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Aggressive Marketing Tarnishing Cerebellum Based Treatments?

The Dyslexia Online Journal has an article the impact that the high profile marketing tactics of the Dore Centres (DDAT) on the credibility of cerebellum / vestibular based approaches to dyslexia.


  1. JackDore

    I am an ex Dore employee and can confirm that Dore have the hard sell approach which has forced many decent, hardworking program advisers to leave or be sacked because they will not comprise principals
    Because sales targets have been missed Dore are now recruiting door to door ex cable/Broadband style sales people who can close hard on the night.Each salesperson is set sales Targets and has to sit 8 sales calls per week and sell to one in two or sell 4 enrolments per week, anyone not meeting this target is sacked

  2. Oxy

    Take note Wynford of the comment from an ex employee. The sale team you have is suspect. I have first hand experience of how your sale team works and they’re so suspect. This is the first of many comments of how your sale teams are managed by people who will wipe out all the good that you have personally achieved.Their strategies and tactics are underhanded and deceitful. They are wolves in sheeps clothing beware!

  3. olwen

    I am amazed by the whole sales thing. I seen DDAT advertised on TV years ago. My son has severe ADHD. I thought about it and did nothing. I was searching the Web 12 months ago when i came accross it again (under Dore). I filled out an online questionare and it confirmed that my son had ADHD (i already knew this). I then recived a phone call and was offered a home visit to explain wht Dore did. I found it really useful and not in the slightest “salesy” At then end of it I was told the costs (which I already knew) and different ways of paying which made it affordable to me. 8 months on and the difference in my son is now immence. He has just finished the 6 weeks holiday and has not taken ritolin for the last 7 weeks. I am now confident in sending him to School without him taking it. If this ment that the man who visited me was a ex cable salesman or only sold it to me to hit some target then thank goodness!!!! he sure didn’t come accross like that but hat he did do was take time to explain how it worked and why it worked. Had it not been for him my son would have been starting the Senior school with his normal dose of rittolin, and me worrying if i am getting another phone call to come and collect him. It looks to me like the people above are bitter for some reason (I wonder why they are ex employees?). Please dont take the spotlight away from how good this has bee for people like me, just because you have an axe to grind!

  4. Graham

    The program works fine, however the heavy handed sales techniques may prove to be a little overwealming for some folks, just be aware that the person who visits you is not medically trained and working on comission.Thats not to say the program doesn’t work it does…..I too am an ex employee, loved the product hated the politics….I’m not sure Wynford actually knows whats going on ..thats all I will say..

  5. Lex

    Here is an extract from Wynford Dore’s recently published book.
    “I have no intention at all of working with those whose only ambition is to make huge amounts of money. Of course, any organisation we work with has to be properly run on a sound basis. It has to be efficient, it has to have good-quality control, it has to have good management and good motivation. But one of the key requirements is that it must also be absolutely sincere in its determination to help folk who have learning issues.” Ask any past or present employee of the Sales team does this reflect the practice of the Dore Sale Management team? Wynford pay attention, don’t pay lip service. Look in your own backyard.

  6. Mark

    I think its a well known fact that this business has cost Wynford a lot of money and he is passionate about reaching all in need, for him its not about making more money, but running at a profit, if it was more available to the mainstream then this would help achieve those goals and put less pressure on the sales teams, his error was perhaps choosing door to door sales managers rather then consultitive experienced to drive the business forward….any Dore employee reading this knows what I am talking about because the way they are managed is on a directive rather than supportive basis.

  7. David

    A business that’s profitable is one thing. A business no matter what the good intentions are cannot justify exploitation and manipulation of employees.Whilst I do believe Wynford’s sincerity and commitment. What about giving his employees the ‘means to achieve their potential’. Having a legitimate voice that would be listened to would be a start and perhaps this type of ‘debate’ wouldn’t be happening online.

