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Balance and Dyslexia

Tick Tock Talk, the blog on mental / interval time keeping, has coverage of an interesting study on balance and dyslexia. The researchers did a meta-analysis of 17 published studies on balance and dyslexia. Their conclusion:

Balance deficits are associated with dyslexia, but these effects are apparently more strongly related to third variables other than to reading ability. Deficits of balance may indicate increased risk of developmental disorder, but are unlikely to be uniquely associated with dyslexia.

Cerebellum and dyslexia controversy


  1. Ruth Stoltz

    reading what I read about dislexia was not what I expected, but I am dislexic and it is really affecting my life, I love my life, but this part is hard. I really want to be normal and learn and found what I was looking for the Gift of dislexia, is a farce? what do you sugest of how to live a balanced life in spite of this burden?

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