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Dyslexia Movement

Dyslexia Movement is an Australian clinic run by Mire Bree. It uses the same techniques developed for Primary Movement and these were based on the work done by INPP…. Continue reading

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Your Amazing Brain

Your Amazing Brain is a collection of experiments, background information and tests covering body language, left / right handedness and mirror cells…. Continue reading

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Myomancy’s New Look

As you may have noticed, Myomancy has been redesigned so that it better integrates with the Myomancy Treatment Database. I’m still tiding up so things may take a couple of days to settle down. If you spot anything that looks… Continue reading

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Visual-Spatial Learning

The Visual-Spatial Resource focuses on different learning styles and in particular those learners who are visual-spatially orientated. These children often struggle in schools that are sequential and auditory based in their teaching. They offer some downloads as well as promote… Continue reading

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