  8. current employee

    As a current employee i am amazed this debate is taking place. I have been here 2 months as a PA and can honestly say it’s the best job i have ever had. At no time have i been put under pressure to sell.The things described above are incorrect and as people won’t disclose themselves it shouldn’t be taken seriously.
    Seems to me it’s just ex employees using this as a moan and whinge board. Those of us sill here have far more serious things to et on with.

  9. Phil

    The story so far and the moral of the story is?
    What do you think folks? Would you become an employee of the Dore Sales team and don the sheep clothing?
    Remember the farmer did shoot the wolf in the sheep clothing as he was the biggest and an easier target to aim for.
    To be continued …………

  10. truth

    I am an ex Dore Programme Adviser and what can i say i have wasted over a year of my life with that company. The programme does work for many and that cannot be taken away however the underhand sales team does put a big black cloud over the programme. As a Pa you are pushed and pushed to make a sale and meet targets at no matter what cost even offering people on benifit finance over 3 years for the programme when you are complety aware that they will struggle with the payments. If more than one family menber wants to do the programme they should get the cost of the programme at one full cost one half price however managment do not like you to mention this and they really go for the big heavy sales push.I would not sell for selling sake did not reach my targets, But at least i moved on with a clear head and i no that i never put anyone in a position where they felt they had to take the programme unlike most of the sales team. I do beleive that Wynford must see what is going on however he seems happy to let this go, Beleive me i strongly beleive that they will be exposed in a bad way before long. Never did i think i would use a board like this however i just want everyone to understand how heavy handed and unneeded the sales team is. Please wynford wake up and take a good long look at your Managment team they are really pulling the wool over your eyes thats for sure.

  11. Bob

    Let me explain to those who may wonder what is going on,

    In sales its hard to find a product that you can really believe in and feel proud of selling and most sales people who join Dore are pretty good at sales and know all the tricks of the trade related to door to door sales but have never had a product like the Dore programme in terms of something that will change lives and as part of the sales process you need to understand the problem and deal with some quite emotional situations..

    However with this sale you get very close to the client and after 2 hours in a counselling style situation you soon take on board their feelings and a bond is formed which makes its hard to close hard as is the company policy.

    They like the toilet close to be applied, so at the pitch where you give the cost you then say…

    “look you need the think about this and I need to pop out to my car and make a call so you take some time to consider”…then Columbo style when you get to the door you turn and say ” remember its not the cost you are thinking about but little Johnny’s future and helping him to live a normal life”… then return after about 10 mins and say….”so do you want to change Johnny’s life forever or have you decided to let the problems persist..

    I genuinely believe Wynford has a passion about the program and is trying to do good, he has put in place a sales management team that has delivered good figures for the first time, however the sales management style is not in keeping with a caring company and they have ruffled a few feathers with the traditional Dore staff that helped build the company ……..this story will run and run because they turn over a lot of sales staff who fall in love with the product but get shafted by the sales management team and will be happy to add to these stories on this forum …..sooner or later this will reflect on the company and Wynford will need to heed this.

  12. worried

    I am a PA for dore and i am still employed by them however i hope and pray that it will not be for much longer. The programme does work for many and i feel that all the good work that has been done over the years is been taken away because of the sales Managment team that is in place. There do not care about the programme or company and are only interested in Sales no matter what cost even if people can afford or infact really do need the programme.
    The pa are pushed and pushed to the limit you need to work 7 days a week late nights weekends etc in order to obtain the 16 a month targert that you have. You are told not to go out on visits where there is only one parent present as the push on the hard sale at the home visit and they will not take the answer of “i will have to check with my partner” they are only interested in people who are working and that is one of the first questions the contact centre will ask you. What i wonder is if we were not provided with mobile phones, Laptops, Brand new cars would the public have to pay as much as 2000 for the programme, The centres are shabby and run down and not what someone paying a priviate treatment should have to put up with, They charge you if you dont meet appoitments and even when you lose or break any equipment,Just money money money with not a care for anyone. Also without nameing names thoes of you who work with Dore will be aware of the so called new promotion in the sales team, So our worst nightmare has been confirmed!! time for me to make a run thats for sure, just cant wait to see how may will follow, Tell you what thoese people who have a heart and care about the effects they have on others lifes will not be with the company much longer. This makes me sad as i do beleive that Wynford does care however has he been blinded by the pound signs as well….(of to jobcentre)

