Autism, Asperger’s and the IT Industry

Computer World has a good article on how many people working in computing and communications industries have autism or apserge’s.

Bob, a database applications programmer who’s been working in high tech for 26 years, has an aptitude for math and logic. And he has what he calls his “strange memory.” If he can’t recall the answer to a question, he can recall exactly, as if in a digital image, where he first saw the answer, down to the page and paragraph and sentence.

Bob has some behavior quirks as well: He can become nonverbal when he’s frustrated, and he interprets things literally — he doesn’t read between the lines. “I am sure [my boss] finds it frustrating when I misinterpret his irony,” he says, “but at least he knows it is not willful.”

Asperger’s and IT: Dark secret or open secret?