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Autistic Spectrum Quotient

You can test your Autistic Spectrum Quotient . It a simple multiple choice questionnaire so its not going to diagnose autism but indicate if you have certain autistic traits. Developed by Cambridge’s Autism Research Centre they found the average, normal adult’s score was about 16 and that most people diagnosed as autistic scored over 30. When I took it I scored 25 so definitely more autistic than the average person which supports the hypothesis that dyslexia and mild autism overlap to some degree.
The study used to validate the test has some interesting bit in it: “Among the [normal population], males scored slightly but significantly higher than women … The students in Cambridge University did not differ from the randomly selected control group, but scientists (including mathematicians) scored significantly higher than both humanities and social sciences students, confirming an earlier study that autistic conditions are associated with scientific skills. Within the sciences, mathematicians scored highest“.
Before taking the test is is worth stressing: “[it] is not diagnostic [test], but may serve as a useful instrument in identifying the extent of autistic traits shown by an adult of normal intelligence. A score of 32+ appears to be a useful cut-off for distinguishing individuals who have clinically significant levels of autistic traits. Such a high score on the AQ however does not mean an individual has Aspergers or High Functioning Autism
The Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ) : Evidence from Asperger Syndrome/High Functioning Autism, Males and Females, Scientists and Mathematicians [PDF]


  1. Allen

    I have high functioning autism with very high IQ and scored 34. I can relate to the person who mentioned having the social skills of a brick. It’s so frustrating even when you are trying to not be a social idiot! (sigh)

  2. Mimi

    I have asperger too. I can predict very accurately what other people will think, act and behave or how the mind process works, but I am completely unable to even smile without it being fake.
    I have a problem of memory, because after giving attention to a subject I don’t particularly care about, I obtain high levels of performance, but after I use what I learnd, my memory get erased completely (on that topic). I can’t remember a number or a date to save my life, but I do remember every detail of social interactions, psychoanalysis and what has been said. When I passed the IQ tests, I scored High and low levels depending on ‘when I passed it’ (before or after erasing everything). People had a hard time explaining this strange developement.
    I usually interact with people by pretending to be someone else that I have studied a little time before. The results are awesome, but I end up completely depressed and in need for loneliness after a week or two of faking.
    Sometimes, I really wonder why I have to live in socity while I could be more usefull researching on my field… (that is not number related).

  3. Gemma

    I scored 42, which I’m not too surprised about!! I was recently diagnosed with a personality disorder which i thought was a bit of a cop-out from the mental health authority. I have always felt different even from early childhood, I was extremely shy, didn’t talk very much, shyed away from physical affection. I feel like such a social idiot, i don’t know how to start conversations with strangers or make small talk unless its about one of my ‘passions’. I get very angry and frustrated easily and this makes me behave a bit like a child (I’m 28). I struggle to make friends and keep friends, but I have created attachments, almost obsessions with certain people and when they remove themselves from my world I struggle to cope with this change- i can’t deal with it. I have to play out my day in my head, I’ve learnt how to pretend to empathsise (can’t remember how to spell that word) with people, though generally this is fake. There are other traits that I have that seem abnormal or affect my life (impulses). I don’t know if I have some form of mild autism , but the psychiatrist who saw me (for a mere 40 minutes) and who diagnosed me asked me if i had autism which i thought was rather odd, i responded with a no as i thought of autism in its more severe form. Anyway I don’t know what to do? Its extremely difficult to see a psyc; but I know its under-diagnosed in women and the traits also appear slightly differently in women i.e. more emphasis on shyness and oversensitivity (I’ve lost count how many times i’ve been called too sensitive). Any advice??

  4. Sheryl

    I scored 39 on this test. I have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, ADHD but I have always felt different since my childhood. I dont know if I have any autism or asperger’s, I only know that I am not good in social skills, conversations with other people, I totally hate being disturbed when I am doing something I have found interesting to do or when I am daydreaming, I dont have any friends, I hated going to school cos all kids were like aliens to me and the teachers too, I hate it when some one messes with my things or misplaces them, I am good in arts as well as math/science, I love the details as well as the whole picture but I am a total idiot when it comes to day to day dealing with people-including my parents, politics and other stuff these people do and though I have learnt many languages (5 in total) I really cant explain my feelings or find the right words to speak with anybody in any particular language except english to some extent. I prefer being alone, I talk to myself, I pretend a lot when I am alone.

    I dont know if I am autistic or not or if I have asperger’s but all I know is I am very different from others and it is very depressing but still I am happy to be who I am and have learnt to live with it.

    Any advice on if I have autism or any thing of the sort?

  5. Ratus

    I scored 32, but it does not surprise me very well. I have a mild visuo-spacial dyspraxia (poor body coordination and spacial abilities) and numbers are my dear friends since my early childhood. I can also remumber every day of my life since the last 4 years.

    However, I can function quite normally in social settings, I am a bit uncomfortable in group situation and tend to be socially naive but I can discuss with someone else with no problems and do not lack empathy. No difficulty to understand sarcasm too, and it is even said that I have a sharp wit.

    I am nevertheless considered as a bit eccentric by my peers. Unlike males of my age, I have a very low sex drive. I also need to be alone more often than average because I am easily overstimulated by social interactions. I tend to be helpful and approchable but also egocentric, feeling different of others since my childhood.

    I have also some obsessive-compulsive tendancies as well as cyclothymia (a mild form of bipolar disorder). Also, like Gemma, I tend to be hypersensitive, easily happy, easily frustrated, easily depressed and hold grudges, but I control this since I know that my mood swings are generally illogical.

    Well, many autistic traits but definitly not fully autistic, I guess I could well being some sort of high functioning autist.

    I sometime feel misunderstood and find life difficult to deal with but at least I can say that I am never bored and do not have to go far to live a coloured life. I think I like to be different.

    Oh, and for Sheryl, you should consult a specialist but you seem to be very conscious of your strengths and weaknesses so you could well be also some sort of high functioning autist too

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