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Diagnosing Autism

A press release relating to an not-yet-published study looks at how children diagnosed with autism aged two are diagnosed when they are nine.

Of the 172 children who were examined at age 9 years, 58 percent had a best-estimate diagnosis of autism, an increase from the 49 percent diagnosed at age 2 years. Overall, 67 percent of the best-estimate diagnoses were the same at age 2 years and age 9 years. More specifically, 76 percent of those diagnosed with autism at age 2 received the same diagnosis at age 9, and 90 percent of those diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at age 2 received a diagnosis of autism or an autism spectrum disorder at age 9. Parent interviews, observation scale scores and clinicians’ judgment at age 2 years each independently predicted a diagnosis of autism at age 9 years, with clinical judgment most strongly linked.

Most Children Diagnosed with Autism at Age 2 Years Have Condition at Age 9

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  1. nicola fry

    Hi there my name is nicky and iam a photographry student, i am going to be starting my final mager project in two weeks and i wanted to do my poject on autism.

    Autism really interests me and i was wondering if there was any mothers or family memebers that can help me out, i like in the milton keynes area and i wanted to know if any one would be willing to let me photogrpah there son or dorter or yourselfs for my project any one interesting can you please e-mail me at

    i have problems myslef in life to no what its like and would really like to try and show people austism through photos.

    I am also in the proseses of fining any information about AS if any one can help me to i have a few problems and some one menchioned AS.

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