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ADHD Adverts Through The Ages

The Bonkers Institute for Nearly Genuine Research takes a satirical look at the science and marketing of psychiatry and its medication. Like all good satire it mixes humour with laser sharp observations about the products and how doctors works. Mock scientific papers like Therapeutic Efficacy of Cash in the Treatment of Anxiety and Depressive Disorders and entirely factual reposts, such this list of all 1195 side-effects reported by users of Ritalin and Concerta in a two year period, sit side by side.

One particular page may interest Myomancy though, a gallery of adverts for medication aimed at children. Several adverts for medications aim at treating ‘problem children from the early 1960’s shows how little has changed apart from the terminology. Ritalin adverts feature several times and demonstrates how good drug companies are at inventing new problems, such as Tired Mother Syndrome. The advert below is from 1988.

Ritalin Advert

Thanks to Mind Hacks for the link.