ADD / ADHD, Balance & Coordination, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia

Cornhole for Hand / Eye Coordination

Critics of the Dore Achievement Centre‘s claim it is simply throwing a bean bag around. This gross simplification has an element truth. Developing hand / eye coordination is a major part of the programme and it does use a bean bag extensively. Now there is a game growing popular in the mid-west of the USA that is simple enough for anyone of any age to play and helps to develop coordination.

Cornhole is a cross between horseshoes and bowls. Players take turns throwing bean bags at a target, scoring three points if they get it through a hole in the centre of the target, or one point if the bag lands on the target. The first to 21 wins.

Why might Cornhole be good for people with ADHD, dyslexia or other learning difficulty?

Feedback and fun.

Children and adults with learning problems often are very poor at detecting feedback because their underdeveloped cerebellum is constantly being overload with sensory information. By having a simple rules and a simple scoring system, players have a simple measure of how well they are doing.

Cornhole can be played on your own or with any number of other people. There is also plenty of scope for making up your own rules to make the game easier or harder. This allows it to be molded to fit the players ability level, a critical aspect for any game to be fun. A game that is too hard or too easy will turn people off. A game that provides the right level of challenge, reward and skill development is fun.

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