Commercial Dyslexia Centres & Treatments, Dyslexia, Franchised Dyslexia Treatments [sic] is an collection of Danks Davis Method [UPDATE: Sorry, that should be Davis Dyslexia Correction] tutors based in and around London, UK. They offer assessments for £80 and five day, intensive tutoring in the Davis Correction Programme for £1800.


  1. has nothing to do with the Danks method. is based in London and offers assessments and dyslexia correction programmes using Ron Davis’ method which is described in The Gift of Dyslexia and The gift of Learning.

  2. clarice

    i am moving to london with my 15 years old daughter who is dislexic and disgraphic and doesnt speak english.
    any suggestions about shools i can visit?
    thank you for any kind of help you can give me

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