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Camden Holdings – The Dore Holding Company

As Wynford Dore or Dore UK have not made any statement on the collapse of Dore Australia I’ve been digging into Dore UK’s finances to see how secure the UK company is.

DDAT (UK) Ltd is owned by Camden Holdings Ltd (company No 04371455). The directors of this company are Wynford Dore (who also the company secretary), Dr Roy Rutherford and Kenneth Mckerrow Logan since 22/12/2006. A total of 150,000 shares have been issued; 125,000 are owned by Wynford Dore, 1500 by Dr Rutherford and 10,000 by trust funds in the name of Dore family members.

The account reveal little except that the holding company owns DDAT (UK). There is no mention of the overseas companies so they are presumably owned directly by Wynford or another holding company. One item of note is that there was a Mortgage Charge registered with against the company on the 18/10/2007 for the Bank of Scotland PLC. This implies that a loan has been taken out using Camden Holdings as capital.

Somewhere in the mix of UK and overseas companies is Convex Capital who have been appointed to the board of ‘Dore’ as CEO and Financial Director. Their statement does not identify which they mean by ‘Dore’. Is it DDAT (UK) Ltd, Camden Holdings or another company?


  1. Bob Clarke

    Dore Uk in administration …….. now he has shown his true colours ..staff and clients in UK in the same position….

  2. Yes, I too have looked at the Camden Holdings accounts and they are fairly unrevealing. Without viewing the full accounts of DDAT (UK) and Camden Holdings as well as other involved companies it is very difficult to paint a full picture. However based on press releases and the way Australia was handled it would be reasonable to assume that DDAT (UK) cannot be rescued and creditors will lose out.

  3. Via

    Yes! Bob was so hands on when it come to the sinking of the ship.
    I would say that the wind will be taken out of Mr Bob Clarke’s sails next week and he will be truly scuppered!

  4. Jose Manterdell

    Trust, once broken, is like harsh words spoken, you can neither retract nor repair and sometimes folkes, an apology is just, simply, not enough. The level of sadness abounds, but the intensity of indignation and hostility against the very, very badly way this whole has been handled is deplorable. The key people have gone into hiding, and like cowards, will only come out when the dust settles. Shame all over you! And leave the enbittered to B*%@h as they please, there is no-one else they can talk to…

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