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Since overcoming my dyslexia, one of the things unexpected benefits is a better memory. I have always had quite a good memory for concepts and ideas but its very imprecise. For example, I can give you a good potted overview of the Britain’s involvement in India including all the major events without reference to a date more precise than ‘about the 1840s’. Over the last few months I’ve been getting better at remembering facts: dates, names of actors, addresses and so on. Some of this is because without the dyslexia my mind can take in the information without it becoming jumbled but I’ve also been deliberately trying to improve it. I read Use Your Memory: Understand Your Mind to… by Tony Buzan and tried out some of the techniques it recommended. The techniques work but they are not necessarily easy and require plenty of practice.
For a good introduction into memory and how to improve it, take a look at this article on memory feats by the author of How to Remember: A Practical Guide to….