to everyone who thinks adderall is some kind of miracle, “I can think clear, I feel the world” drug, IT IS A DRUG. It is meth people and I think clearly it is ridiculous that anyone has this stuff and even more unbelievable that someone would perscribe or even think about destroying a child’s mind with a such a distorted DRUG!!!!!! It’s sick. And ya being on adderall produces the idea that this is how you really are without all the other thoughts racing and gives you the most euphoric sense of grandiosity and you will probably never ever ever feel any better in your entire life than the first few times you take adderall (Or snort it or whatever)but that’s exactly the problem with that crap. I personally was at one time a very smart, creative, driven person then enter adderall and everything spiraled beyond belief to a point where I was and currently still am so totally disconnected from reality that there seems to be no hope. Panic, psychosis, paranoia, aggression, total bizarre hallucinations combined with days of depression, crying, suicidal thought and self-mutilation, total withdrawl from any kind of social situations at all (I mean even just wal-mart) are almost too much

  101. d

    and to finish the total collapse, nothing ever will ever seem to be reality after experiencing that feeling. People make me laugh when they say they feel so good and capable, good luck with that. And really people, do you not see the issue with the stuff after watching britney shoot the craphole with it? And then you get diagnosed paranoid schiz or bi polar or whatever else and get to join the club of crazies on risperdal lithium and xanax. And seriously the lady that is giving her adhd kid adderall and risperadol needs to be checked by the child welfare people. Maybe you’re the problem lady, and don’t ruin a kids life like that.

  102. i am adhd and 26 yrs old my doctor prescribed me strattera and it isnt helping at all i feel almost suicidal sometimes because my mind goes all over i cant concentrte nd i get depressed and my energy level goes so low. my doctor doesnt want to give me adderall because of my former meth addiction but i was way more productve and normal while on meth i actully felt normal. i didnt do it for fun i did it and worked and slept when i went home. the stattera is not rking i think it just makes me tired, but i feel my doc thinks im drug seeking i feel by reading what i have it may be benificial to me how do i get my doctor to giv the adderal a chance as he did strattrra and is it possible the strattra is making me tired someone tell me please

  103. crazy

    You are probably not adhd your probably mega depressed and an addict that has been high and felt normal and now you see how boring and lifeless this world really is and don’t have the energy to do it without being a tweaker. Every one of us speed freaks feels like adderall would benefit them and feels like it makes them “NORMAL” or whatever that means. I know I feel that way all the time. And if you really want it I would go Doctor shop till you find one that can perscribe it cuz not all drs are legally able to then I would probably refrain from sharing any history of drug use/abuse/history and definitely don’t go in asking for it and also they will not give it to you if you drink or anything like that so definitely don’t go in sharin all that information. Did it occurr to you at all that there may be a reason the dr doesn’t wana give it to you? Have you researched it and read about all the major depression and suicides and

  104. crazy

    just total wasting away that psycho stimulants cause? I think every person in this world would meet the DSM-IV criteria for adhd add bipolar and chronic depression on almost any day. Too bad there’s no pill for general apathy and boredom and disinterest

  105. nicole

    i am 16 yrs old. and i have been on adderall for 4 years. on/off….i love it, but i hate that i want it…i always am just popping another pill at anytime i feel like i need it. here are some reasons i feel like i need adderall.

    if i am going to a get together with a bunch of people i don’t want to see, i take adderall right before i go. that way i can be social.

    if i have to clean, i take adderall.

    if i want to be awake all night getting important things done, i take adderall.

    of course i take it every morning, cause if i don’t i’ll be SUPER tired. my first excuse for not wanting to get off of it was because of weight gain. i have lost weight with it, and gained some back. but now it doesn’t make me lose weight, but i know if i get off of it i’ll gain weight. im pretty healthy tho, except for the fact that i have to put drugs in my body every morning to get me out of bed.

    i WISH i could just take it when i TRULY need it. like NO more than 5x a month. im afraid since its a newer drug that in the future when im like 40 i’ll STILL be taking it and new research will come out and it’ll probably kill me! and if i have kids, i don’t want them to see me popping a pill every day just so i can live my life. i can go days without it, i really can. i just really don’t want too. because well, im lazier and i don’t get that adderall feeling. i have 5 older sisters and i somehow got 3 of my sisters addicted to adderall. i feel like its my fault. WE DON’T EVEN NEED IT!!! i think i have a mild adhd, but i know for a fact that NONE of my sisters do(they were ALL straight A students when they were in highschool). my oldest sister does not believe in drugging yourself UNLESS its TRULY needed like diabetics and other things too. And i know she hates that we all take it. and i hate it too, but i can’t let go of it completely. i need to be drug free. i need help. well anyway, ill probably write up here again. i really like this website.

  106. Shannon

    This is only my 2nd day on adderall and i have been able to concentrate extremely well…i love this medicine……i dont like the side effects at all…..i have twitches everywhere and am getting fevers…..has anyone else had the fever symptom

  107. Lori

    A love hate relationship is the best way I can describe this med. The results of it are all over the board. Sometimes it makes me feel great and calm, more focused and positive. Other times I feel anxious on it and I hate the feeling when it wears off. I think that has what has led many people to end up abusing it. Also, the fact that you build tolerance fast doesn’t help. I will take it for awhile, and then get sick of the ups and downs it gives me and quit it for a few days. Then when I take it again, I think wow, why did I stop. It SERIOUSLY is like taking a hard drug for me. It lifts mood and increases focus and drive but then wears off leaving you feeling like hell. Then when you get sick of it and stop the med, you get lazy and feel like doing nothing.

    There are many positives to this med but I think it’s just too good to be true. I guess maybe I just need to take the drug holidays I have been taking because when I start back on it, I feel the good effects again.

    That being said, there have been times I took my first dose and actually felt WORSE. Depressed and everything. And sometimes I feel like a zombie. Then I take the 2nd dose, and everything is gravy again.

    It’s just so unpredictable. I don’t recommend this medication if you are not a busy person, because without something to accomplish on this med, you will just talk and talk for hours or waste time doing something that is really not important. Whatever is around you and whatever you are doing you will focus on.

    It works well when trying to get things done. I also notice things more while on it. Things I usually would over look. So it’s good for having attention to detail.

    Though it sometimes makes me feel weird and moody, I don’t act out on the feelings. And on the otherhand it will make me moods better. More smoothed out and I’m calmer about things in general.

    It has it’s good and bad traits. The jury is still out on this one.

  108. Lori

    P.S. When I said I don’t act out on the mood swings, I meant in relation to when I’m not on the med. When I’m in a bad mood while not on Adderall, I bitch and complain and work myself into a tizzy. But yeah, at least I’m not drugged out.

  109. Dee

    I’ve been on Adderrall for 3 days now. I have had ADD my entire life. . .struggled with completing tasks, easily distracted and very poor follow through. I am only taking 10 mg a day (5mg in the morning & afternoon). Honestly I dont know if my body could handle that much. Yesterday I accidently drank a Diet Pepsi and felt like I was about to have a stroke. My concentration has improved tremendously. Headaches are a problem. The second 5 mg dose seems to make me feel worse. The second dose seems to make me very inarticulate and a little foggy. So I might take it down to only 5mg a day and not taking it at all on non-working days. Will this drug help me enough to be worth the expense? Only time will tell. However, if there aren’t any noticeable improvements in a month. I will leave it alone.

  110. Rachel

    Hi. My name is Rachel.Im 20 years old and I’ve been taking adderal for 4 days now. I absolutely love the way I feel! Im more confident and feel I can present my speeches more clearly and with control. My co-workers say that they can tell a difference in me but notice I always feel like Im accomplishing more than I really am. Is this a side effect? And can I mention I’ve lost 4 pounds already?? This is definitely a plus. My husband encourages me to look into this more before I continue on it. Im really concerned about how some of you say its like Cocaine or Methamphedamine. Any suggestions? And it reacts differently to everyone right?

  111. rrrrrr

    not really. It always starts out really really really great. everyone that’s ever taken it would have sworn by it till it takes a turn on you. It will happen it’s just a matter of time. Sorry to burst the weight loss bubble. Eventually you will have no personality and be totally dependent on the stuff to even function like a normal person. For example, even getting out of bed let alone paying attention will be difficult. It is amphetamine. Look at the contents. Its just a cleaner non bathtub easily produced taxed version of ice. Fyi oxycontin is the same as heroin. For some reason the govt comes up with all these great meds that really have no long term history and then realize they’ve messed a lot of people up. Cocaine, lsd, heroin, oxy, ecstasy, adderall, etc. have all been legal and were just now understanding what they do to you. I really really urge you to discontinue or at least use extreme caution with it before it destroys the way you function. You should read the actual brain chemistry info on it and what’s its doing to your mind and then ask yourself whats better. personally I almost lost everything and became totally dependent on it and now have massive health problems and anxiety and depression and sometimes even psychotic tendancies not to mention having to live with all the poor choices I made while on it because I felt so good that it didn’t matter that I was totally out of control. Please please be smart it will eventually stab you in the back and make life so much worse and harder than you can imagine… Have you read all these stories and even thought that maybe people are being real and suffering from consequences of the drug? its real and will really happen. Hope you don’t lose everything or destroy your body/mind. Good Luck

  112. michael

    Here is my story. 5 years of off and on usage.
    I was introduced to the drug by a girlfriend in college. She gave me about half of her perscription and warned me that I would have incredible focus on what ever I did. Focus! That is what I needed in my life. I was on the verge of being booted out of the univeristy, couldn’t complete simple tasks, and simply couldn’t stick to any of my plans/goals.
    I took the orange pill. My life changed. I spent 4 hours infront of the computer researching various topics. I felt mad in a brillant way. I honestly felt like my intelligence had increased and that I was capable of comprehending ALL of what I read.
    I loved the intial feeling. I just wished there was a natural, non-synthetic way of achieving this focus. So, I managed to finish off that semester with A’s. My first A’s in college. I owe it to this drug. I sat and read texts books for hours at a time and retained everything. During test time, I was able to spit out all that I read. It was truly great. I managed to graduate from UCSB with a double major. I did this with adderrall. The semesters that I didn’t take it, I failed classes or got D’s. I became psychologically addicted, thinking that I couldn’t function without it.
    Side effects, there were many. So many, that I would not recomend this or try it again.
    It started with the common weight loss, irregular bowel movements, severe dry mouth (resulting in sores on my tongue) etc. Then I noticed the depression. Simply feeling low, no confidence and poor motivation. I began to have a confused illusion about the world. I heard the auditory hallucinations, and began to feel like there were supernatural things occuring around me. Strange. This was not me. I was about 10 pounds lighter than normal, extremely aggressive and irritable (lack of sleep/withdraws) and found myself neededing more and more mg to achieve the same results. I think that at one point, I had taken around 75 mg within 12 hours. I swear that I did not sleep for 2 days. That really scared me. My heart felt weak and my joints/ bones often ached.
    That was 2 years ago. I have since gained 75 pounds and can’t seem to get it off. Everybody was shocked when they saw me, because I gained this weight in less than 1 year. I am concerned that I might have developed long term health problems as a result of taking this durg.
    In conclusion, adderall helped me get through college (probably would have dropped out with out it) and stimulated my mind beyond anything else. The flipside, I’m paying for it now mentally and physically.


  113. Lori

    Two weeks later and I know I’m addicted. I can rationalize that I don’t take more than directed MOST of the time, but what about the times I do? What has happened in two weeks is that I started taking the drug daily again and noticed tolerance. The 40 mg a day I’m prescribed does not give me that focus and motivation anymore. I need to take more to get that. I will take the prescribed dose when I have to work or visit family and can’t afford to feel high, but if I have a weekend off, I sneak a few more in, sometime staying up all night.

    It’s so subtle this drug. It’s not like cocaine or binge drinking where you are totally out of control and YOU KNOW you should not be doing it.

    The fact that it makes you productive is WHY ITS SO HARD TO SEE THE PROBLEM! This drug has benefits and for me, it does not make me act out of control at all. But I do feel guilty as hell when I have stayed up all night. It makes me interested in life. It makes me interested in EVERYTHING.

    When I first noticed what it was doing to me, I was on vacation in Florida with my family last week. I didn’t feel like the same old Lori. I wasn’t thrilled to be on vacation. I wasn’t thrilled to be in Disney World. I got frustrated easily. I was still taking it while there, but had to take only the prescibed dose, which did NOT help me feel focused or motivated, it simply made me feel more normal. Because I did not feel that “high” I didn’t really want to take it, I just felt like I had to. As soon as the first pill wore off the depression would creep on in and I reluctantly swallowed another pill.

    It got me going in the morning and killed off the depression. When the last pill wore off I had to take Ativan because I felt anxious. Being with my family made me realize I was living my life pilled out.

    You don’t even realize why you feel the way you do until you look back on it later. It also increases OCD tendencies. Another little freaky thing about it

    I only really “love” the stuff when I take more than prescribed. That’s when I feel high, motivated, focused, euphoric, and in love with life. Once that high starts it’s hard to stop poppin em. But if I’m forced to take the normal dosage, I never get high and never feel like I “want” to take more, I feel like I just “need” to take it. Even if it’s just the 40mg.

    I’m about to run out and I will be forced to quit cold turkey. I have quit before for 10 days but that was in the beginning when I wasn’t abusing it as much. I’m not looking forward to how I’m going to feel without it, but who’s fault is that? I’m also out of Ativan too, thanks to having to take larger doses of that as well to counteract the side effects. LOL.

    Seriously, I may just end up having a nervous breakdown. But I’m just gonna wait and see. I sure don’t wanna end up in the damn psych ward from depression and panic attacks. But if I’m okay, will I do it again? Will I get that script again? Thanks Adderall. I am now addicted.

    Why this stuff is prescribed I will never understand. How can you cure ADD with an addictive med that is abused and is also a street drug? How can the doctors know for sure what this is doing to people’s brains? Many people with ADD are also alcoholics/addicts. Doctors KNOW this stuff is abused and still keep shelling it out like it’s aspirin. Even if you don’t abuse it, you will become dependent.

    I know for certain, if your an addictive personality YOU WILL END UP JUST LIKE ME. If not, and you can handle it, you are one of the lucky ones.

  114. Gina

    Adderall is not an addictive drug. I have taken it for the last 10 years. Half of the time, I don’t even want to take it, nor do I really always need it, but, it does help me to focus better and process material and information better. In fact, I have become very sensitive to the medication to the point that I have actually had to REDUCE the amount that I take because its effects have become simply too much for me. I recommend this as a quick fix for anyone who needs the medicine to concentrate, but for some people, I’m sure a few shots of espresso (or any highly caffienated drink) may do just as well (by itself) to stimulate the central nervous system, as I have found over the years. I am a clinical counselor and have found many of the patients that come in do benefit from the medicine and do not form addictions. The only people to worry about are those who HAVE been KNOWN to form addictions to substances, and these certain individuals should be checked out by a mental health professional.

  115. Melinda

    I am about 115 lbs and I take 120 mg daily, 2x20mg tabs 3 times a day. I’ve been on Adderall for about a year and i’ve experienced some side effects but honestly, they’re not that bad! Everyone who claims Adderall is this horrible drug needs to stop complaining!

