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Digital Fitness on Myomancy

I’m pleased to announce an expansion of Myomancy’s distinctive brand of independent news and reviews. From today we will be covering digital fitness products including Wii Fit, the soon to be released exercise system for the Nintendo Wii, Brain Training products on the Nintendo DS and elsewhere, rhythm bases games like Guitar Hero and lots more. In short if it involves electronics and has the potential to improve the brain or the body, then we will be reporting on it.

This is a natural extension of what Myomancy has been covering. Back in May 2004 we reported on Video Games Are Good For You (If They Involve Movement). In October 2005 we looked at the study by Professor Posner in Can Computer Games Help ADHD? and how games like Dance Dance Revolution have been shown to improve reading .

The science of how Wii Fit and dance games can improve coordination and rhythm and why this can help in education has been extensively covered. Currently specialised products such as Interactive Metronome have led the way but there is more and more evidence of how balance, coordination and rhythm training can help children and adults.