  13. Graeme

    The employee with 2 months service has a great job as his or her target is only 8 a month, when they reach 4 months and the target is 16/18 then the job becomes increasingly more difficult and the first time you have a one to one with you ASM where your job is threatened unless you acheive a certain figure is quite disturbing and you will start to feel uneasy like many others do…

  14. exdore

    is there not something that us who have left can do this cannot go on why should this be allowed to happen how many other people are going to leave good jobs to go to dore to be lead a merry dance by the worst managers in the world..

  15. mug

    I to worked for dore for some time and its so sad to see that all the good that wynford has done over the years being pulled from under his feet by the simple fact that the sales so called managment are just conserned about the about of money they are making when indeed they are affecting peoples lifes. who the hell do the think they are. On a good note it is noce to see that although there is lots of negitive comments not one person has any quams about the programme working which is fantastic. I would love to find out just how many people have been pushed out or had to leave due to a certain so called manager. Beleive me ddat used to be a lovely place to work, why oh why does wynford not do anything, i have been told that they are aware of this site however the sales manager is a great beleiver in ANY PRESS OR COVERAGE IS GOOD well not in this case i can assure you also if they are aware they why has there been no retalation by then i will tell you why the know that everthing on this page is correct, just wish that wynford would take this matter in hand as he had a good team who gave it there all however one by one they are been picked of by the new managment team and when a new venture comes along with bigger pound signs they will be off again and then where will wynford stand?

  16. Graeme

    Actually mug they will probably stick with this one as they have been promoted beyond their station and this is as good as it gets for them especially the one who would have spelt their as there..however the lack of initiative and skills to develop individuals due to their lack management training means its still going to be the person at the top says 2+2=5 and this will be cascaded down with a big stick.

  17. steve

    Looks to me that this is just sour grapes by people who are no good at sales so get moved on. There is a lot of people made a lot of money from dore o it i not the managment teams problem if you cannot meet your targets and make money and at the end of the day you are so sad that you still after leaving the company look on sites like this anyway

  18. Annoyed and angry

    I have worked at Dore for a number of years and resent the negative comments being left by ex sales employees.

    The introduction of a new sales operation last year was initially viewed with scepticism but is now welcomed with joy.

    They are professional and informed and our clients certainly do not complain of under hand sales tactics.

    I agree this sounds like sour grapes from people with their own agenda’s, we are better off without you.

    I think the only mistake made by anyone was employing you in the first place.

    Surely any company has targets to meet whether it be sales or another department. Even schools have targets.

    I am sure if a Head Teacher couldn’t reach their educational targets they would be replaced.

    So my message to you is, move on.

  19. sickofdore

    as above quoted They are professional and informed and our clients certainly do not complain of under hand sales tactics . How can you become professional and informed if you only have a week training also would it be classed as being professional for a manager to call someone pretending to have done the programme himself to get a sale?? If that is not underhand will forgive me for getting it wrong, also you know fine well that there has been and will continue to be complants regarding the sales team ask any PS.

  20. Sue

    Sickofdore, you have missed the point, its a sales job and your role is to create revenue for Dore, I am sure 1 weeks training is ample as its not a complicated process and they have medical experts at the centres, all you have to do is get poeple there, all sales people bend the truth a little look at it this way, you can make good money changing peoples lives, the ends justify the means

  21. Observer

    Sue. I think it is you that have missed the point and many more points in all of this. Don’t judge all Sales people by you own standards! Yes, revenue does have to be created but at all costs? Desperate people do desperate things.If the Dore programme is as successful and unique as it meant to be why the need to basically tell lies and cheat? You sum up your own intellectual capacity well when you say ‘its not a complicated process’ What is not complicated? Telling lies and cheating? But why the need to lie and cheat clients? Why employ ‘Sales’ people in the first place? You show some ignorance and arrogance and are disrespectful of the clients and just confirm the lack of ethics within the Dore sale team. ‘The end justifies the means’ will be Dore’s Nemesis.

