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With eight clinics in the UK the Dore Centres are probably the largest company focusing on treating dyslexia via cerebellum and vestibular development. Having been through their programme I can say its worked for me.

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The Dore Centres have released results from their independently run study at the Balsall Common School (West Midlands, UK). The first results were originally published in the journal Dyslexia (Abstract) in February 2003. This latest set of results carries on the study for another year and were presented to the British Dyslexia Association‘s International Conference in March 2004. By carrying on the study for an extra year it has been demonstrated that the children who have completed the programme not only catch up with their peers but that they maintain this equality and do not regress over time. The cerebellum / vestibular system retains its training for at least 12 months after training has stopped. Overall the study showed significant progress in dyslexia and attention related problems in the treated children and ruled out the results being caused by the placebo effect. A sixteen page document that is somewhere between a scientific research paper and a press release can be found on the Dore web site (MS Word document). Press coverage can be found in the Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Washington Times, BBC and The Scotsman.