  116. jonathan

    I was put opn concerta this morning. Its alon the line s af adderall. Im 25, and this si the first time ive ever taken medication. Ive researched it and it says a lot fo side effects were suicidal thoughts. Has anyone ever had this medicine before that could tell me how it is, and if they liked it?? Everyone seems to say with adderall its great, and you loose weight Well i could use some weight loss. Should i talk to my doctor and see if i can switch ?? My email is

  117. maxi

    hi im 15 and i have been taking adderall since about the 4th grade and i have noticed several side effects. ive noticed naseua, sever headaches after it wears down, i have very violent mood swings, and when i first started i had suicidal thoughts and tried to commit suicide several times
    i was off it for a couple months and when i got back on i have not been able to eat i have noticed severe depression about my body but usually i am basically in love with myself
    i have not been able to get to sleep until about 3 or 4 in the mornings
    evrytime i try to eat i feel like im gonna throw up
    when i was diagnosed with adhd it was because of my hyperness and my mood swings
    when i first started it i had hallucinations and one time in class i felt l9ike there wer spiders all over me so i started to beat myself up in the middle of class
    but by the end of tht year i was experiencing migraines. the first time i experienced one was when i had to take one when i was going to my friends house and when i woke up the next morning i had a migraine so bad i was crying and i couldnt move it hurt so bad
    i still occasionally get them but not as bad
    i still get the feeling that i am being watched and i have been paranoid and have experienced insomnia and i have not noticed hair loss. to those people is is most likely from under eating. i am currently on 10mm a day and i have noticed the “zombie” effect but it doesnt wear off. i also have trouble sleeping i will wake up in the middle of the nite thinkin that someone is in my room waiting for me.
    i h8 adderall and i have tried others and they didnt work
    try marijuana i have been smoking for a while now and it help me and when im high i dont feel out of place and it also helps me focus i passed my 8th grade science taks (which is my worst subject) while under the influence
    so tho you ppl who seek and alternative i suggest marijuana

  118. sol

    IT amazing how many postings there are about 137 on this wedsite that indicates such an impack the drugs has made that people feel strong enough to write about it. Mostly negative side effects small presentage positive. I wonder if people would be able to simply their life and not take half the drugs that we feel that we need. Psychiatrist usually see a patient for about 5 minutes and can prescribe addreall(typical children who are a little more active than others), prozack(typical housewife drug), viagra(for men who need to have more sex), sleeping pills for anyone who needs it, plastic surgery look like a movie star, credit cards to be able to have immidiate gradification etc…
    Go out there and live life without feeling that you need to have 30 pairs of shoes, a perfectly behaved child, a drug to make you feel like some who you are not! Love yourself a little more. make one life changing decision at a time and perhaphs through away these unnecessary drugs.

  119. I have gaurdianship of my great new he is very smart stay’s on the honor role but yet acts out in school on an continuious basis having temper tamtruims and he only takes his medication on school days is there anyone that has this problem with a love that is taking adderall and what can I do to help the school is calling me every day at work and I don’t have the time to take off but I have to to see what is going on. SIGN HELP

  120. Kris

    I’m a 19 year-old freshman in college and I have been taking Adderall since the start of the 2008 winter semester. Since I started taking it, my grades have improved dramatically as well as my confidence!

  121. GG

    My doctor prescribed me adderall for ADD. Naturally, I listened to my Doctors advice and took it as prescribed. However, I wish that I had never put such poison in my body!! Adderall sent me on an emotional & a physiological roller coaster. The first couple of months were great and I was able to focus and maintain organization. As time passed I began to notice bizarre side effects. I would feel really hot then freezing cold. I could not sleep and my heart would race. The most uncomfortable side effect of all was poor circulation…my hands and feet were always freezing and sometimes they would swell. My skin became extremely dry despite my daily consumption of water . I struggled with my appetite and sometimes I simply had to force feed myself. My mouth always seemed to be dry which overtime caused tooth decay ( I just spent $1500 on dental work last week). I could not excercise on Adderall b/c my heart would feel as if it were going to explode due to high heart rate. My blood pressure sky rocketed;before adderall it was around 110/70 & after taking adderall for 6 months it jumped to 140/80!!! My list of physiological side effects could go on forever…..
    As for emotional side effects, I became depressed, reclusive, nervous, anxious, tongue tied at times & paranoid. I have always been an outgoing individual and comfortable in my own shoes. Thus, these emotional/psychological side effects were noticed by my family and brought to my attention.
    I realized that Adderall was a highly addictive drug that had the potential to destroy my life & erase who I was born to be. With the support of my family, I quit taking Adderall cold turkey.
    I am not going to lie…the withdrawal effects sucked REALLY REALLY REALLY bad. I slept for almost 7 days straight. I had horrible head aches, rageful outbursts, severe short episodes of depression, and feelings of major despair.
    I could not have done it alone. I was lucky b/c my family understood what I was going through and they helped me through those 7 days of hell.
    My advice to anyone who wants to completely stop taking adderall: confide in a very close friend or family member. Tell them what you are going through, how you feel, what you want to do, etc… The first step is simply telling someone (excluding your drug pushing doctor). After finding an individual you can trust to help you stay strong, plan on taking a week off of work, school, etc. (IF YOU CAN)
    Don’t give in to any cravings, headaches, feeling of sadness, despair, or rage b/c they are not rooted in you. They are not who you are or who you were born to be…they are simply the result of withdrawing from an amphetamine (a drug that your body was not built to consume) You can do it!!! And when it finally passes, you WILL KNOW. For the natural Seretonin/endorphin high that you have forgotten about will awaken & will feel incredible…100 times better than adderall or any perscription medication that your doctor carelessly prescribed. You will then realize that life is so much more beautiful & your being feels so much more natural when you are not jacked up on adderall.

  122. Crystina

    To all those people out there that judge parents who put thier kids on meds listen up. For most of us it is not an easy decision to make. I have a 3 year old who is high functioning autistic and is a danger to herself (banging her head against walls, searching for bees nests to have them sting her, biting holes, yes holes, in her tounge, and the like) to others (rages where she kicks, punches, bites anything she can to hurt) she feels no empathy, has sensory problems, the list goes on. The point is that we have tried everything we can. Therapy, occupational therapy, more doctors than I care to count. I have called every hospital in the area, her insurance, the county, and even the state. I get one of three answers, one they know nothing, two she has to be six to get help through them, or three the waiting list is TWO AND A HALF years long. I’m not saying meds are the answer to everything but don’t judge anyone else until you live thier lives. I have been told by TOO many people that she is a normal child THAT IS UNTIL THEY MEET HER!!! after that EVERYONE realizes something is not right. EVEN HER PEDIATRICION after 100 mg of seriquil said she needs help. Please realize not all of us want out kids medicated. Our goal is to get her off of it all but in the meantime till we can get her help the medication isw our only option. NEVER PUT SOMEONE DOWN FOR THEM DOING WHAT THEY FEEL IS RIGHT FOR THIER KIDS. most of you aren’t parents anyway.

  123. im 15 and i’ve been takind adderall since about sixth grade and before now it used to work great for me.
    but ever since ive been taking it ive started to feel depressed and i can’t sleep very well cuse of it
    i also lost alot of weight(156 lbs and now im 150 lbs). ive also been tested and shown for opposisional defiance disorder. is that an effect from adderall?
    well after the school year my doctor is gonna try a new drug cause he thinks ive grown a tolerance of it cause i can’t focus as much as i used to. and how can it be a “zombie” drug??
    i think it just gives me so much energy that i dont have time to just stare at the wall or something…
    and i think all kids no matter what age should be put on this drug if they have any signs of ADHD. but first have the approval of parents and require as much info on it as possible.

  124. rrrrrr

    crystina, first of all, there’s a lot of us that are parents that have been through this and realize that what is happening to these children is absolutely unbelievable and the fact that most of you “parents” that you are referring to have never been on the drug or really have any clue just how devastating and horrific it can be and theres a good chance that warping the chemicals and thought process of any child is undeniably causing damage that will likely never be able to be reversed. I mean seriously dude how do you think a child is capable of giving information on how they feel on and off of a drug that stupid parents are forcing on them. I don’t know anything about your situation with autism and im sure it makes you feel better to get on here and act like you’re not doing anything wrong and that’s cool but also realize that there are hundreds of people warning and trying to help people b4 they destroy their own or their child’s life. Most of the people that are liking the meds havn’t been on them long enough to really lose themselves and see what will happen and most of them are busy just getting off on it. Dont be naive. Why wouldn’t it work, its methamphetamine without the drano that drs and pharmaceutical companies bank off of all the while just preparing to make even more when people need anti depressants, mood stabilizers, antipsychotics, etc. when just adderall doesn’t work! Let me guess, your kid probably has or will be in the very near future perscribed more and more and more to help control behavior. its the same story over and over and over and its shocking that it is even happening. Good luck with that

  125. Michael D

    ** Honestly seeking advice here!!! ** Can people my age (24) even get a script to this stuff? I mean I know that there are various people here that say they have gotten it when they were in their thirties but it just seems so unlikely.

    To be honest, I don’t even want to schedule an appointment to talk with someone about it until I have the best available method to go about getting it. The reason I don’t want to talk to a doctor about it is beause I feel like I would just be 1 out of 10000 kids somewhere else in the country doing the exact same thing.

    Its obviously no secret how much this drug is abused amongst people in my age group (18-24) Especially on college campuses. So this is what I want your guys opinion about.

    I have put a lot of thought into how I would handle the actual meeting with the doc in order to have the highest chances of getting a script and it may sound silly… but I honestly feel like if I told the doc the complete truth about everything that I may have a shot…

    To make a long story short, when I was in 6th grade my english teacher went behind my back and had a meeting with my parents. She told them that I was hands down the most talented student she had ever seen in all of her years of teaching. However… she was worried that I may be suffering from ADD. I guess the reason they came up with that is because with an IQ of 141 (genius = 160) I had the second highest IQ of anyone in my school, and third highest in my entire highschool. My CAT/Aptitude tests I had never scored below the 90th percentile in any subject… yet for some reasons my grades were only slightly above average. My teacher was convinced that I had a classic case of “ADD” and she tried to get my parents to take me to get tested and everything. However, before my parents had the chance to even tell me about the testing I stumbled upon a tape in their VCR that was a little documentary all about ADD and how to help people that have it. I literally watched like 5 minutes of it and had to fight my hardest to hold back tears. I felt so embarassed. I felt so humiliated in front of my parents that they could possibly think that I have some sort of “mental condition.”

    That being said I begged them to not make me get tested for ADD against the advice of my english teacher, simply because I was embarassed. I improved my grades to an “acceptable level for my potential” This trend continued pretty much all the way through junior high and then also from freshman – senior year of highschool. I always got in between a 2.8 and 3.1 GPA and my parents were always okay with it. My parents were always okay with it because they knew that being a junior and just getting a car and a girlfriend was a lot to handle all at one time in ones life. However, the reason they were so cool about it, is because most of the time parents would be lecturing their kids about how they need to stop obsessing over girls, and to stop worrying so much about partying and having fun and going to random school social events. They were always grounding their kids and stressing the importance of homework and to stay current with their studies. My parents on the other hand were very different. As sophmore year progressed and I was getting closer to getting my license I decided that I would just start up a whole honesty policy type deal with them. I told them flat out… I am not going to be the standard irresponsible 17 year old behind the wheel getting in trouble and doing stupid things… and since I would never be that guy, we sort of made a mutual agreement that that is how they would then treat me. To say that I “convinced” them makes them sound sub-par intelligence wise, so I like to think of it as that they merely understood my situation. They understood that with the ACT scores that I was pretty much destined to get next year, and the fact that I could maintain a 3.0 GPA without actually doing any work, that I would be able to get into the college of my choice (not harvard or anything crazy like that, but University of Wisconsin (Madison)) Thankfully my parents understood that highschool is the opposite of ‘college preperation’ and they completely understood that really all I was doing was killing time until my real education began when I went to college. So they were much more understanding about things like curfews and girls etc… As long as I didn’t do anything to terribly stupid they gave me a pretty substantial amount of freedom compared to a large percentage of my peers.

    ACT time rolled around and as I figured I would have no trouble scoring a 30/36 or higher and that Madison was actually shaping up to me a very realistic goal. The actual day of the ACT test I was extremely ill and totally fatigued. My buddy gave me a pill that he said would pep me up a bit and would assist me in getting through the test. I would later find out that I was actually given a 12.5mg adderall. I scored a 33 my first time around, and for shits and giggles I decided to take it again just to see if I could get a perfect 36/36. I didn’t and I got a 34 the second time around but even still… it was plenty to get into my desired college. And the second time I took it I was perfectly healthy and had a nice breakfast and plenty of sleep under my belt.

    ** This is where the adderall first entered my life… and this is the part that many would think is counter-intuitive, especially if I were to be trying to convince a doctor to persribe me this drug but let me explain **

    Due to the fact that i was accepted into the school of my choice, and taking into consideration that I had just finished 12 straight years of what seemed like completely useless academic training, I decided I wanted to take a 1 year break before I started my real education at college.

    I moved out of my parents house when I was like 18.5 or so and lived with my 2 best buddies about 30 mins from home. This was when i was first took adderall recreationally. One day I had a huge project that I needed to do concerning my car and I was able to locate some of the same “miracle drug” that got me through my ACT’s. Since it was so cheap I decided to buy 2 x 30mg time release pills that day for like 6 bux. I took the first one and blazed all day, and when I started coming down I took the second one and I didn’t fall asleep or eat anything for like 3 whole days. It really scared the crap out of me and I felt like a total scumbag junkie peace of scuz… I realized then that this stuff was way more powerful then I had originally given it credit for and I continued to use it recreationally, but it took me a few weeks to build up a tolerance, where taking 60 mg wasnt that big of a deal anymore. I would take a 30mg in the morning and go to work and do everything I needed to do like clean the house etc, and then right before guests would start to arrive for house parties I would pop that second 30 and party all night feeling like a million bux. For a few weeks everything seemed good, and i was really really enjoying the way that the adderall was helping me party and make the best of my social life… much in the same way that a few people that I knew that started experimenting with cocaine felt. However, they could blow $50-$100 bux in a night and I would take 6 bux worth of pills and I was fine all day AND all night.

    As the year went on I was very happy that I had discovered this drug and that it was so easy to get my hands on. The greatest thing of all about it, was that after months of abuse and taking way to much per dose I literally had absolutely NO ADDICTION symptoms whatsoever. I could bang out 30 mg on a sat morning, 30 more at night and party till the sun came up sunday morning. I would get my sleep sunday night and all seemed well. Then my week would start, and I would go back to work, and I never ever felt the need to do the adderall at my job. Now, don’t get me wrong… I am not saying that I think I am immune to addiction… but as far as the adderall was concerned, when the week started and I had to work 40 hrs a week I seemed to be experiencing absolutely NO withdrawls of any kind. I figured I wouldn’t be experiencing physical withdrawls, but I thought at the very least I would be having mental cravings for the drug to help me get through a tedious work day… but no… not at all. I had to much respect for it, and I knew when to draw the line. (Unlike about 50% of my friends who destroyed themselves with coke & Oxy)

    After that year of living on my own it was time to start school again. The first few weeks of my first semester went fine… I didn’t take any adderall, nor did I even seek it out or put forth any effort to try to get some. When Mid-Terms came around, I was able to get ahold of some but thats it. However, I learned a very valuable lesson right off the bat, which I am actually quite thankful for. I had a huge midterm on a tuesday morning (10:00am) and I ended up taking 1x30mg XR in the morning and then 1 x 20 mg IR at about 4 or 5 pm. It did help me study a little bit, but infact I actually just felt really irritible and uncofortable the whole time. I was hot and sweating and couldnt stop running to the bathroom every 10 minutes. And that was the best part… at about 11 pm that night I felt like I just wanted to die. I had tried Cocaine before, and it was exactly like that… coming down is NO JOKE! And I guess the reason why I never really put to much consideration into the comedown factor of adderall is because the year prior when I was using it recreationally I was up partying and drinking all night so I never really noticed an actual ‘come down’ I would just drink and fall asleep comfortably every time.