  22. sickofdore

    Sue, little point to make here i do not even work on the sales team, so perhaps you should get of your high horse and just look at the facts im sure there will be a lot more home truths coming out over the next few week over the so called sales team…As a one of dores top sales managers always says…The product sells its self…So why the need for a sales team why use underhand tactics and lies if the product is so good and sells its self.Dore could not care less as it has turned over the last year just to care about money at no matter what cost. Tell me this is forcing people on benifit to take out finance ethical or lies on finance forms to get a sale

  23. an outsider

    I am so curious as to why people that are complaining do not have the courage of their own convictions and leave there own names and e mail addresses. Perhaps it’s because they know that most of what they are saying is lies and distorted truths.

  24. Sue

    So why then have not you done this!!!

    Reading between the lines here this is a battle between ex and existing disgruntled staff who probably face the sack for under achieving and the Dore management who are hard drivers, my question is why are the management taking on so many duffers…sounds like bad recruiting to me and this is the real management problem,

  25. why

    This kind of blog will run on and on the reason behind this is that the sales managment team cannot be approched in regards to any problems that you may have all they can see is the money signs, Sue think that that is a very terrible thing to say that the sales team are full of Duffers? Most Pas come from good working backgrounds however i must say that lately the ex door to door double glazing sales seem to be getting a job with dore with no problems. Not one person is saying that the programme does not work and i think that is why most sales staff past or present is so angry as the programme should sell its self and not require an underhand sales approch as unlike broadband and double glazing this is peoples lives……..

  26. Sue need to understand that ALL products are sold…OK maybe your management team are lacking in certain areas but this is the same with most sales organisations where good sales people get promoted based on their sales abilities and then have to develop sales management skills,why not bring up your personal issues at your next one to one and get your manager to put a development plan in place for you around the problems as you see them?

  27. why

    sue i make my targets each month and dont need to be developed my concern is that people are having to pay 2000 for the treatment when they cannot afford it and be pushrd into this due to the underhand sales techniques of dore which i have seen first hand on many ocassions.

  28. zoemark

    I have recently been made aware of this site, and as an employee of Dore, find it almost laughable at what is being said. Sales is sales. it is either the programme for Johnny, or a new car or a widget, sales is sales. The company does not run on fresh air, and nor should it continue to run from the Royal Bank of Wynford. The reason that the sales force acts and is managed like a sales force is to generate income to cover the cost of the clinics, the research and the staff. And the moaners amongst you either cannot really sell, or as a colleague of mine says, are really social worker material. 2 grand is not a lot of money for a minimum of 1 years private treatment that has fabulous results. There is no hard selling tatics, just facts and honesty, which the social workers amongst you will avoid. There are problems in the senior management team I agree. And questions are asked as to what do they actually do? The ASM’s work long hours 7 days a week, and the PA’s the same, but next level up?? non motivational, forgetful and supportive? No. Staying home seems to come first. (take note please Bob) So lets focus on the good that Dore achieves and not the moaning from ex employees and PS’s that obviously do not understand sales and should be looking for a nice soft job in customer care or the community.

  29. Sue

    zoemark I think you have hit the nail on the head however I wonder what turns sales poeple into social workers, and why these traits are not picked up in the interview process, as per my previous post sounds like poor recruitment to me, by the way is the toilet close used by the sales team? as per bobs post above

  30. zoemark

    Sue, I cannot speak for all but I have seen it used. But not in such a cut and dried way,but in a do you want a moment to talk without me here way. People need time to make sure they both agree with the decision, saves cancellations next day.

  31. PA

    I recongnise zoemarks phrases and obviously you are an ASM,and see you have had some issues with senior management, yes the program is great, it works and changes lives and we must not detract from that, however its a shame that the senior management is so poor that we cant feedback internally and have to do this in public.

