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Dore Sports Launches

Dore Sports has launched as training program for sportsmen. Its based on the Dore Program for dyslexia and ADHD and is a logical move for Wynford Dore’s company.

The original Dore training program focuses on the cerebellum, an area of the brain related to processing information and physical control. Through a series of exercises taking around 12 months, this area of the brain is improved. For a dyslexic or ADHD sufferer this brings the cerebellum up to normal ability levels allowing them to learn skills such as reading or self-control.

For sportsmen and women, who for the most part already have a good cerebellum, Dore Sports takes it to the next level. Just as a the right physical exercise program can allow a coach-potato to run a marathon, the right training program can turn an average athlete into a world-class athlete.

Dore Sports is aimed at professionals and those who want to become professional. There are no details given on the website about costs but its is likely to around the £3000 for a year’s treatment.