    At that very moment I realized that I should probably just stop using adderall alltogether, considering how bad it made me feel. I will never forget how terrible that night was trying to go to sleep and having my first major midterm the next morning/afternoon. I thought it was going to help me and instead it ruined me.

    **Now I know you are probably all thinking “are you crazy?! You would actually tell a doctor this story and hope he’ll give you a script of narcotics!?” **

    And it may seem silly… but yeah, I am. I mean, obviously I will leave out a few of the details that wont add or subtract from the story, but as far as my history with it… and what I know about it, and how my body reacts with it… yeah I do think I would tell the doc that. It wasnt until this year that I started taking adderall again for academic purposes. I decided that it was foolish of me to have an ‘all or nothing’ view of adderall and that if I used it responsibly it would actually really help me. I just thought back to the day I took my ACT’s when I took like less then 15mg and I got exactly what I was looking for out of it. I want to explain to the doctor that yes… I do understand what the drug is and what it can do… I do understand its potential for abuse… but I also want to explain to him that even though my story isnt particularly tragic or anything, that I really did learn the difference between productive usage and recreational usage. I feel like I need to explain to him that I simply do not find the recreational usage of the drug to be something I am really even interested in anymore. I feel it would not be right to lie and pretend like I have no idea that you can get super tweaked off the stuff… but I want to assure him that even though I did spend a few months doing a little bit more then the reccommended dosage, and that I was actually introduced to the drug in a recreational way, that that has nothing to do with why I would be there. Besides for maybe like new years or something… I truthfully have 0 interest in ever using adderall as a recreational drug again. I want him to understand that I am fully aware of the side effects and how it affects my body. I know what it is that I need to get what I want done, but that I would never even consider asking to get more then that.

    As this semester comes to a close, I was able to get 8 x 10mg IR adderalls for my finals. Monday – Friday I kept myself on a strict regime of 10 mg after a hearty breakfast, and then 5 mg after a nice lunch, but never later then 1 – 2 PM. It really really helped me the same way it did back when I used it for my ACT’s. I realized how amazing of a tool this drug can be when utilized the way its meant to be.

    Like I said, I haven’t been through any tragic situations, or had a super bad addiction or any real challenges I had to get over… but I still feel like I learned a lot about this drug simply from trial and error. My errors were never that grave, but with the way it feels coming down off to many mg’s of adderall, it was enough to make me realize that this stuff was no joke. It made me realize that I wasn’t a little kid anymore who should be taking amphetamines to stay up and party all night. But most importantly, it made me realize that I would really really enjoy it if I could get a small script for myself for next semester. I would imagine they start people on small amounts, but I would even be fine with getting 15 x 10 mg pills per month. That way I could do it every other day, and pretty much skip the weekends completely, and I would never be taking more then 10 – 15 mg in one day… which is EXACTLY how much I would need to get the productive effects without all of the negative comedown aspects that come along with doing more then you are supposed too.

    So what do you think guys?! I know its a long post and i am rambling, but this is something I have been thinking about for a long time, and honestly I Just want some feedback from some people that really know about this drug and that get it themselves. Now, I know you may think my plan sucks… but if you do can you tell me why? What should I do differently? What is the right way to go about getting a script for something as notorious as Adderall as a 24 year old College student?

    Thanks yalL!

  126. tickytacky

    Some of these stories are painful to read. Unfortunately, those who abuse adderall, or have abused it in the past, don’t truly need the drug in the first place. It’s true that one’s tolerance will build up over time, but with careful spacing of medication and holidays, that is easily managed. I belong to a support group of people living with a rare form of “selfless” OCD that results in an emotional processing disorder due to trauma experienced from severe abuse during childhood. Everyone in the group relays stories about family members who suffer from various psychiatric disorders. In other words, the OCD is ruled by the need for acceptance and to please others; any situation deemed unpredictable is misread, hence the cloud of impending doom that overtakes time, space and reality. Most of us, admittedly, were daydreamers as kids, sufferers of ADD as an escape from reality. Everyone in the group has a dual diagnosis of some sort, and we all take adderall, or a variation of the sort. When we don’t, we are ruled by fearful emotions that overwhelm us, so we cannot accomplish the most simple task without being distracted by uncontrollable, random thoughts. Since we are all adults, we all rejoiced in the fact that we were once again able to “daydream.” Unfortunately, most of us experienced a mental “unlocking” of sorts, one that released deeply buried, painful and complicated memories. The upside? We can process what we are feeling, put the situation in perspective, and move on! I can actually wait in line now without distraction from reality or a panic attack. Adderall allows me to trust myself, my intelligence, and above all, other humans, especially those within my own family. Without it, my mind instantly reclutters itself with random thoughts, obsessive “to-do” lists, and negativity. When I can take the medication, I have to force myself NOT to fall asleep as it relaxes me like the benzos doctors thought I needed. at thirty, I no longer succumb to thoughts of the world ending because I missed a deadline by ten minutes because I couldn’t stop proofreading, I can stop and rationalize why I will not burn down my house and kill the pets because I didn’t even use the oven, and I can read a book, I’m an English teacher, without thought that I’m being selfish because my mother-in-law needs help planting flowers. Anyone who takes this medication without a legit reason is truly selfish. If this medication were removed from the market, I would leave the country as it would be life-threatening; I refuse to revert back to life a year ago, at 29. If you are educated about it, you know that backwards is forwards, which is why “speed” actually calms someone with backwards brain chemistry. I do not get high, I take 20 MG at 6 AM and another 20 at 12 PM. I only take extra if I have a social event in the evening. Once I had “corrected” my brain chemistry, the desperation subsided. I use a combined daily combo of 40 mg regular adderall, 150 mg effexor, and 10 mg paxil. A word of advice to the last person who submitted. Don’t rehearse your story like a paid actor. If you find the right doctor, he will see you a long time before he prescribes anything, even if you are uprfront about what you have tried and how it worked for you. If you sound desperate, you’ll end up hospitalized, rejected, or embarrassed. Yes! Most caring doctors will write you a script at 24,I received one at 29 for the first time, but if they do it the first visit, I would question their ethics. I saw my psychiatrist one per week at $150 an hour, out of pocket, and on a teacher’s salary, husband unemployed for several months before I was diagnosed and treated. It’s been a year and I still see him weekly. If you truly need help like I did, as a last resort before insanity and breakdown, you’ll do anything to avoid another thoughtless “band-aid” (quick fix) from a doctor who is ruled by an insurance company hearding the masses. Please don’t underestimate the value and intelligence of a compassionate doctor who has a dutiful bedside manner. If you find one, you’ll be script free, and for good reason, until a complete evaluation is performed, and that often entails consult with other professionals. For everyone else, be good to yourself, you only have one chance at this life, and while you’re at it, try to avoid abusing drugs that others can’t live without. How would a patient with a heart condition feel if I found a way to “get high” on coumadin? Stop trolling and berating parents who make decisions on behalf of their children who struggle to learn in such a competitive, materialistic society that forces good teachers to burn out or get out. Additionally,if you do abuse adderall, stop trying to fabricate excuses for why you “need” to focus. If you feel “high” at all when you take this drug, NOT pain pill high, but speederific, STOP immediately, but only be ashamed of yourself if you continue for selfish reasons. Find help; it’s everywhere if you FOCUS your efforts on the search. Once your brain chemistry is corrected, you will no longer experience the urge to “get high” because your body will be at peace with your mind, spirit, and soul.

  127. erin

    When i was in high school I was prescribed adderall,My doses went high and low,back and fourth,in the begging,about the first year,it was good,i could focus in school,and i felt happy.
    But if forgot to take it,or tried to skip a day,i would grow depressed,angry,irritable.I became a zombie,got down to 95 pounds,lost interest in everything around me,and all of my personal relationships suffered.My kidney’s hurt constantly,It would even hurt when I urinated.

    I would have to say,I wish Id never tried adderall.before you decide to take adderall,or put your kids on it,do all your research.Its a drug,a highly addicting drug,rather doctors or pharmacist’s like to admit it.

    Ive had to live through the pain of getting OFF the drug.

  128. Damon

    Hello, I have a son the age of eleven. He is diagnosed with adhd. We had him perscribed atteral. I have mixed feelings about this drug. The feelings that outway the other is bad over good. I am a recovering meth addict. When my son is taking atterol it seems as though it does slow his brain from wandering thoughts that do not allow him to focus on simple tasks as well as complex (complex to him as a pre_teen). At the same time I have observed his behavior to be similar to myself when I was high on meth. That alone imediately made me second guess this “wonder drug”. My thoughts of this medication are as follows; Do I put my sons future physical and mental health at risk to get immediate results such as the capability for him to focus in class wich in turn will improve his grades? This drug is fairly new. Amphetamines is not. We all know that meth is a terrible street drug that destroys 99.9% of the lives it touches. This to me is a glorified form of meth. My sons teachers all say that it is a diffrence between night and day refering to his focusing capabilities in class and they recommend him continuing on this drug. Well, my only comment to that is who doesnt want thier job to be that much easier. Please think this issue out if you have a similar situation. Would you give your child meth? I would hope not.

  129. sol

    It’s extremely painful to go through a traumatic even specially when people take drugs. A drug makes you really undertand how different you can be. A drug like Addreal can make you lose weight, be depress, mood swings, end up in a hospital. Where are the doctors who originally prescribed the medication. At that point the patient feels more like the expert because you are living proof of what the side effects can cause a person. Always think you can die from these medications because everyone is different. Are you willing to die for addreall

  130. Jayne

    Adderall is not the first drug i have used. I have used many others since I was around seven years old. I have just starting taking adderall, and I can already feel a huge change in my attitude. I am 16 years old and I have been on it for two days. I don’t want to talk to anyone and I have had less then two meals in the last two days. I can feel my pulse through out my whole body, and I can’t just relax when I get home from school. I have to be doing something. Obviously I am already improving in school. I have been diagnosed with ADHD since the 3rd grade, and I was not the hyperactive trouble maker. In fact, I was the shy girl, but I still had the attention span of a rock, and my grades have always been suffering. Most people with ADD or ADHD like myself are extremely intelligent and also creative, but you feel like you unintelligent and are constantly digging yourself in an academic hole. Going through high school with ADD or ADHD is hard, but if you find a good doctor and a good medication everything should fit in place for you.

  131. Ken

    To those who think giving young children chemicals will cure their problems:

    Adderrall is drug engineered to affect certain characteristics associated with insomnia and ADD/ADHD. And adderall does exactly that – its helps to correct behavioral issues.

    If you child is somewhat hyper, has trouble concentrating, etc, etc, initially you need to take holistic/psychiatric/psychological measures to try and correct said issues. What is the child is acting out b/c mommy and daddy work too much. What if he/she feels that he/she does not get enough attention. What is they don’t get enough exercise?

    It is irresponsible to put someone with underdeveloped emotions ON SPEED. Are you crazy? All the adderrall is going to is mask the real issue and once they get off of the adderrall, that’s when the real problems will begin. What if the child doesn’t like being on the adderrall – how are you giong to feel if your child resents your decision to place he or she on adderrall. Believe me, I have taken adderrall for 5 years, and it’s pure speed. you could stay up for weeks on adderall if you wanted to.

    Would you suggest your child drink the equivalent of 5 cups of coffee everyday? Come on people, take care of your children – don’t you want to be the person who says, I DON’T wwant foreign chemical compounds, let alone a form speed – AMPHETAMINE!!! – in their body. I understand if the child can’t control himself to the point where he or she runs around punching and generally destroying and disrupting uncontrollably, but other than that, take control of your kids and affect a real change, don’t take the easy way out by giving them some chemical compound!

    Giving AMPHETIMINE – and do you know that Crystal Meth is methAMPHETAMINE? – to 5 year old is one of the most disturbingly lazy attempts at parenting I have ever heard – unless he or she has a SEVERE problem and continue to get kicked out schools and can’t control their behavior.

  132. Jimmy

    For all you addicts out there, the brain craves what it needs…may as well make it legal and under supervision of a professional. When I FINALLY found a psychiatrist that had a clue about addiction, I was ten years in to IV meth use, and dying a slow death. He diagnosed me bi-polar, perscribed Lamictal and Serequel 100 mg. each daily, and told me that my cravings would subside, but probably not pass. He was correct. Two years later, I can now tell him when I am craving and he will write a script for addy’s, knowing I will probably eat them all in a week, and he will send me on my way. I guess my point is this, Adderall, like anything else that alters one state of mind, can be used for good or bad. Personal responsibility, be it as a parent, or patient, is vital. Balance is what our minds desire, in my opinion. For some of us, this requires responsible, educated, and not afraid to tell it like it is Doctors. Also, we have to be honest with them…For all you mothers taking your childrens scripts, be honest with your doc. if you can’t then find a new one that has a brain.

  133. Amy

    I just started 10mg of adderall and i wore a heart monitor just to see how bad my heart rate would jump. it went from a usuall resting of 60 to almost 80-90 if i moved at all. when i started walking it went up to 130ish..anyways i was just wondering how long these side effects will last during the day if you take only one pill. im already paranoid enought, now this racing heartbeat is freaking me out and making me more paranoid!!! =(

  134. kelly

    i would like to say that i have been on adderall for 2 years and i am not addicted. i take two-three months to take a 30 day dose. i only take it when i need it. i love my adhd self. i love the perks of being talented in ways not too many people are. i am artistic, funny, and well liked. but i also know that there are times that i need to give my full attention. i have no side effects. i must say that i believe this is the case because i am on the correct medication. i do know that i have an extereme case of adhd so much that i thought i was abnormal my whole life. when i got on adderall friends were like are you ok you are not jumpy and crazy. i love being hyper and stopped taking it regularly. my point is adderall may be too strong for some. not pointing fingers but there are many that go to doctors and over exaggerate their symptoms, they lie. if you do not really have adhd you will have a bad side effect. it is a medication. no one goes to the doctor for high blood pressure meds and just get them because the effects on a normal blood pressure can be deadly so why do the same if you just need a little calming down. i do want to add a comment to all that think its wrong to give meds to young children. i have an adopted 7 year old son he is on medicine to counteract his impulses. before his meds he hurt a litle girl, kicked his teacher, and cursed people as he chose. the doctor gave him medication and he does great now. he plays with others, he is not a zombie, he laughes, runs around and made the honor roll for the last two years. he gets in regular trouble, calls his brother names, lies, runs around, plays jokes and the other things regular children do. while he is on medicine i am able to teach him the positive way to deal with his anger and emotions. Medicine sounds real bad for a child but if you have never went through it you do not know the true good it can do sometimes. for the people who wants a zombie as a child they should give the up for adoption. i just want my son to have the fullest life he can. if you cant see my point than see this one if your child was in my sons class and he decided to hurt them and i had a remedy that would have prevented this from happening would you still have a problem. i know that i can teach my child to control his emotions and anger so by the time he gets into teens and adulthood his morals and skills will always be stronger than his impulses. i know they will because he also does not require it on the weekends (i monitor him).