  32. I do agree that DORE is pushy, and profiting from the disadvantage of others… However what medical companies dont??

    I am very glad for the work DORE have done, and the more of there principals become known publicly the better.

    I have copied as much as i can find out about DORE, and im doing daily exercise, and feeling great!!

  33. firstandonly

    Is the Management team in Dore not really embarrassed with all off this. I certainly will be as this is reflecting badly on them. It is really sad that at company have to resort to using a blog such as this to get there grievance across- Bad management I think.

    Also it takes away from the initial problem and that was how the programme was being sold.
    Reading between the lines seems to me that there is a lot of underhand tactics going on within the company, however I think that the initial problem is the lack of management skills.

    Wynford I hope you do read this and my advise to you would be to have a good hard look at your management team and just see where these problems all stem from, You have worked hard over the years and you seem a dedicated man however lets face it this is not what any business man wants is it?

    Your programme does work for many, do not let a few of your employees take this away from you.

    Just have a good look starting at the top right the way down im sure that if you ask your staff what concerns they have then a lot of this can be resolved. Wynford they are scared to voice there opinions or fears within your company please do something this is peoples life’s Dore are messing with. Please take action.

  34. PA

    The company is making sales and hitting targets set by Wynford who must be pleased as he has promoted Bob, So his methods are working from a business perspective.
    I think the main problem is the way the message is delivered by the RSM as their people skills are woefully lacking and the ASMs just seem to be under so much pressure

  35. tom

    What an interesting debate or so I at first thought, I have been following it for a while as I’m particularly interested in all the alternatives available. Dore is on my list as a treatment for my grandchildren and so I was very engrossed reading the posts from former and existing staffs.
    I’m not particularly bright but I learnt absolutely nothing from the posts other than they made me wonder if this is yet another extension of the Snowling versus the rest nonsense and I’m very disappointed.
    Why? It is apparent that Mug, Truth and Worried miss-spell beleive the same way. Truth and Mug miss-spell managmant the same way. I guess they all attended the same school. I can quite see the TRUTH in why MUG is so called and it WORRIED me.

    There is more, and it shows that this is a badly organised campaign by the same person, those who are interested can spend a while sorting through the various posts to see quite what a simpleton this person is.

    If this is really a reflection of the sales targets that people at Dore are expected to achieve then all I can say is that the guy must be subsidising more than just the clients. Pitifully low I would say they are.
    Laptops and cars as well, my how the world has changed since I had to earn a living.

    Get a life people, some of us have more than enough to cope with than this inane nonsense.

    Chris, I am surprised as I had come to rely on your site for information.

  36. dogwatch4 sure

    I used be at Dore, put simply,everyone in the firm has the clients interest at heart EXCEPT the sales management.
    They have Bob Clarks targets as priority and are whipped (and whip subordinates)to achieve them.
    I would’nt say the Management have no regard for clients but its very little, the ethos is stick and carrot…only there’s no carrot. The limit of their Management skill is stick stick and more stick.
    The middle managers know no other way of working, see they were treated like this in older days when Bob whipped them into selling gas and electric.
    Face the wrath of Bob if targets he’s stated WILL be met…….. are not.
    In my humble opinion, all the good people who can and do empathise with clients and treat them with care will go………or will be pushed…….OK you need to sell but not like this, its not a second hand car or a new back door or a new gas supplier this is changing someones life………….

    When you put a guy who knows no other way of selling other than door knocking and having 5 seconds to survive asking where do you buy your gas from in charge of something like this……..
    Watchdog is on the horizon.

    The reason I no longer work for Dore is controversial, and the facts surrounding my dismissal will be of interest to the media.
    If anyone else has some concrete stuff post it here soon.
    Does anyone know the link about Bob Clarke being unfairly dismissed at TXU energy for sending dodgy emails ??

  37. Bob Clarke

    To the previous poster.

    An Official Company response will follow sometime today.

    I would like to make the following personal comment, but also wonder why i am bothering to justify myself.

