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Cocktail Party Deafness

The inability to hear someone when there is a persistent background noise has been described as Cocktail Party Deafness. This has been linked to hearing deficits exhibited by many dyslexics and ADHD sufferers (see Assessment at the Sound Learning Centre for more details). An in-depth look at all the factors involved in hearing in a noisy environment  can be found here: A Review of The Cocktail Party Effect by Dr Arons of MIT.

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  1. Harry Bunker

    In 1976, when I was police officer, I received serious injuries to the frontal left lobe of my brain, resulting in parenchymal damage. Months later, I realised that I had a problem in addition to those already diagnosed, but I did not attribute it to the injury. This was an inability to hear someone speaking directly at me if there was background noise, such as at a Christmas Lunch party. In nodded in acknowledgement to anyone speaking to me, but I rarely heard what they actually said. When my ploy was discovered, I was regarded as an anti social. The problem still pertains today, it has never been diagnosed, other than my G.P advising me to ‘grin and bear it’. Could the injury, which affected short term memory and perception, be responsible, and if so, is there any treatment ?.
    I was be most grateful.
    Harry Bunker

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