  135. Stefanie

    I started taking Adderall 5 years ago and just quit in February 08. This is the hardest drug to come off. I am almost 26 and want to let you know it WILL become addictive if not already. This controlled my weight and concentration.
    No one has any proof of long term effects because there aren’t any. I got off because one day I want to have children and cannot use this then plus I have no idea of long term problems.
    This drug also significantly changed my crazy, fun, happy personality. I laugh and joke so much more now, people comment about how different I am all the time.

    Also even with the worst ADD (Me) its about learned attention (mothers who are reading this). Turn off the fastest paced thing chasing your kids attention: The boob tube. When I would get off adderall for a few days and started running 4 mls a day, I was at my prime to focus (and shape). For a girl, this will become a weight medicine.

    I could tell you many more stories but won’t bore anyone. My recomendation is ‘Sharp Thought’ from a Holistic Food Store. The majority of concentration problems stem from food. Sugary foods. Do your research and go talk to your local Holistic Food Market person!

  136. Jeff

    I have taken adderall for about 2 years now. I would have to call it a wonder-drug. I am an accountant, which is not exactly an exciting job. Before, I could not focus to save my life. But now it is like I look forward to work. I can’t wait to start crunching numbers every day.

    I have not seen any negative side effects. I have heard about the weight loss thing, but hasn’t happened to me. (I could stand to lose a few pounds though, so I wish it would)

    One thing I have noticed, is that it seems to work like a laxitive. I don’t take it on the weekends usually, and I have noticed I don’t really have much bowl movement, however, when I take that forst one Monday morning, open the floodgates. Has anyone else noticed this side effect?

  137. An old friend suggested that I take Adderall. I am in Medical Sales and I thought having boundless amounts of energy would be great. So I got an Rx from a PCP. He prescribed me 20mg a day. Well a year later I feel like I have had a lobotomy. I have constant anxiety, paranoia, racing thoughts and am always in a bad mood. I have made an appointment to see a shrink. I want this nasty strung out soulless feeling to be gone. I can’t believe the FDA approved this drug. They should be ashamed of themselves. We are a nation of drug addicts. It is the little innocent children I feel sorry for. They have no voice in all of this.

  138. Brandie

    In Addition to my adderall nutrition guide: I highly recommend investing in a juicer:
    Drink pure juices. I usually will juice 2 apples a day and I found my digestive and stomach problems are gone. Fresh Juiced Apples will help flush out the kidneys and has huge benefits. The juicer is amazing. I drop half an apple in and in seconds I have fresh juice. I cannot stress how important this is .
    For parents of ADD children, start juicing. I have noticed huge improvements in my kids learning and attention span after I started juicing fresh fruits and vegies for them everyday. I still take small does af Adderall but all my symptoms that you people were going through went away from eating right.

    I also recommend staying away from Adderall XR
    I had horrible panic attacks and side effects with XR
    BAD stuff
    The regular adderall is fine, taken in small doses, medication holiday break once or twice a week.

  139. Diane

    You wrote: “We are a nation of drug addicts.”

    Yet, you apparently took Adderall for the wrong reasons. It’s not to be taken for “boundless amounts of energy”. People on this blog take it to fight their ADD/ADHD.


  140. Shannon Taylor

    I was wondering if anyonoe noticed an increase in brusing. I took Adderall for about Four years as an adult and after I noticed softball sized brusing and had not injured or even remember bumping into anyything as an accident, I stopped taking it. It took around three years to redevelope my schedule and skills to handle life and it challenges without it but.. I also had panic/aniexty attakcs and severe mood swings and depression phases after I stopped not while on it. I now have RX for less than a third of what I had and it is very functional without compications for me.

  141. Eric

    Correction for you. Side effects are not the same as contraindications. Contraindications are reasons why a patient should not take a medication. For example, patients who are allergic to aspirin should not take it and neither should people with a bleeding disorder.

  142. summer

    I have been on adderall for 12 years i was put on it when i was 7 years old. well my dr. wanted to try me on some other king of med. called vyvanse he has me taking 100mg a day when i was on adderall i was taking 30mg a day. now i have mood swings and i dont want to eat i’ll go days without eating until the point where i have to make myself eat something. i was out one day and i almost blackedout in the middle of a store and yet this is the med. that my dr. couldnt wait to put me on cause its so much better then adderall after this month i’m going back to my old med. cause my body really cant take it anymore.

  143. julie

    I am 37 and just diagnosed with add and dyslexia over the summer. The first med prescribed was Ritilin but it made me a little crazy unless I split pills and took it 8 times a day–what a pain. Now I am on Vyvanse and only have to take one pill. My question is about hair loss. I have been losing hair for about 2 months and I thought it was because of color damage–but now wonder if it the meds. I have found some side effects listed for Ritilin with hair loss in rare cases and came across this site because someone listed it with adderall—if anyone has taken Vyvanse has this been your experience also? I have only been on the Vyvanse for a few weeks.

  144. Lena D.

    I have an 8 eight yr daughter and she was diagnosed with ADD. I put her on Concerta for one month when she was 6 yr old. The things I observed when she was on Concerta:talking to herself, alone in her room with no light and change in behavior. The drug helped her little bid in school but not much. This is no ending battle. She has been off the drug for two yrs now and we are struggling with her schooling. We know she has ADD and we are trying to do it the old fashion way. Any inputs from members are greatly appreciated.

  145. kelly

    I think it is very important that people think twice before prescribing their kid adderall. I originally went on this site to see the side effects of this drug because I have just started taking it, and what I have read is that when taken by children, it can strongly stunt their growth, and impair their mental state. The brain is still developing until your 20’s..and i dont think amphetamines would be something you would want to give your 6 or 7 year old…but if you choose that path, make sure you do the research. Also you have to remember kids act out.. and a lot of times i feel that doctors use adderall as a copout for not having the answer to your kid’s problems.

    Just concerned 🙂

  146. LilyM

    I have been taking Adderall for 5 years and it has improved my life. I had problems with it in the very beginning and after a few months I had a wonderful Dr. who developed a plan for me to balance my nutrition and wellness while taking the medication (seems like a contradiction but it works for me) I have an alarm set for 5:08 am this is when i take my pill I then fall back asleep and the alarm (and meds) wake me up. I do not flip flop the time or dosage,(same pill same time every day mon-Sat) I am very regimented about my diet as Adderall is known to deplete your nutrition, I eat breakfast lunch and dinner and make sure I eat as organic as possible and avoid fast foods and sugar, I exercise every evening, light walk, run, yoga, weights, etc. and I take a high dosage of Vitamin C every evening to stop the absorption of the meds, I also drink white tea in the evening and eat as many fresh foods as possible. Also to help my Add scatter brain I see a cognitive therapist twice a month to work on brain exercises and planning skills that I just genetically was lacking. I know that my balanced plan has help me stay on the lowest dosage possible and I have seen great success and change in my life, and will hopefully be off of it soon.

  147. Sandra

    Well this last reply has sure made me feel better after reading a long list of stories that are very discouraging. I got on ritalin about two or more years ago after about a year switched to adderall and it helps me focus more than i had ever before but lately more than ever I have noticed extreme irritability and i catch my self being really bi**chy to my family when they are so nice. I thing eating on a regular schedual and having more structure in your life is really the key to not getting loggin into another addictive/self abuser. I could see how easy it could happen though adn its quite scary. Every story I have read is like reading your own story over and over but differnt ages. I was diagnosed a couple years ago and It ahs helped me academically but i cant even really remeber how bad it was before to want to go see a doctor. Anyways before i get off track the above letter really is motivating to try and eat healthy live right and be as tuned in to your self as possible, because if your not who will be?

  148. Austin

    I have been taking 20mg XR Adderall for two months now. I am 31 years old. I, for the most part, have been very happy with it. There are a few things (side effects) that I have noticed, the weight loss thing (which in turn affected my menstral cycle- so I made sure that I ate extremely healthy during that time and it seemed to help have a normal “period”), but hey.. at 31 y.o. a little weight loss was good. When I first started taking it, I felt a little “coked out”, and was TOO Quiet, heart-racing, and very reserved (NOT MY NORMAL SELF! but I needed to be toned down a bit). I will say that it has made me EXTREMELY angry… I will get angry at the simplest things, then start to cry.. I have been gaining more control over this with knowledge of myself and this medicine. I discovered that when I ate a good breakfast RIGHT AFTER taking the pill, it made everything MUCH BETTER… not the HIGH highs and parenoia… I came to the site today, because I noticed that the left side of my face, neck, arm, and body was feeling a bit weird! Almost a numb feeling, empty, tingling.. Ive never had THIS symptom… Has anyone else had this feeling? I have read a bunch of entries and it was mentioned just a few times. I think I might try that “drug holiday” thing… I just wasnt sure how often to do it? For the most part.. it is WONDERFUL ! It REALLY helps me concentrate and not lose focus. Can someone reply back about the numbness thing… Im confused! Thanks.

  149. Austin

    Oh.. I forgot to add this too… At the BEGINNING I felt “coked out”… but now, I dont feel the “coked out” feeling.. Just entergetic. But I stress this.. the above person was right… I have learning that even though you dont want to eat.. you HAVE TO EAT! You still have to give your body nutrition! It (Adderall) works MUCH MUCH better when you eat healthy meals! It makes me not so frantic. But it is true.. In adults.. it WILL make you more irratable.. You will find yourself saying to yourself, Why am I getting so upset about this? And wanting to start arguments with friends and family… Just try to realize.. its the drug and not you.. to calm down. I let yall know how the “drug holiday” thing goes… So.. I should not take the pill 1-2 days of the week, but scatter the “off” days???

  150. Kate

    Dont give ADD meds to your kids until they’re older, There ARE ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS FOR ADD OTHER THAN MEDS. Ive been on ADD meds since I was 6 Im now 20.(Its not good to give your young kids ADD pills!)I hated the side effects so much as a kid,I wld secretly not take them. ADD meds can have worse effects on children.My 7 year old cousin had hallucinations on adderal & became even more hyper. As a child I was underweight because of my meds, it also made me think in such odd ways, I think adderal negativly effected the way my brain processed thoughts/info. my thoughts were so choppy &I was even more ADD. When I was on concerta I felt extremely angry//RAGE for no reason. I felt CRAZY on concerta like i had two of me in my head, & had to do things I didnt want to do, I got off that crap immediatly & I was fine! I feel that having your child on adderall from a young age up, may get your child used to being under the infleunce of a substance, i know when I didnt take adderall anymore it was wierd to feel normal/”sober” I sought out other substances to feel the type of “normal” I had been used to since i was a child. I believe that being on adderall since a young age played a role in my past battle with addiction. Im in college & I take adderall daily (NOT adderal XR because the side effects are much stronger from XR, plus I used to go days w/o sleeping because of my prescribed dose of adderal XR)
    BTW There ARE alternative treatments for ADD that use a combination of a healthy all natural diet(no processed foods)excersize,limiting sugar&keeping red dyes from certian foods such as red M&M’s out of your diet,they’re known to worsen symptoms of ADD/ADHD.This method works for many people but I havent tried it yet. Im sure you could google info on this.

  151. chloe

    One of my friends has become so addicted to adderal that Im really not certain he’s the same person anymore. He had been on antidepressants for years and once he was turned onto adderal he asked his dr to change his prescription from antidepressants to adderal. His dr agreed and since then my friend has gone from someone I enjoyed being around to an obsessive compulsive freak who now has guns in his home and a serious level of agoraphobia. I am not certain these “medical professionals” know what the hell they’re doin to the general population. My friend is no longer. Im afraid to be near him at this point…eventually he will reach his breaking point and while hallucinating will either take his own life; or worse yet…the life of someone else. WELCOME BACK TO SICK SAD WORLD>>> disgustipated in MN

  152. JooliaTron

    I’m 15 and was recently((today)) put on adderall. I just came back from a mental hospital. Apparently my zoloft was giving me suicidle thoughts. I am literally failing every class. I just lacked motivation. My Doctor said it would work and I just really needed to pass so I’d do anything. My mom told me it was speed and I got very curious. So when she left I snorted/swallowed near 20 10mpills. The high was amazing. My body just felt so good.
    So I took it maybe 6 more times before it got really late. I’m tired now but my body still feels good. I started searching for the side affects. It listed things such as failure in arousal and other sexual problems. Which I didn’t get, my body feels orgasmic. Yeah I guess I am abusing it, but life is short, so I plan to live it. As I’m typing right now I could be minutes away from death. I know you must be like “LOL U R 15! LOLS U NOE NUTTIN.” I haven’t gone out in the real world so I’m just going to take my time enjoying things before all of it goes shitty with bills, kids, and love affairs. I’ll be really interested in reading more of these stories or be given advice in general –

  153. i am 16 and have been taking adderall for a couple years now and i hate it, my head hurts constantly, im never hungry, and i already have anger issues and it makes them worse, sometimes it helps me focus and other times it doesnt, i had a bowel problem for a while, i had diareha every morning after i took my pill but it has gone away, i do not feel like i am the same person on this pill

  154. college genius

    This drug is going to be one of the most serious health epidemics of our population in the next 30 years.

    Bird flu ain’t goin to have shit on the long term effects of adderall.

    Mark my words, in 30 years you will see a rise in heart attacks and death in 50 year old men who have used adderall.

    Terrible Drug…”SHUT UP AND STUDY”

  155. Tina

    I am 46 years old and started taking adderall because I was having trouble focusing for an exam, mostly math! I’ve always hated math because I just couldn’t “Get it”! My math grades in school were Cs & Ds. My parents and my teachers did what they could to get me through school and never had any idea that I might have a problem that could be helped. I was just dumb!
    My mind wonders constantly, I try to listen but I just can’t seem to focus.
    I couldn’t read a book because I had to re-read some (most) sentence at least 5 times to really make myself pay attention.
    I started listening to books on tape and found my mind wondering even then and if the book had more than 5 characters, I couldn’t remember each one separately, who they were and what they had done.
    I have a lot of energy and have a hard time sitting still, forget about taking a nap, I even chatter the whole time I’m getting a massage!! Massages are the only way to get me to lie still for an hour and try to relax.
    I am generally a happy person and really love to hang out with my family and friends, I’ve learned to control my energy and chatter to some extent but I can’t seem to relax. I also can’t seem to forgive myself for saying something stupid (happens often) and am always apologizing, my friends just say to me “Your having another “Paxil” moment”!
    I have always had all of the symptoms of A.D.D, I’ve joked about it but never really believed it, and I thought I was just not very smart.
    My Dr. prescribed Adderall for me and in about 5 days I saw a huge difference in my ability to concentrate.
    I’ve been on it for 2 months now and am actually doing the kind of math problems, I never could do before.
    I’m still not real good at math but now I can focus and see where I’ve made my mistakes so I can correct them and I am getting better.
    I’m more organized, I’m quieter and I can actually relax and not talk during a massage. I can now leave the duct tape at home!!!
    I have never been an advocate for “mind altering” drugs, but I can admit now sometimes it is necessary, if for nothing more than to at least conclude whether or not you really are dumb!
    I am getting off of Adderall and trying something new because it makes me very nauseas, my ears constantly ring, my heart sometimes pounds fast, and I have trouble sleeping.
    I am in good health and have low blood pressure, so I was a perfect candidate for Addreall.
    I hope this helps you decide whether or not it is right for you.