    The TXU saga is a matter of public record, so is the compensation payment of £32000 followed by a further award of £25000.

    My 30 year career certainly has included more than my 14 months at TXU as a Senior Executive.If anyone wants the full facts please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Also my partner and 7 year old son are on the programme. I am currently experiencing behavourial problems with my 6 year old son which means i attend regular meetings at his school with various educational departments ( this has been going on for nearly a year now). How dare you say i dont care. I have personal experience, can you say the same.

    If you were so hard done by why do you hide behind an anonymous e mail address.

  38. PA

    Bob, if through the recent internal email you discover that most PAs love the job i.e selling something that changes lives but hate the way we are managed , the phone sessions with suspect leads and having to work 7 days to hit targets, thus resulting in a negative impact on OUR family life, Will you do anything about it?

  39. dore

    I am an ex Dore Programme Advisor (Left on my own accord) I have been reading this web site for the past few months and now I feel that I should say something. When I started in Dore I though that I had found my dream job I loved everything about the programme and helping people whilst making good money however this did not last long, It is very easy to get involved in the families and when they cannot afford the programme and you cannot help it really hits you hard, now I know that not all Pas have that problem and can keep there self detached however for me this was a big programme. Secondly I have worked for Multi National company’s in the past and had a higher sales position than the one I had at Dore however I feel that the Area Managers in Dore really let the team down, They way in which you are motivated by then is really sad, they seem to think that money is the be all and end all of living. They contact you at all times of day and night and yes you are expected to work 7 days a week if you are not doing home visits then you are having to try and make appointments to me it was no quality of life and even if you did make your targets there was never really any thanks, I felt that I was pushed and pushed until I could not go on and I really do think that if you have a family then this is defiantly not the role for you I was single and I felt it took over my life.
    The sad thing through out all this bitching that is going on this site is that whether you be ex dore or still employed can you not see what damage this is going to have on Dore as a whole. I truly believe that the Dore programme does work and it has helped so many people and when I worked there and you could help people and get them on the programme this was a feeling that no money or achieving targets could buy.

    Bob the times I did meet you I did think that being a family man you did care and I feel that you are perhaps getting the back lash here it seems to be that it is the ASM that need some retraining and perhaps a people management course.
    What I will say which is a tad negative is that there is lies that do go on to get the sale which is so sad when the programme should sell its self these lies i.e. finance form been filled in fraudulent to get the sale through, Managers pretending to call potential clients saying they have done the programme etc DO HAPPEN.
    Please BOB sort something out before a good and life changing programme is known for its poor staff and lies loses everything. I wish everyone in dore all the very best for the future and I truly hope that in a short time this has been sorted Dore shown in the light it deserves (ps I have not hidden behind an invalid email address)

  40. sue

    Its weird how the ex staff are so attached to this program they can’t let it go even when they are sacked or leave, shame the management can’t harness this and use it for motivational purposes.

  41. existing employee

    Where is all this going to end ? Perhaps the way round all of this tittle tattle suggesting poor morale in the sales team ( God is that Loud and clear ??!!!!)
    Is for Bob, Zoe, Mal and Mark to lead from the front, show everyone how its done,get in front of say 15 potential clients ( they must obtain the appointments first just as the pa ‘s do)and just let us all see how “good ” they are atdoing what they tell us to do , ringing the people,getting the appointment then empathising with the clients, doing the job right, not appearing to be a gas salesman and achieving the Target they set Pa’s….enrolling the clients, y’know with military precision.
    How can my boss tell me how to sell the product when the boss has never sold it him or her self ?
    Its called leading from the front, setting the standard,demonstrating you never tell him or her to do something that you cannot do yourself.
    Or perhaps you are all too busy analising the Micrro management statistics of how many numbers we dialled today, how many people we spoke to and how many appointments we secured.
    I suppose folk around you might think what you want them to…..that there isn’t enough hours in the day for you you are so so busy and your car, salary and position is therefore justified…commonly known as spending your life justifying your position.

