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Cognitive and Motor Skills in Dyslexia

I stumbled over this 1994 research paper Comparison of deficits in cognitive and motor skills among children with Dyslexia whilst researching background for last weeks article on walking (How we learn to walk). Its a very readable paper that demonstrates how the language problems that people associate with dyslexia are symptomatic of more fundamental issues.
"The children with dyslexia performed significantly worse than the same-age controls on most tasks, and significantly worse even than the reading age controls on phoneme segmentation, picture naming speed, word flash, bead threading and both blindfold and dual task balance. Overall, the performance of the 16 year, old children with dyslexia was no better than that of the 8 year old normally-achieving children, with some skills being significantly worse, and some better."

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  1. aitken

    i have been told that if a child does not crawl then he/she will be dyslexic. Is there evidence of such a claim? Some of the symptoms appear “normal” developmental stages, therefore not a cause for concern. When should a parent seek help? “Advice” from Lay-professionals can often be mis-guided!!

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