  156. C

    I too had a fear of stimulant drugs, however, when I saw the alianation and constant repremends my son was receiving at school, I knew it was time to get him help. We tried everything; therapy, diet restrictions, more structure, and until we finally tried Adderall, we didn’t see even the least bit of progress. It is very clear that the brain of someone with ADHD is wired differently. The neurotransmission is faulty. Medication is absolutely the solution for some, but not all.
    If a child cannot focus to learn then he will always be behind, or may have a label as a trouble-maker, as sub-standard, or worse. This is so unfair to the child when they absolutely cannot control it, and I think a parent that is closed-minded (like I was until I did my research) is contributing to emotional harm and to their child’s academic struggles. I think it’s neglectful to the child’s needs. My son could not grasp math concepts, would spend hours doing a half hour worth of homework, but once we found that it was the medication that worked for him, he immediately started getting straight A’s.

  157. A

    To Autumn & all,
    I was on adderall for 4 + years. I started taking it as prescribed like everyone else, never snorted it, didn’t abuse it to get high. It helped me enormously in school my first year. The side effects were the same-while on it food me sick, irritable, headache, dry mouth. I was a perfectionist & emotionless. I thought it was a miracle. Motivation in a bottle. Rather quickly the dose was not sufficient and I increased it. It no longer worked the way it had the first year and I took triple the amount prescribed lied to the doctor when my rx was running out to get dexedrine and other forms to satisfy me until my next refill. I developed such severe anxiety that I rarely went out, i couldnt function without it, i’d sleep a few days then take it for a week then repeat. I would hear voices, hallucinate, have extreme paranoia, sweat profusely, picked my face like a meth addict and had no idea how to get out of it. To make a long story short I was prescribed Xanax for the extreme anxiety and started to abuse that as well. At the end of both addictions I was 5’4 and weighed 100 pounds. I was in complete denial and had no idea why i could not gain weight. I has lost 20 pounds. I didn’t take my xanax for 2 or 3 days and had a seizure. It wasn’t until I was put into rehab that I learned what benzos were and that withdrawing from xanax like alcohol is deadly. BE CAREFUL. ADDERALL AND XANAX ADDICTIONS WILL SNEAK UP ON YOU. God bless.

  158. Tori

    I’ve been on adderall for about 7 months now, and it has been a long running joke in my family that I had a hard time concentrating, and my father, being a psychologist finally decided that we’d try out adderall. While I do find it helpful, the initial effects and hopes about the meds made it seem much better than it seems to be now. I tend to have the strangest mood swings in which everything feels perfect and fine, and all of the sudden I think of something (not necessarily something unpleasent) and I become depressed. It’s very odd, and I just think that people need to take thse things into consideration. At first I had INTENSE dry mouth, to the point where I constantly had a drink or losange in my mouth, but this went away, thank God. I am a sophomore in college and I made it seem like it was going to be my problem solver and that was the incorrect mindset to have about it, please do not count on it to change everything, you personally must make changes to your life! I went through an episode where my prescription was stolen and I had to wait three days to have my new prescription shipped to me, and I was a wreck-exhausted, sick to my stomach, and depressed. I’m beginning to realize that I need to look into other options, just letting you know my story.

  159. KMac

    I have been on Adderall for 4 yrs and I must say it has been great for me. I dont take it everyday, just days that I need to be productive. I also only take 20 mg at the most. I think the problems that most of these people are seeing are because of over-dosage. My dr told me that you should never take more that 40mgs a day. This is probably why most of you are seeing these side effects. As far as having a 5 yr old on this medication is really crazy. I have two kids and I would never even consider this medication until they were well into school and showed noticable signs of ADD. I was not diagnosed until I was 30yrs old and if I would have known about this in high school I would have probably been a better student. I started going back to school at age 30 and when talking to some classmates about how hard it was for me to focus on school work or even read a book. One of them suggested I go to my dr and ask about ADD. This was most definitly the difference. I was able to read an entire book and actually know what I read. I completed my degree in 4 yrs and graduated Magna Cume Laude.
    So, this is my story and I just urge everyone that is having problems with this drug to talk to their doctor…

  160. TJ

    I finally had to stop taking adderall xr My blood pressure shot up all of a sudden. I was on ritilin for years. They are a little different. Just FYI. In addition ADD is a physical thing not mental abnormality. along with the wonderful creative gifts of ADD comes the inability to focus sometimes. Therefore some of the comments say I’ve outgrown it. You may not be as hyper anymore but YOU DO NOT OUTGROW ADD. you develop systems and coping mechanisms

  161. Grayson

    Perhaps I can help out some parents. I’m diagnosed ADD/ODD and I’ve been on medications for my ADD for 11 years now, since I was 8. I’ve tried almost every treatment there is, besides Vynase, Dexedrine (Adderall is 3/4ths Dexedrine), and Desoxyn. I’m currently prescribed Adderall XR 30mg every month, but I don’t take daily. When I do, it’s usually 50-60mg (I have some 20mg left over from many months ago). The Adderall is interesting. It definitely increases my focus and mental stamina for a while, and counteract some of my ADD peculiarities (OCD-like symptoms that are very common in those who have ADD/ADHD/ODD)such as removing tabs from cans of soda, obsessive fridge checking, looking people in the eye, and nail biting. However, the side effects of an effective dose are brutal. I don’t eat, and I don’t sleep. I’m going into the doctor’s office next week and switching to Desoxyn. All of you comparing Adderall with meth are off base, it’s amphetamine salts, not methamphetamine. Desoxyn is meth. Now, I know it seems bad that I’m switching TO meth, but it’s considered by patients to be the most effective of all the stimulant treatments for ADD/ADHD with the least amount of side effects. I’ll start at 5mg, twice a day, and see how it goes.

    I’ve thought a lot about the impact ADD meds had on me as a young child, and about if it was the right thing for my parents to do. It’s a very difficult question to answer. My mother still thinks it was the right decision, absolutely. My father thinks I would have been better off without medication. I tend to side with my father, as long-term medication has left me with a bout of clinical depression, foggy thoughts, and poorly developed coping skills. However, it definitely improved my poor behavior as a child (Violent outbursts, tantrums, resenting figures of authority), and focused me enough so that I did alright through most of school. So, from my mother’s standpoint, it was beneficial. I always hated taking the pills, and would avoid them when possible. I suppose that’s almost a good thing, as it leaves me very unlikely to abuse. It was also bad in that I ‘resented’ my diagnosis, and preferred to ignore it rather than trying to gain skills that would help me cope. It wasn’t until high school that I ‘woke up’ mentally to the point of actually learning about what it means to have ADD and what options there are out there. Ever since, I’ve tried to learn all I could, and improve my treatment. But it was close. I could have easily given up on all stim treatments due to resentment about my youth and being forced to take drugs.

    I think that because of the diversity of the spectrum (in the future, ADD/ADHD will probably be split into ~30 different psychological conditions), there’s no right answer for every child. However, I strongly suggest to parents to wait until your children decide they want medication. They won’t ever be free from ADD/ADHD until they feel ready.

  162. KD

    Our 5 year old was not just a playful boy, he was clearly struggling out of control. He would actually bounce off walls and was always running with a stumbling gait as if he was intoxicated. He was getting injured on a daily basis. At times he would be so hyper that he would swing his arm as if winding up for a baseball pitch. We could just see him struggling. Because Doctors felt his ADHD was due to a brain injury (stroke in utero) they did not think that Adderal would help but decided to give it a try anyway and it has made such a difference. Although he does still does have behavior problems, his stress level finally seems like an average 5 year old kid. I hope that as he ages, he can learn skills to calm himself. I used to be against meds like this for children, especially very young children, until I had this eye opening experience.

  163. My 8 Year old son has been on Adderal for about a month and 1/2
    Probably 3 x a week he will complain about stomach and headaches.He does eat with this medicine. Will this ever go away completley?
    The second thing is in the last week he has not wanted to sleep in his room he says at night an ugly guy comes out with ripped ears and tells him to do bad things. (he does not do anything bad)this guy also tells him that he will kill him if he tells.This concerns me and I dont know whether to blame it on the meds or not this has never happened he shakes and crys when he knows it is bedtime and has to sleep in his sisters room or on the couch he does go to sleep so its not an excuse. I need lots of advice someone please help!?

  164. Tammy,

    First. I think that you should take your kid off of the Addarall, (it does not have to be indefinatly) just to see if these episodes continue after waiting for the Addarall to compleatly leave his system (i think its like 2 days or something, unless he is on the xr stuff..then i have no idea)
    Second, i just dont see how or why he would even need it, what is he in…elementry school? my mom gave me addarall when i was in elementry school (2nd grade)just like you do yours. I realise now that she was just concerned about me and wanted me to do the best that i could, but at the time i felt like i was defective or something, i felt lower than everyone else..i lost my appitite and i didnt like that either, half the time i pitched them when my mom wasent looking, made up things about my stomach hurting cause i knew she would take me off of it.
    One last thing, this might be a normal thing for your kid (sorta like a phase), i know hes 8 years old but thing like this happen, my little brother would either sleep with my parents in thier bed or on the couch beacause he was convinced that there were “things” in the shadows corners of his room. he did that for at least a year, he was 8 when that happened. Also if stimulants such as addarall, conserta, or w/e didnt exsist then what would all of us do?! its simple really, we would deal with it. its not like ADHD is a terminal pretty sure that your 8 year old kid will get by just fine for now.

    My “little” speal,

    i know i will probably ramble and im sorry, bear with me here.

    I have been taking addarall for about 5 months now. When i was first perscribed i didnt think much about it, all i knew was that it was a medicine for people with AHHD or ADD. At the time i was 15 years old and my mom had been trying REALLY hard to get me to take it. I didnt believe in medications, i wanted to do it on my own; but eventually…i gave in.
    I have only recently started researching addarall, but i dont think that kids who arent at least in middle school should take this. I believe that the child should be able to make his/her own decision on whether or not they want to take it, let them research it..maybe its just me but when it comes to following something i like to know who or what it is exactly that im following.

    enough rambling.

    The very first day i started taking it, i felt..amazing, happy, MORE than content with everything, i had a total euforic sense about me, it was great. No i dont eat while im on it, i sleep fine as long as i take it in the morning. i currently take 30mg a day (i dont take the xr ones).
    Before i started addarall i had given up on half of my classes as school and the other half werent looking that great, i felt overwhelmed. It seemed like there was always too much going on. No matter how much sleep i got i was still really..drowsy, wanted nothing more than to do something that didnt require me to actually focus on what was going on right then and there, there was always soo many thoughts, random or not. running through my head. But when i got on addarall, it just clicked for me. Im soo focused while on it, more focused than ever previously in my lifetime..and i love it, i dont feel like im wasting my life away anymore. I finally feel like i can live up to my potitial in school.
    its all good and great and everything, until i actually start to look into it! i had no idea that this was a relitivly new thing, ive seen a few things online about long term side affects and such, thats what concerns me the most, are any long term side affects actually known? ive heard that taking it for a long time will actually DECREASE your attention span and ability for remembering stuff. to me thats a BIG deal, even though this medication has totally turned my life around, i could go without it if thats what i would be sacrificing to be on it! yea i know addarall is great and all (speaking to anyone who wouldent give it up, that is if these long term things are true) but you guys gotta realise that these pills arent magic! they dont run your body for you, whatever was accomplished for anyone due to the adderall can be done without it, yes it might be a little harder..but no one changed as a person when they took the adderall, only changed the way they felt..maybe some will dissagree but i like to think that people would have strong enough character to not be changed by a pill..but im rambling again. any responses would be cool or thoughts, negitive or positive…oh crap its late, i hope we get that snow day, peace out


  165. Jamie

    Reading all of these posts has really scared me. I have been on Adderall since the 7th grade,and I am now 24 years old. My parents forced me to take the drug in 7th grade. I hated it at first because it made me quiet, shy, depressed,angry, and withdrawn…Not me at all! By high school I started noticing that when I did not take it on the weekends, I could not stay awake or function normally. The Dr. gave me lexapro to lessen the negative side affects. The Lexapro helped, but now I can’t go withoutt either drug. When I try not to take them they both have side affects. I just sleep, and cry about nothing.
    I had jaw surgery in August and I thought it would be a good time to get off aderall. The two weeks that I was recovering were not enough to get me off adderall. As soon as I was not sleeping from the pain meds and recovery, I was needing aderall. I am so addicted to this drug. I am worried that I will never be normal off of it.
    My step brother takes adderall on and off and he does not have horrible withdraw symptoms. He was off it for about a year and gained about thirty pounds, but he could stay awake and function.
    When I dont have adderall I can sleep all day. I’ll be awake for maybe an hour, but then I need to sleep more. When i don’t take adderall I dont want to take a shower, get dressed or do anything. When I don’t have adderall I have 0 motivation. I hate it. I am worried that I will never be normal without this drug. I wish I had never taken it. I take 20 to 30 xr a day and it just makes me feel normal.
    Has anyone ever gone to rehab for adderall? Deep inside I really want to be free from this drug…But sadly, I am more scared of not having the drug and not being able to function if I stop taking it.
    Is anyone who is addicted to adderall been able to stop taking this drug and live normally? How long does it take? How did you do it?

  166. A

    Jamie-I could never imagine life without the adderall. You will be able to function again without it-you will be normal when you stop taking it. it is scary but if youre sick of being a slave to this drug youll check yourself into detox. its almost been a year since ive taken the drug-its crazy to get out of bed and function without having to take an amphetamine. i still think about taking it sometimes-but i remind myself of the life i was “living” before. addiction is something you live with everyday-but it gets easier everyday. if youre looking at sites for help youre on the right track-it definitely sounds like there is a problem. tell someone. goodluck : )

  167. Jeff

    I’m 50 and coworkers take adderall and mention how it helps them focus on work, I could use to be more productive and wondered if I should get a prescription for Adderall? Any thoughts?

  168. Lisa

    I just wanted to say that I took Adderall for a year and half. My doctor suggested it because I have Adult ADD. I admit I loved it! I lost weight, was more interested in things, could focus and think and concentrate. But, I always loved to read, and for some reason I could not enjoy reading while I was on it. Plus, I was smoking more, and I could not fall asleep easy. Plus, I felt like my memory was going wack. I just couldn’t remember faces of people I already met. I couldn’t remember conversations I was having, or sequence of events. So, I stopped taking it suddenly. This was about two years ago. It took me 1 and a half years to get my memory back to my normal standard. But, right now, it has been two years since I have been on it. I still do not feel the same than I did before I took it. I feel more paranoid than I ever had before. I can not get comfortable conversation going with people. I feel like I have some kind of social disorder. I want to know if anyone else feel like that? When it will go away, if ever?

    I strongly suggest that you DO NOT put children on Adderall!!! Like I said I have an extreme case of ADD and I wish I never touched the stuff. Children are niave and special and need to stay that way. So what if people do not accept that. That is the world’s problem not thiers.

    If you have any comments to this e-mail me

  169. Jeff

    Thank you for that! I was leaning away from taking it and am glad your thoughts supported me! My coworker doesn’t take it while he’s not at work, the other day he called and asked me to look for his cell phone in his office, I couldn’t find it and told him to call his cell phone number and “listen”, he found it in his brief case! Funny but scary too! As far as paranoya, I’ve found that nothing beats good hard arobic exercise including upper body (arms) like an eleptical, there’s something to upper body workouts that make you feel confident. Good Luck and thank you for your post!