    Go on Boys and Girl,its obvious your Management style is Destructive, its destroying the morale of your sales force, Lead from the front , forget how many engaged numbers we’ve dialled today and how many hot lips at hotmail we’ve indentified….dare you to roll your sleeves up and show us all how to do it instead of rolling them up for a scrap like you do day in day out.
    You need to learn how to motivate your team, we all know how much power you can unleash

  42. working with dore

    After reading this blog for the last few days I cannot believe the ex dore employees & the ones who still claim to be employed by dore. I wonder how they can sleep at night – they all admit the program works but still want to damage the reputation of the company – this kind of personal dross could deter someone whoose child would genuinely benefit from the program – I hope they think about that child & how they feel – but maybe none of them have these problems & maybe they don’t know how to empathise with these clients (which is probably why they were hopeless at the job) – I do know what it’s like to be that child stood crying alone in the playground. If you have turned off 1 person thats on your concience as I’ve already said I hope you can sleep at night. The management of any company can sometimes get it wrong but at Dore I think they’ve mostly got it right. And as for people being sacked as soon as they don’t hit target Ive been with Dore thirteen months & have hit target no more than 2 or 3 times – at no time has it even been hinted at that I may be fired probably because they know how passionate I am about the program and believe in it enough to put my own daughter on it. I haven’t hidden behaind fake email adressess as I have nothing to hide I don’t lie & have never used the columbo style end to a sit. So come on all you anonomous ex employees come clean & admit you were fired or resigned because you were hopeless at what counts getting the message across to clients

  43. tom

    working with dore, it seems like someone has some common sense. You are right when you say “ I cannot believe the ex dore employees & the ones who still claim to be employed by dore” because there are few attacking Dore . The entire discussion has been engineered by one or two persons as you will see if you read my previous post.

  44. working with dore

    tom – i did as you suggested & looked through previous comments, you are right this is 1 maybe 2 people who obviously are trying to engineer this debate it took me 5 mins to determine that 5 different entries have the same email address & – Graham, Mark, Anon & Mal are all withheld@yahoo & phil & truth are truth@hotmail & oxy & oberserver are both honesty @hotmail – so not the brightest bulbs on the planet are they no wonder they didn’t last long at dore

  45. paula

    Denise how do you know they still do not work at dore? I can assure you that at least 70% of these comments are true i have spoken to them, Looks like you do not know who you work with……

  46. paula

    Denise can you not see that people are to scared to put there own details down for fear of there job, you are just comming out with silly statements when you have nothing to back it up exept from your above comment which means nothing….

  47. bob clarke

    No one should be in fear of their job. I have an open door policy. If anyone who work’s for us has a gripe please contact me direct in confidence to discuss it.

  48. Moved from other thread

    My partner was employed by Dore as a Sales Manager, as an ex employee he will not hear a bad word about the program, he truly believes that the Dore program works and even 4 months after quitting the company regularly keeps in contact with people that he enroled in order to guage their improvement.

    The problem with the Dore Program is that the sales set up is just not professional enough and sales staff are continually threatened with losing their jobs by the CEO Bob Clarke or his assistant, Zoe Mckenzie.

    Unfortunately neither of these people have a clue about running a sales team, both were dismissed from Bulldog Communications for that very reason, that requires compassion, and believe me Dore is based on compassion.

    When my partner quit his job Bob Clarke cancelled my daughters program and stopped her from completing the course. What a nice guy!!!!!!!

    Bob Clarke may have graced these pages with his words of wisdom but what he hasn’t told you is that the reps are set monthly targets indicating how many people they have to sign up, how can you be truthful and compassionate if you are being forced by your managers to get at least 16 enrolments per month.

    Imagine the pressure that can be put to bear on parents who are worried about their child, make them cry, urges Bob Clarke upon returning from Australia. If we make you feel like a failure as a parent and we can offer you the answer how can you avoid signing up?

    Unfortunately these are marketing strategies that should not be linked to Dore, and are unfortunately giving Dore a bad name, but are the only ones that Clarke and McKenzie know.

