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There was an unexpected but positive mention of the Tomatis Method on the tough police drama “The Shield” . Vik Mackey, one of the lead characters, has an autistic son who makes notable improvements thanks to a teacher who uses the Tomatis method. Its a very brief scene and unfortunately the message that comes across is that listening to classical music offers a quick and easy solution to autism but it at least raises awareness of Tomatis method. Overall autism is handled very well in “The Shield” with the problems of bringing up an autistic child, especially the emotional difficulties for the parents, being a regular background story line for the show. I suspect that someone involved with the show has some first hand experience of the problems.

Worth noting that Michael Chiklis who plays Vik Mackey helps with funds raising and publicity for the Cure Autism Now Organisation.

Autism, Science

BBC Radio 4’s Case Notes programme this week focuses on Autism and how there appears to have to been a rise in frequency from 1 in 1000 in the 1960’s to close to 1 in 100 today. Nothing amazingly new in the programme but a good, balanced discussion on Autism.