  170. Travis

    Adderall is a drug that can easily develop dependency and nobody ever takes it thinking it will. Not saying it is bad but it’s underrated.
    I first took it in high school that a friend gave to me and it..was..AWESOME! It’s meant to help people focus which it did but then my focus was on socializing and friends. So it didn’t make me want to study or do better in school because my thoughts were elsewhere. (Parents giving it to young children should think about their child’s intentions too because its not a magic pill that will brainwash the kid into wanting to learn math).
    So I loved taking Adderall the first few times more than anything, which most people might agree, but my parents never allowed me to even see a doctor about getting a prescription at this time so i didn’t worry about it.
    I got expelled from high school the end of my junior year. My senior year I returned to school but wasn’t allowed to be in class, I had teachers send the work to me in a study hall where there was nothing to do but my homework and study all day. I was glad because it was a really great division 1 high school. I took the opportunity and completed my entire senior year with mostly A’s and nothing below a C. Never thought about Adderall.
    I thought well now I’m going to college and going to bust my tail…
    my gf at the time was perscribed to adderal and she gave me some so i wouldnt get bored shopping with her. I would just go into stores and look at everything and it was soo fun for some reason. Then I took them while studying and it was incredible how long and hard I could study for. I then call my doctor and get prescribed with no effort at all.
    I got good grades. I was happy. I was taking either 2 or 3 20mg everytime I studied and went to class. This went on for about my freshman year and was fine. When I ran out and had to study for a midterm I freaked out and couldn’t read or do anything because I really couldn’t focus. I never needed the frrrickin things in the first place but now I do. I created my own problem.
    i am 21 and still in college and have trouble without taking adderall but I have much worse problems now from it than just not being able to study. I cant take adderall and then come down without drinking. Ive done that for two years and it just goes with the comedown. I dont drink much when Im not on adderall but I am usually on it and dont even know it. I will smoke tons of cigarettes when im on Adderall, and when Im not I dont even smoke. It’s not what it used to be but it is so hard to stop taking it. I get anxiety and self concious when Im on it in public. Last quarter I took a bunch for a test and my hands started shaking and i could barly write. It doesnt help you loose weight, once you eat and stop taking it for a day your body naturally stores the food it hasnt been getting. Your basically putting your weight on standby until the next time you do eat

  171. I have a 9 year old how is over weight. We have tried everything from cutting back, exercising, I bought a WII, she dances twice a week and nothing is working. Her doctor suggested Adderall 10mg once a day to help her lose weight. Have anybody else heard that this is a treatment for over weight kids. Should I try this. She does not have ADHD, she doen’t have a issue with school, she a straught a student. I want to help her with her weight but I don’t know if this is the answer.

  172. HOM

    Mother… If you daughter doesn’t have the symptoms then she shouldn’t use the drug. Start her on a healthy diet ( 1,500 ) calories a day… and try and burn at least 500 a day. Also add fiber and calcium to her diet.
    Take her to the park and let her run around and then explain to her why Health is imoprtant. Kids can understand issues if you explain it to them like you would anyone else… (We don’t give kids enough credit sometimes.

    2 easy ways to ensure results from your kids is to hold them accountable for their actions, and reward them when they reach a goal.

  173. Jeff

    Sounds like short term heaven but long term hell with using Adderall. I’ll try to do better the old fashioned way: hard work and determination.

  174. Concerned College Student

    I started taking adderall last semester of college. I am 20 years old and a sophmore. I was always fairly bright in highschool and graduated with a 4.0 however once I started college I found it harder and harder to achieve straight As and last semester I took 14 credit hours with Chemistry, Economics, English Literature 2 and Anatomy and Physiology all being the hardest classes I have taken so far and I got a 4.0. The stuff is like magic when I take the two days before a test and pull an all nighter I was receiving 100 percents on tests. After being on it for a while I am starting to realize this was a big mistake. There is no doubt that it works. It makes me have a fake confidence and a find anything interesting. Recently I have been experiencing the awful side effects and I do not even take it but when i have to study for a test. I went to the dentist on my normal 6 month appointment and keep in mind that I brush and floss morning and night. I never had cavaties but went and found I needed 2 root canals and 2 others filled. I have always been thin but now I am 20 pounds underweight because I cannot eat when I am on that stuff I feel choked up. Last week I was driving in my car and I got in the wrong lane because someone cut me off and I got pissed and had this rage that I have never felt before and I punched my steering wheel to hit the horn and broke my hand in 3 places. That was the red flag I am sitting here with a huge cast (on my right hand might I add). I now realize that no matter how much it helped me achieve perfection nothing is worth ruining my health over. I used to be a really athletic person I ran cross country and track all 4 years of highschool and now I cant even run from my house to the car without my heart pounding and gasping for breath. Please do not give this to your kids and do not take it if you are thinking about it. It is a big mistake!

  175. Joe

    Adderall is a very effective drug with few or no side effects if taken correctly. There is nothing to fear. If you want to quit just taper down slowly. All this negative talk about addiction is because these people have an addictive personality and get addicted to lots of things easily.

  176. crystal

    I started taking adderall fall of 2007. I was always an over active person speding my extra time getting things done to take care of myself.I started on it to curb my out burst and stop interupting people. the drug seemed to help and i lost about 15 pounds. I quit my job as a mechanic and tried to open up my own business…i had everthing in order, but the people that i hired to help me were not living up to there part of the bargian. so i fired them…i lost my finanical sabability and had no further direction. In sept 2008 my life was falling apart. i did not sleep for 3 days and the dr’s say i went manic. I lost my mind, relating everything to every thing. I spent a week in the hospital on antipycotic medication. after I got out my dr perscribed me adderall again and i was not taking antiphycotic meds. a month later i was back in the hospital again…i was parinoid and thought my mother was trying to kill me…i then spent another week in the hospital…and they put me back on antipycotic medication. The meds made me gain weight and i developed acne when i never had a problem with my skin. it also made me lazy, suicidal and unable to do anything for myself. I was so dependant and i demanded better meds so i could obtain a job.I knew i could not work while taking these antiphycotic meds, but without them I could not sleep and i would have nightmares. so I have been trying to ween myself off of them. I have always been a hard worker and have accoplished much in my life. now I am so afraid of failure and not being focused enough to do my job as a mechanic. So I am just changing oil…but im extreamly over qualified for this postion and I know i have much more potential…but the antiphycotic meds leave me in a cloud much of the day even when i only take a small amount to sleep. I have expressed my concern and belive i wont be able to get my life or my drive back as long as i am on them…so now my dr gave me back my adderall, I am so afraid to take them again but i fear i need them to be able to function in society to my fullest potential. Im scared now trying to ballance the antipycotic meds at night and the adderall during the day. i cant really afford another episode, the fear of being instututionalized or unsucessful has me torn on what to do.

  177. crystal

    further more, i think (from reading these stories) it has totally ruined my life. But I really like it.
    I was so organized and focused on making sure my financial situation was ok, because god knows my life was crazy…always moving, going to school and finding new jobs. Life was always never a walk in the park but some how i knew i could get through whatever, and i did.

    graduated college with honors i had a good paying job…I took a huge risk that i probably wouldn t have…had i not been taking adderal. I was doing good trying to open up my own busniess, until i had to work with two others…they did not fufill there comitment and i got angry and fired them.

    After that I continue to try to find excuses as to why i went crazy twice. maybe it was the switch from adderal xr to a higher dose of vyvanse. maybe the house i was living in was haunted. Maybe i was malnurished and i was not eating good enough. maybe it was the situation of my failing business venture…leaving me broke and no where to live (cause the place i was currently living in was haunted and i was out of funds). Maybe it was the situation i was faced with that caused me to freak out. I try to find every excuse…it cant be the adderal…or can it?

    But when i say freaked out, one could only imagine. I was always faced with tough situations and i always seemed to maintain my sainity and strength. Never in a million years would I have thought that perfectly sane me…who always kept it real even when faced with the toughest situations…dangerously lost her mind.

    In my madness I thought i was a god, I was having 3 party conversations when only two people were present, the tv and the radio were answering my questions, and some how speaking directly to me and my situations. I thought some one took my love and trust and i wanted it back…i was angry yelling at everyone. I yelled, i laughed, i cried all in the same second…i some how thought some one was accessing my emotions via computer… and i must have had the crystal skull in my brain. then i drove not knowing where to go…and i thought i was going to die, i do not know how i made it to my sisters house…where i was rainting and raiving about some curse by men and i was being haunted by an x boyfriend of mine that died when i was 15. I ended up in the emergency room with both my aunts and my mother as i told them this whole story about when you die…and how some one took my love and trust and i was enraged…yelling and standing on the furniture. I had to go to the bathroom and i had just gone but still i had to go…they told me no, so i went in the trash can…they were mortified. they had to give me two doses of some setative and my aunts were still begging me to lye down and go to sleep…evenually i did…and i woke up in some room…i still had crazy thoughts for like 2 days after…i thought my family had me artifically inseminated…i yelled at the nurses to take care of the patents and to go home to take care of there children. eventually reality set in and i knew i had to get out of there…i was on my best behavior telling them whatever they wanted…after a week they sent me on my way saying i was bipolar, scitz and gave me some phyco medication. I thought it was completly obserd and did not take them…a week or two later i was back on my adderal. The dr and i decided that the change from 30mg of adderal 50mg of vyvanse must have been the problem…and puting me back on the adderal should be fine.

    well less than a month later i freaked again…i was driving in curcles at 4am as the radio determined my direction…i did not know where to go…i turned the car around like three times before i ended up at my sisters house again…i managed to stay cool but i knew i was loosing it…i tried to sleep but it was not possable…I went days with out sleep…i ended up at my moms eventually beliving she was conspiring some plot in how she was going to blow up the building with me in it…again the tv was talking to me as if it was responding to my particlar situation…i eventually was mean to her and lit her pillow case on fire…telling her to stop playing games with me…at that point she called my aunt and we were escorted by police to the hospital…and there it was a whole nother ride…well i smacked my aunt and i nearly went head to head with a securty gaurd…they gave me a big shot after that and i eventually woke up in a new crazy house…where i would spend a week and a half… They said i could not have my adderal any more and put me back on my phyco meds.

    The point is, I really lost it and my descriptions only scratch the surface of my mental episodes… i could have done serious dammage with the obserd situations and stories i created in my own mind..So i will ask anyone…was this the drug or was it something else? I agree my situation was not the best i had no job no outlet to focus on.

    After such extream episodes, I am lost…who am i…they say im bipolar, scitz with some pycotic features…i laugh just the thought…but it has destroyed my self esteem, and im considering becoming mentally disabled…i mean how can i work…and im so scared of everything…I cant seem to get out of my own way, because they say i have to take these phyco drugs. In fear of loosing my phone and car insurance…i had to find a job some how…now that job pays shit, and im over qualified…with my certifications and my degree i should be worth way more but i lack the confidence and the drive…i drag myself through every day…and after those eposodes there are times i question reality in itself. I have tried to get off those phyco meds but i have severe anxiety i cant sleep at night and i have nightmares. I do not take them like they would like me to, i would just be a vegitable if i did. I would not be able to work, now as it is im triping over myself trying to change oil….clearly rediculis.

    Now 31, i live with my aunt and i drag myself to a job that is not getting me anywhere…if anything it just keeps the reality of life that were all sopose to live…but its far from rewarding and i find it demeaning considering my qualifications and i am very depressed with my situation. i also found out recently my mom has cancer…stage 4 termnal. I cant completly express the many complications in my life…but the real question is should i start taking adderal again…and the phyco meds at night. Like the dr is perscribing.

    I thought it may have been the unpleasant situations i have been faced with that may have caused my mental conditions…but after looking in to it…it seems im not the only one. i never abused it i always took the perscribed dose and i have had no history of mental illness.

    recently i have been given my adderal back…so i warn myself as i warn all of you, be careful there may be those days when things arnt quite what they seem…and maybe it is nesscary to have an outlet to focus on.
    maybe then? will i be ok taking adderal again?
    But im scared, should i really be taking these meds again? or was my freak out just caused by the situations i was faced with?
    ether way its on record…its official i guess they say, its for real, I guess im crazy!

    help? any sugestions?

  178. Me

    Adderall became quickly addictive for me. I loved the stuff, I hated it too. I knew what I was doing was wrong and wondered what I was doing to my body, but I could not stop popping the pills. I never wanted the high to end. It takes massive will power to put it down and j ust go to sleep. The first couple days are great but then things start to go downhill. I would scarcely remember what I said or did while at the peak of my high. I could not stop thinking and talking. Everyone knew I was high, but I either didn’t care or didn’t think I sounded bad. It’s like I wanted to talk about and analyze everything and everything became interesting. I could not find anyone who was not on it (even those on it) who could keep up with my intellectual ability. Everyone not on it was dull and boring. I started to think I was smarter than almost everyone. Nobody was on the same page as me. Over time, my tolerance increased. I knew I had to slow down, but it was so hard. Especially since I had Klonopin to even out the really speedy bursts I would sometimes get. But what creeped me out was I literally lost days when I had no idea what I said or done. I know I said something that I thought was important, but I could not recall it unless I wrote it down. The only way for me to stop it is to tell my doctor never ever to give it to me again. I have struggled with telling her, because I know as soon as I pop one, I feel so good. Even though there is another side of me that feels so guilty. Like a drug addict. I feel like people look down on me. Now I feel like I am at a point where I don’t even care anymore what anyone thinks. I had a lot of clean time, and people just let me down anyway. When I am on Adderall I am in my own little world now. I don’t talk to anyone or tell anyone I am on it. Because most do not agree with it and kill my buzz. Well, that’s my story.

  179. Common sense

    Dear Caroline, There is no such thing as “ODD”
    But there is such a thing as snotty, bad little shit kids that unfortunately were born to lethargic, weak parents that wont discipline their children… Take control lady, and quit listening to some quak pediatrician that is simply trying to make money off stupid people so him and his drug rep can go down eachother at the private country club.

  180. Jeff

    I would like to know who’s the longer users of Aderall? How many years? Are you still taking it? Can you get to sleep at night? How has it changed your life had you not taken it? Thanks

  181. Jeff

    I would like to know who’s the longer users of Aderall? How many years? Are you still taking it? Can you get to sleep at night? How has it changed your life had you not taken it?
    Also does it affect your sex life?

  182. michael

    heyy to Jeff that submitted above me,,

    I’ve been taking adderall for three years and it has helped me in so many aspects of my life. I switch back and forth between ritlin and adderall to keep from taking a high dosage of either one since they work in slightly different ways but have generally the same effects. They are both stimulants so if you take it too late in the day, depending one what time you usually get to bed, it will keep your heart rate above normal and brain activity high, resulting in difficulty sleeping. Adderall will give you trouble “keeping it up”, however, for me the desire is still there. It’s like cocaine in that way, You get horny, but are often unable to perform… that sucks! Be careful, don’t take adderall if you are trying to score extra pointsss. The only other side effect it has on my is loss of appetite. You need to be smart about it. Eat a heavy breakfast BEFORE you take adderall… and maybe force yourself to eat something substantial, during the day. By the time dinner comes around you should be able to have a normal appetite and get to bed. I usually take a 20mg immediate release pill in the morning around ten, and then if i need after i have eaten something after lunch, one more 10mg pill.. for that extra little boost to get through the day. As far as how it’ss helped me… it makes everything better. I am happier while i take it, I get a lot done, I”m motivated, and I love life when on it. It is hard to feel the same way when it wears off but you will learn over time to try and keep the same attitude when it does. Hope this helped..