    I truly believe, that in 99 out of a 100 cases, Dore could be the answer to your prayers, but until they change their CEO and Regional Sales Managers I would avoid having them in your home.

    My partner believes that Wynford Dore and his daughter Susie are two of the nicest people that you could ever wish to meet. He may be rich and successful, he may be a business man but he really cares.

    If you have a child that needs help in any of these areas call the booking line number and arrange an assessment, do not get a sales person out to see you, and try to get seen by Dr Tilly, he is truly brilliant and had his own son put on the program before he ever worked for Dore.

    If you are not satisfied after having had the assessment then please feel free to email me and I will do my best to explain how it works but you must understand that because of the changes that my partner saw in people I am a believer.

    I wish every success to Wynford and Susie and a plague of rats on bob and zoe.

    You may feel that this is sour grapes etc but my partner quit Dore of his own accord due to stress related illness and is now earning better money and enjoying life again.

    Think strongly about Dore but try to bypass the sales system as you do not want to feel pressured into something.

    The last thing to remember is that in order to complete the Dore program you are looking at a years hard work for a life changing experience.

  49. Denise

    What a suprise I tried to email paula to have a private conversation & guess what fake address. But that is besides the point I am a current dore pa & as I said before everyone agrees this program works & changes peoples lives. So why are these people determined to undermine that by having this tacky public spat due to sour grapes. I work in the northern region maybe the south is different but I will reiterate I have never used a toilet close I don’t lie to clients & have only hit target 2 or 3 times in 13 months & have never once been threatened with dismissal. Indeed when my 2 children have been ill They have been very understanding & I have always made up the time Give & take the way it works in any organisation. Lets end this petty dispute with a reminder THIS PROGRAM WORKS & CHANGES LIVES YOU MAY BE PUTTING OF PEOPLE WHO CAN REALLY BE HELPED!!!!!!!

  50. paula

    my email address is not fake however i have a filter on where only people in my address book and contact me, Denise i am not disputing the programme works what i am doing is disputing the fact that you assume these are all fake claims based on peoples email address, If you wish a private chate with me tell me here and i will open my inbox to you i have nothing to hide.

  51. sue

    Denise, as a current employee do you recognise any of Chrissie’s comments as having any truth, she says Bob stopped her daughter completing the program when her partner left surely that’s not a nice thing and perhaps you can understand why she would want to pass comments, she has also offered her email address and is saying good things about the program.

    Also PA mentioned something that only a current employee would know ;an internal email which Bob responded to so they must be who they say they are albeit a false email address.

  52. bob.clarke

    Moved from another thread.

    I think you should get your facts right before making a post. Several of the comments made by you are factually incorrect. Your husband may not have told you the total truth.

    I do not mind constructive critism but when it becomes overly personal and incorrect i will not sit back.

    We are achieving truely emarkable things here without the need of aggressive sales techniques.

    One thing i find really wierd is that we have not had one serious complaint from a customer in 15 months complaining of aggressive sales techniques.

    We are changing lives, we do not need your distractions.

  53. bob clarke

    To set the record straight.

    Whilst i recognise the person calling themselves moved from another thread, i didn’t see anywhere her disclose her name as Chrissie.

    The fact surrounding her daughter are not as clear cut as outlined.

    Appointments were missed and phone calls from the centre to rearrange were not returned. We got to a stage whereby some 6/7 months had passed between an appointments. Mr G was advised that we would have to undertake a new first assessment and he was not prepared to pay for ths.

    I currently have 2 of my family on the programme and have another 6 year old son experiencing severe problems at school. How dare any of you say i do not care. The very reason i am passionate about this job is my love of all children.

  54. This comment thread has veered significantly from the subject of Dore’s sales and marketing techniques. In doing so both sides have crossed the line from robust debate about an important subject into personal attacks on named individuals. Myomancy is not the place for this and the participants have plenty of other avenues through which they can settle their grievances.

    This comment thread is now closed.

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