  183. Jeff

    Thank you Michael, very informative. Question is do you notice that you need more adderall over time since like all drugs your body adjusts to the drug. Also, what was your diagnosis which adderall was prescribed for? Also when not taking it, do you feel really “slow” mentally? I’d hate to be up and productive at work and then slow and stupid for my family when off it. Thanks again for anyones experience with Adderall.

  184. fact

    This is the truth. I’m 21 now and used to take adderall recreationally for about a year and at first it was amazing. Everything was so damn beautiful, i could concentrate a lot better, i lost weight, gained confidence, and it heightened my senses.

    I stopped for about 6 months because i couldn’t afford it but took it again one day and wow. I had the worst migraine and nausea I’ve ever felt in my life. Everyday i was depressed, tears coming out of my eyes as soon as i woke up in the morning and always thinking random thoughts like “What if i got hit by this car and died?” or “Would anyone care if i died?” And I’m usually a very happy and outgoing person. I’ve never contemplated suicide until then. I was so amazed by adderall at first that i didnt think it was drug that was making me depressed so i took it here and there (not everyday like i used to) and every single time i got sick.

    I eventually stopped altogether because i was scaring myself mainly with the depression. I didnt want to lose myself.

    I haven’t taken adderall in 6 monthes and i’m happy once again, but something has changed within me. I’m not quite sure what it is but it did. Oh, and I’ve recently started having chest pains but i don’t know if it’s a long term side effect from the adderall.

    Adderall is an amazing friend at first, but eventually you will lose yourself and get ready to be on your way, spiraling down to hell. In the end, you only have yourself so protect your mind and sanity. Don’t lose yourself to some substance.

    When i used to take adderall, i ignored everyone’s comments when they told me not to take it. I don’t regret my time taking it because i guess it was experimental and wonderful at first but i’m sure i won’t ever do it again. There’s just too much to lose (internally and psychologically).

  185. Anika

    Those of you considering to take this medication for weight loss, please read this.

    I took this medication because I heard it was great for weight loss and the concentration thing was an extra bonus for my line of work (who doesn’t want to be more focued at work..). About 4 months after taking this medication, I’ve had a ‘nervous break down’ at work, I’ve lost 40 lbs when I only wanted to lose about 10 (I’m no longer at a healthy weight by even a super model’s standard), and the panic attacks have been terrifying and a burden on my husband and children. Not only is my health at risk because of the excessive weight loss but my job is may be, my marriage is suffering, and I feel like a complete fool.

    Some people will still take this medicine for the wrong reasons even after reading this or similar warnings. After all, I did. There is nothing worse than regret. Addiction sucks and the fact that I’m not willing to stop taking this medication is even sicker…I’m working on that and at battle with my own self currently. sick sick sick.

    If you want a pill that will turn your healthy mind into the exact opposite and have an urge to experience voices, delusions, paranoia, and the other symptoms that you might find in someone institutionalized, this is it.

    If you are not willing to give up your whole life for 5-10 pounds or to get that extra house work done, do not take this drug.

    Parents – I would consider it nothing short of abuse to be give this medication to a child. You are a parent, you made a choice, and kids are going to be loud, rowdy, and sometimes misbehave. You are giving your child basically Meth, coke, and LSD all in one tiny pill.

  186. dude really

    ok i am so sick of people ripping on adderol without medical training…yes it is over prescribed..duh, thats how docs make money…do not give this fucking drug to kids when there too young to tell if its add or not before there at least 16, give them a chance to grow out of it….im 23 been taking it for awhile no side effects at all…this drug is a “stimulant” which means yes if your kid is not add then your basically giving them coke…i am add and have had it all my life however my parents refused to put me on medication when i was younger…i thank them for that i learned to deal without it however after starting the medication i really did feel better…less stressed, anger problems subsided, less tired, more confident, depression went away….this is a dangerous drug, however it has great benefits when used correctly…monitor it closely and you can tell if you need it within the first couple days of taking it….people who dont need it will experience and opposite effect due to the fact that it is a stimulant….what does that mean?…if you take it and you feel “crazy” or speed like your heart is gonna jump out of your chest then you dont need it jackass….if you dont experience this and you feel it helps you calm down then you do…its easy however too many people take it b/c their told instead of realizing if they need if for themselves.

  187. Jeff

    Do you need to take higher doses of adderall over time, since like all drugs your body adjusts to the drug, making you up the dosage?

  188. anonymous

    Hi, I am 18 years old and I have been taking adderall for about a year, on and off. However, I’ve been taking it unprescribed. Being a senior in high school, I have found it way more difficult to focus and taking adderall helps me. Losing weight is also a plus seeing as I see results faster. It never really bothered me before. I would get it from a friend, take it when I needed it, and then wait until I needed to take it again. But recently it’s been taking me almost a week to recover after each time I use it. I have been getting heart palpatations, lightheaded, weak, and am too nervous to work out. Mostly it’s my heart that concerns me. I have never had any heart problems, but after taking adderall I am always scared that I’m going to get a heart attack or something.. I don’t know what to do. Any information would help. I’m not addicted to it, and I think I’m going to stop. I just need to know if this adderall usage has caused any long term heart problems.. if it can really do something like that. Thanks.

  189. Jeff

    This is cut and pasted from above from a prescribed user: “it is a stimulant….what does that mean?…if you take it and you feel “crazy” or speed like your heart is gonna jump out of your chest then you dont need it jackass….if you dont experience this and you feel it helps you calm down then you do…its easy”
    Personally, I have the same concerns as you, since I have a history of palpitations and I’m 50, I don’t want to take a chance. Go to a doctor and tell him your experience, he’ll probably tell you to stay away from it, especially if you are having heart side effects. It is a powerful stimulant, my coworker uses it, but he’s REAL laid back so it doesn’t bother his heart. You have the rest of your life ahead of you, BE CAREFUL, you really should learn to live without it if you can, you don’t want to become drug dependent like many are noted above. Don’t make this decision on your own, talk to a doctor. I have talked to 2 and they have steered me away from it. Think 5, 10, 20, 40 years ahead, how do you think your body will hold up taking it for that long???

  190. I just started taking this med 2 days ago, so far I love it, but then again I’ve had ADHD all my life, just never did any thing about it. I have all my homework for school done, plus some. My house is spotless and I’m drinking a lot of water, something I needed to do anyway. So far I like it, but my only side effect is the stomach cramps. Does anyone know if this lasts or goes away soon?

  191. Melinda

    I’ve been taking adderall for about 6 mos. I have experienced some hair thinning and numbness in my hands and feet. I’ve also had a lot of weight loss. Don’t know whether to coninue with it or not. I’m not as depressed as I was before I started taking it. But I do feel panic attacks.

  192. Melinda

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to take these drugs unless you’re doing it under a doctor’s care. So, for the people who are not doing it in a supervised way, I really suggest that you seek medical advice from a trained expert. Mental illness is too scary a thing to deal with on your own.

  193. Jeff

    I would like for you to put on your calendar to post here again in one month to see how you are adjusting to Adderall. Could you do that for me?


  194. Ive been taking aderrall for a couple of months now and the 3 hour time release (15mg),it is the best thing to take by far if your not completely dependent on it. I went from 10 hour time releasing concerta 60mg, and vyvanse 30mg, and they both gave me severe headaches, loss of appetite, and moodswings. I would be really happy one day than the next be upset and quiet around my friends, altering my personality. I only take the adderrall when i have to study for a class or cram before finals.If i have to i’ll take two and day causing occationaly depressed. Lately ive been experiencing some panic attacks after i smoke or the other day when i did shrooms, and pass out. I get really nauseous start to spin and the next thing i know I’m on the floor.Does anyone know if this is a bad side effect from adderrol or is it just a normal panic attack.??

    Another thing i forgot to mention a big side affect is not being able to sleep with the adderral, even with the 3 hour time released it seems to keep me wired whenever try to sleep regardless of the time i take it.

  195. shannon

    Did someone say when your prescribed Adderall that it is PUBLIC RECORD For any and everyone to See?
    I Need to know

  196. PokerPimpin

    i have been takin 60mg of regular non time release adderall for about 6 years and have experienced just about every possible effect that goes along with it…i kept my scholarship all 4 years and graduated with a 3.6 gpa when in high school i struggled to finish with a 3.0, ive lost about 40 pounds and have made thousands of dollars staying up 3,4, and 5 nights at a time playing poker. the downside effects have included developing an alcohol problem because i started drinking very heavily to be able to fall asleep after being up for days which eventually led up to a dui. i also started smoking more cigs due to being wired on adderall. moodiness and slight depression occasionally occur but besides those few things adderall has been great in my life. i say its the best drug available, legal or illegal… and ive done just about every drug under the sun

  197. Cheryl

    Our grandson lives with his other grandmother and she has had him on adderall, now for 4 or 5 years. We were not aware until 2 years ago and she said she would take him off. We just recently found out, he is now 10, she never took him off, by the fact he wasn’t eating and he said it was because of the medicine he took, but he would not tell us what he was taking. He is not an overactive child, he is very smart, and she does not discipline him at all. We want to know everything we can because we are going for custody.

  198. Jeff

    I would talk to the doctor that prescribed the medicine (adderall?) to him, get the doctor’s name from his grandmother and get all the history from him, then transfer his medical records to your doctor and follow his advice.

  199. Chelsea

    I have been on adderall for 3 years and I noticed that the stomach cramping or any of these other minor symptoms associated with adderall only occur when I take it with out eating or drinking fluids. For example if I wake up and take adderall without eating breakfast first or I take adderall while drinking coffee or tea.

    For everyone else concerned with the side effects of adderall they are mild when the drug is taken correctly for the treatment of ADHD or ADD. I have found that for me the headaches only occur when I do not drink enough water since adderall often times increases dehydration. Adderall has deffinately changed my life for the better but I would not recommend it to everyone. It is a serious drug that can possibly be the cause for all of these crazy stories and symptoms that people have listed above. However if you are a stable person and you know your body then I would definately recommend taking it. I do not feel like adderall is to blame for these terrible things, like a DUI. It does not alter your perception of what is right and wrong and if you feel within the first month that you arent yourself or you arent yourself when your not on it then I suggest stopping early before you end up like some of the people on this thread.

    In response to having to take higher doses once you find your correct dose (10mg, 20mg etc)then you will not have to increase it. Also it is important to give your body a day or 2 off of it so your body can readjust to life without to prevent you from feeling dependant on it.

  200. Mo

    I have been taking Adderall for 10 years. I’ve gone from the max dosage of regular Adderall, to the max dosage of Adderall XR, and got down to 128 lb at 6ft tall…then I gradually dropped to just 10 mg of Adderall XR in hopes of slowly getting off of it. I’m now 27 and just found out that I’m pregnant. Yay! 🙂

    It was a sliiiight surprise, so I had to unexpectedly go cold-turkey on a half a pack of cigarettes, 10mg of adderall xr, 3 diet cokes, and 10mg of celexa every day.
    After 10 years of being on various forms of uppers (caffeine, amphetamine, nicotine, and another decongestant that is also a stimulant) I was sure that I’d immediately balloon up from the appetite influx and would be dumb as a rock…but I was ready to handle it for the sake of my baby.

    Let me tell you something that I would have found to be greatly comforting when facing the prospect of getting off of Adderall and all of the other things… after a few days of crazy-go-nuts appetite, constipation, and lethargy, you DO go back to normal!! I can’t believe it.
    I thought I was doomed. I’m PREGNANT and still have the same appetite I had when on Adderall…a small one. And my attention span came back after three days. It was seriously like someone crawled in my head and flipped on a light switch.
    I have a very high pressure job meeting with high level people in multiple companies across different industries, and cannot afford to be off my game when it comes to my mental alertness. And after the 48-72 hour withdrawal period, I now realize that I don’t NEED Adderall to do my job… I am not what drugs make me. I am me… and I CAN do this on my own.

    One thing that my Dr. did do for me: he put me on Wellbutrin. It’s an anti-depressant, proven to be very easy on the system, helps to combat smoking addiction, and a side-effect is…drumroll please…weight loss. So, it helps to combat the appetite increase from Adderall withdrawal.

    I would HIGHLY recommend taking that instead of Adderall.
    Adderall is NOT addictive in the “I crave it” sense. It is easy to get off of it, and withdrawal lasts 48-72 hours. Wellbutrin is well worth considering, especially if you deal with depression symptoms.

    Bottom line: Getting off of Adderall IS possible… and you CAN get through it.
    Heck, if I can get off of it simultaneously with everything else I was on, anyone can.

  201. Mia

    I am 17 years old, and am addicted to adderall. I use it to help me work long shifts on top of the rigorous classes I elect, and to help lose weight. Adderall is comparable to coke, but much easier to find and much cheaper. Adderall is VERY addictive and amphetamines are widely abused by college and high school students.
    There are people who do need this medication, but because so many children are diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, I doubt the validity of their “need” for it. All of the people who sell adderall say it is very easy to get a prescription for it, which shows how gullible modern psychiatrists are in their desperation for support from drug companies.
    Therapy and counseling are much better alternatives than putting dangerous and addictive chemicals into the bodies of our youth.

  202. Cary

    My sone was on adderall for a month. We felt it wasn’t a good solution. We found this alternative treatment center called Sirri. They do interactive mental stimulation therapy. It has changed my sons life. He went from struggling to get B’s :& C’s to needing little or no help getting A’s and B’s.
    He was very agitated when we first started, but after a month. He admitted it was working. We went for 5 months and it has made a true difference in his life. The program essentially trains the brain to focus. Simulation programs allowed him to operate the entire program with his brain. If he lost concentration he would either crash or it would shut off. It is worth a try. They are in Tempe or Mesa. I 60 & McClintock. Good luck.

  203. kathleen

    To: Cristina, written September 19, 2007.

    I hear you on your experience. YOUR experience. NOT data! I am seeking out sites as the one you responded to back in 2007. I am 48 and an expert on ADD. Not ADHD. in the USA and thirteen other countries.

    Our ADD,ADHD,OCD facility in Washington DC is renowned in our studies for over forty plus years. I find it reamrkable that at age twenty, based on your particular experience or a paperback book, you have these answers. You were indeed passionate as you took charge and gave yourself an experts opinion.

    At this point, I would be honored to hear from you at The Washington DC pysiological and psychological emotional and chemical institute
    (WDCPECI) spcializing in the above conditions in children and adults.
    You ar twenty. You sound and appear twenty.
    Kathleen Dehrman, MD, Phd.

  204. Tom Zilla

    I had Adderall perscribed through Kieser, and through my private paid doc about 7 years appart. When I lost my healthcare due to downsizing of my company, Kieser just stopped abruptly filling the perscriptions. It threw me into a spin for awhile. I found a doctor who took pity on me, and looked at my records, put me back on so I could fuction again.
    The difference in my life with low dosage and no dosage is so observable that people comment on it. With low dosage 15 mg. I can function, think about what I say, can keep my mouth shut. Without it, I blurt out foot in mouth things, in business meetings that can be taken two ways. I didn’t mean them as the bad way, I just didn’t think it through, as I would have if I had the low dosage Adderall.
    I was a project manager for a well know retail company, and when I finally got past the AMA and back under a doctors care, all my co-workers said that it was good to have me back, focused, and doing my job.
    I have to go to the doctors office, get the hand written perscription, take it to the pharmacy, wait for them to check it out etc. I am a 58 year old businessman, and can tell if I am functioning correctly. Also, I always had the ants-in-the-pants. But Adderall puts a stop to that and calms me down.
    Even the wife see’s the difference.

  205. Ashley

    I am a psychiatrist and work in the mental health department of a hospital. I struggled with ADHD for as long as I can remember, and I can say that without this medication I would not have had the motivation or focus to finish school. For those who are asking about alternate treatment options for ADHD and being judgemental about patients who take medication, there are no other remedies that have the same success rate as stimulant medication, which has an 80% success for patients for ADHD. As far as the comments on “children being naturally hyper” go, that’s no longer a valid argument, as there are TWO types of ADHD: hyperactive and inattentive. Girls are much more likely to exhibit the inattentive symptoms rather than any sort of hyperactivity. Treating it in childhood reduces the risk of future depression and anxiety issues. Obviously, like any other medication, adderall has side effects. However, most are not serious unless you have a pre-existing condition, in which case a doctor should know better than to prescribe it in the first place. Hallucinations can occur in people with schizophrenia, which is why stimulant medications should be avoided in that situation. It is unfortunate that with all the progress that has been made in the mental health field there are still those who say “a little bit of hard work and determination” will do the job. Unless you have ADHD you have no right to judge. Even if you DO have ADHD and choose not to take a medication, that is your decision, just as it is others’ decision to seek treatment. I know that I worked very hard throughout high school, yet still failed classes. I began taking medication in college and recieved straight “A”s nearly every semester. Just because someone takes medication doesn’t mean they don’t have to study or work hard, it simply enables them to study and work hard. It’s interesting how people choose to completely disregard the medical profession and all of the research and success stories that states that this is an effective treatment option simply because of their own biased, uneducated opinions. My best advice is to do your research and have a little empathy and understanding.

  206. shasta

    hey i am 25 years of age and i think i may be add/adhd my head doc told me i was bipolar but i dont have mania or depression the ups and downsu know or the mood swings just problems with concentrating and getting things done cant keep my house or keep a job i cant remember appointments etc so how do i get a doctor to relize that i am add/adhd noy bi polar the meds they gave me for the ipolar dont help just makes my legs cramp sorry if i mispelled anything my finger go faster then my brain

  207. Alex

    Hi. I’ve been taking adderall for just about a year and a half now. At this point, I’m taking 2 20 mg adderallXR a day. One as soon as I wake up in the morning, and one at about 3 P.M. every day.
    I originally started taking it mid way through my junior year at high school. At first, everything seemed to be going very well. I felt a sense of mental clarity, and I liked it. I didn’t want it to end. I felt like i could finally think clearly for the first time in a while… especially in class. It felt like my memory was highly improved altogether.
    But then, everything started going downhill. Suddenly my amazing attention span started to diminish. I found my schoolwork getting harder and harder. I felt like I needed more just to pay attention at all. So I told my doctor, and he upped the dose. It kept happening that way… Me telling my doctor that I was having focusing issues at school, and him upping the dosage. Last summer, I did extremely well at my job. I worked hard, focused well, and got recognition for it. This Summer doesn’t feel the same way. I don’t feel the same sense of self confidence, and I sure don’t feel as motivated as I used to. I feel like there’s not much of a point in trying hard anymore. I just don’t feel motivated at all. I originally got the adderall to help me feel more awake. It made me feel more… of course… stimulated. Now, I don’t feel stimulation at all.
    The only thing I feel from the adderall anymore is just kind of like what a person addicted to caffeine feels every morning that they have their first cup of coffee. It wakes me up a little. It makes me feel a little motivated and energetic for a little while after i take it. But the effect that I get from the drug now is not even close to the amazing sense of mental clarity I originally had. Now that my body has become adjusted to taking a pretty high dosage of adderall each day, I just don’t even feel much.
    The only part about the drug that is as strong as when i first started to take it is the severity of the side effects. I used to have issues falling asleep at night.. and when I started taking the adderall, it just became even harder to fall asleep. Because of that, I got prescribed to a sleep aid… which I am now dependent on. The adderall has also given me horrible anxiety problems. To combat the anxiety, I got prescribed to tranquilizers… which I now am also dependent on. So let me put it this way:

    I started taking a drug to get rid of my semi-bad attention span. Then I had to start taking more drugs to get rid of the problems from the first drug. Then.. it turns out that the drugs that get rid of problems come with even more problems than the original drug!

    So what am i stuck with?

    1. An addiction to a stimulant that doesn’t even work anymore.
    2. An addiction to a sleep aid.
    3. An addiction to a tranquilizer.
    4. Horrible withdrawal symptoms that come when any of these three drugs aren’t in my body on a regular basis.
    5. A big stupid chain of addiction that didn’t really solve any of the original problems. A chain that just makes you feel worse than you originally did. A chain that I started because I liked the idea of instant gratification when I wanted my problems to go away.

    In my opinion, drugs shouldn’t always be a quick fix. Drugs really do have both Pros and Cons. You have to take a look at both to determine if one outweighs the other. For me, the Cons of taking Adderall really seem to outweigh the Pros.
    I just wish someone had told me that this could happen so easily a year and a half ago when I started. Now I’m 18 and I don’t know what to do. I just really regret being so easily convinced that I needed these crutches in the first place.

  208. Eve

    adderall is both the best and worst thing that ever happened to me – but i wish it never happened to me (even though i would have failed out of law school without it, instead of acing it). 8 years now and i can’t get off of it. i just want to sleep and be normal again, but i need it more than ever because i’m juggling too much. lately i’ve been worried i might just drop dead from it one day. my poor husband and daughter might just lose me, and are the victims of my mood swings. i need help but my quack doctor keeps giving it to me. i know that when i’m not on it i’m okay (i.e. i don’t go insane), i’m just really lethargic and incapable of getting anything done. i’ve been off of it for a whole year in the past (pregnancy and breastfeeding) so i know it can be done, but it’s hard to learn to live without it… it should not be on the market in any form. if you are not on it, please don’t take it, and don’t listen to your doctor – they don’t get it, THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND this drug, especially in any dose over 20mg/day (which i assure you you will get to).

  209. sue

    I’ve been on adderall for 1 1/2 yr & for past yr have noticed serious lack of sexual desire. Spoke w/ gf also my age (48), also on adderall. She just told me that she too has had NO sex drive for at least 8 mths. (which is sad because she used to enjoy a very active sex life).
    Probably not a coincidence.
    Anyone else notice this side effect?

  210. I was put on adderall about 2 & 1/2 yrs ago and from a girls perspective its a great weight loss drug and i would have never been able to get even half as much acomplished if not on the drug. I was known as the biggest space case in school, every time my name was called i would have no clue as to what was going on. when my doctor put me on adderall i wanted to jump up and down and tell everyone i knew about it but soon after taking 1 20mg pill a day went to 2 20mg pills a day then 2 & 1/2, not wanting to have a heart attact i went back to 2 a day and now have to drink about 3 shots of espresso along with it just to get through my day. im wanting to know if anyone has been on this drug for longer then 2 & 1/2 yrs and let me know if the same problems accur. And i just wanted to comment on all the people that said they have no sex drive, that is the only thing that has increased for me since on this med but i think it has alot to do with the way you eat and take care of your body! Ive noticed when i let go and start eating real fatty foods and sugar, my moods go up and down like a roller coster and im the biggest bitch! my poor husband says he can tell if ive been eating alot of junk.

  211. Sara

    when my daughter started school they kept telling me she had behavior problems. They than said she had ADHD and started her on adderall. Within months of starting the medication she had tummy cramps, headaches, she would not eat, and when the adderall was wearing down in the evenings she would cry and get so mad at us. The school begin to have more problems. I was having to go pick her up every other day for being sick. I finally told the doctors and the school that i had never had a problem with her being hyper, and they were the ones that pushed the adhd and the adderall. My daughter is now 11 and has not been on any medication since we stopped the adderall. She does great in school, and I cant complain to bad about her behavior. Doctors and others are just to eager to push this medication on little kids. Let you children be kids, because sometimes I dont believe they really have adhd nor do they require mediation. My daughter is proof of that.

  212. dan

    oh yes, and ive never had a sleep problem not even once. I take the 20mgs at 4’ish and can sleep whenever i want. In fact on saturdays i can nap after having taking my meds. so go figure.

  213. sue

    My daughter took 3 pills over 2-1/2 days to help focus on exams. She must have overdosed because she did not even know who she was. For 2 weeks she pretty much slept 22 hours a day and the next week 16 and was depressed, fatigued and she has really no memory of that time. Since then she has done fine but now she just started with the fatigue again and said she feels weird with her friends like she is not even part of what is going on, sounds like depression to me. Is this normal? How long with this go on? She only took the 3 pills and she is not taking any more for certain.

  214. Dylan

    I think one of the main problems here is prescribing these children far more than they need. I read one poster saying her 40 pound 7 year old taking 25mg in the morning and more at lunch. That is a very high amount! I weigh around 165 pounds and I am only taking 15mg instant release twice a day, once in the morning once at lunch. I think any parent with their kids taking these dosages should talk to their doctor and reevaluate the situation.

  215. Tristan

    I am a 25 year old male that was prescribed to low-moderate doses of instant release generic adderall 2.5 months ago in lieu of methylphenidate. My issue with adderall, as wonderfully effective as it is, is that I sometimes get pressury feelings in my face in spite of the fact my CT scan was good and my blood pressure is good too. Also, the effects are very inconsistent due to food interaction even when taken an hour apart from what i eat. Sometimes a dose may produce no effect, whilst the next dose of the same amount will feel too strong. I had taken (ritalin) for 10 years but stopped at age 15 due to the inhibition of physical and social development and I caught up quick in those deficits but as I got into my 20s I found myself more and more scattered and prone to use unhealthy substances of various types which prompted me to return treatment. I may talk to my doctor about switching to Concerta because I believe the methylphenidate family is less prone to producing anxiety or weird headaches in me. I will say however Adderall takes credit for not reducing my appetite as bad as ritalin would. With ritalin, i couldnt even eat until it was out of my body.

  216. Edwin

    I’ve been on adderal xr 30mg for like a couple weeks now…It is a fantastic drug and without I really notice the difference in concentration…The problem is my kidneys hurt, I have to keep stretching out my back…I guess im gonna stop taking it but it really sucks…Any thoughts, does the pain go away or ???

  217. Jim Jameson

    First off, side effects and contraindications are not the same thing. Side effects are adverse effects caused by taking a drug, while contrindications are existing conditions that would preclude one from taking the drug in the first place.

    Information from the internet is suspect at best without rigorous vetting of your sources.

  218. karen

    People….do not use the generic forms of Adderall….There are many generic phramacies that have sprung up around india and these companies are not being regulated. My 19 year old suffers less side effects when using name brand. Ask your doc to Sign” name brand necessary” when filling script.

  219. R

    To: Angel on Wellbutrin who also started taking adderal and is ecperiencing muscle aches….try taking L-glutamine. It is a natural supplement you can get at health food stores. No side effects. Take one or more every day.It stops inflamation in muscles, joints etc. My chiro reccomend. it for my lowner back. I got it and within one day….no lower back pain or stiffness or soreness. Also, yes, take nordic naturals omega 3 oil. Very beneficial.

  220. Sam

    WOW, very interesting comments from every one. I am in my late 30’s and have been taking 20 mg XR in the morning and 10 mg tablet in the afternoon. on top of that I am also taking cymbalta and at the beginning my concerns were the loss of sexual drive and weight loss which I was ok with, but after almost one and a half years I have not lost any sex drive and no weight loss. I have maintained my avg weight of 175 to 180 (holidays around 180) LOL . I appreciate all the feed backs but for me, the drug has given me the patients, thinking power, incredible and creative ideas about many things and solutions to issues that I never would have thought about or give a hoot about in the past. It allows me to tackle daily issues from family to work related matters. I am able to open up and communicate with others and ask questions about the matter and than come up with a solution with in the same conversation. I used to be a quiet, always keeping it to myself and not wanting to deal with any ones but now, I take every thing by the horn and deal with it. And yes, there are some times that I am over taken by all the issues and life problems but after stepping back and re assessing my issues and plans I get back and go at it again. I know that I cant be up and up all the time and just like any thing else, what goes up must come down but the good thing now is that I dont stay down for weeks and sleep all day and want to shut off the world. Now, I take the time that I need to go through the issues and get back up after a day or two feel great about the ability to get back to every day life.
    I guess at the end of the day, I look at the big picture and see how life is going and how I can make it better for me and my family. And yes, there are a few side effects but in the long run, what I can accomplish and live my life now, day to day is what makes me feel good about living. Because you never know what tomorrow brings. I am happy now and living life now thats what matters to me. I guess I take the good with the bad and make it work for me the best possible. I hope others would be able to see things from my angle and always see the positive in life.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this and I wish every one luck.

    Sam Z

    that I never knew that I had. Its like my secret weapon. Going in to meetings with CEO’s and big real estat

  221. elizabeth

    my 17 year old son was on adderall for 4 years while living w/his father (which i never approved of!!!). he quit taking the drug when he moved back into my house abt. 8 mos.ago. He runs cross country in school but had to quit because of a racing heart that wouldn’t quit racing for abt. 30-45 minutes after running. he now has to see a heart doctor. Why do parents think it’s okay to drug their children?? do you not think about the lasting side effects of these drugs? my son may have had a heart condition before starting the adderall (?) but his father & his doctor should have tested prior to medicating or did the adderall cause this problem? I plan to find out!

  222. Justin

    I have been taking adderall for 1 month and 1 week now and have been dying to get off for the last week!!!!!! I take the 30mg adderall not adderallXR. The first 2 weeks my appetite was completely lost but came back in full starting on the 3rd week. The past week has been really horrible though. I have always had a very high tolerance for medication and my body adjusts to it extremely fast, but lately the adderall has had little to no effect on my ADD other then adverse side affects. I have been experiencing EXTREME HOSTILITY, AGGRESSION, AND MURDER ACTS!!!!!!! I also heard voices for a good 1.5-2 weeks as well. I am a 16 year old male and when on adderall ALL REMORSE AND FEELING OF RIGHT AND WRONG ARE LOST!!!! DO NOT TAKE THIS MEDICATION IF YOU ARE PRONE TO VIOLENCE!!!!!

  223. cammy

    I have been taking 20mg of Adderall since May and I started losing signifigant amounts of hair 4mths later. My doctor insists that hair loss is not a side effect but I have never lost hair before. I know it’s not lack of nutrition because I still eat. has anyone else had HAIR lOSS or is it just me?

  224. Katie

    Adderall deffintally effects my emotions. I am nothing like myself when i take it, i change into a solo person who just wants to be left alone and when im bothered i just blow up. tell me if this is happening to you cause i dont know if its just me.

  225. Ashley

    I have been on adderall for well over 12 years. I am now 25 years old. Before adderall and in the first few years of administration of the drug, I was the most happy and joyful person known to my family and friends. Adderall used over extended periods of time is proven to deplete your brain of dopamine.. this results in major depression. I have encountered that depression and it is far worse than living with ADHD/ ADD. My brother had the same result. I would never give my child this medication. It definitely stunts growth and causes depression. WARNING. On a side note, nothing else could have caused the depression. I am otherwise healthy, with a great family, a biochem major, and a great job. There is no other apparent cause.

  226. jane

    My daughter who is 25 yrs old in MSw PROGRAM
    takes it periodically to assist with her work.
    She’s had a alcohol problem on and off and is
    now in crisis. She took adderal 4 days ago and
    has severe panic and anxiety and confusion about
    what to do. She blacked out from alcohol recently and got violent. I say inpatient
    rehab. Desperate for advice here. She has 6 months left to her MSW.jane

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