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Dore UK Collapse Update

A quick round-up of developments and links

Brainduck has a good post giving an overview of what happened and has set-up an alternative to the Dore Talk forum to take over when the official Dore Talk forum goes down.
EDIT: Brainduck has handed over control to parents of children who are/were on the Dore program

Bad Science has a predictable take on the situation.

Gimpy is looking at the financial issues and the blame avoiding game Wynford Dore is playing.

The Dore Talk forums are busy including a message to Sit Tight. Dore insiders (e.g. Wynford’s daughter) are still saying that funding may be found to keep the clinics open. The situation in the non-UK clinics is not clear but a message from Barbados states that the clinic there is still open.

Inevitably there is a lot of criticism of Wynford (and I including myself in that) but one key fact should be remembered. It works for some people as this message on Dore Talk makes clear:

I’m in tears here. My son has only been on the programme for just over 3 months and we’ve seen huge improvements. I just can’t tell him what’s happening because he also believes in the programme and it will be a huge blow to him.

I sincerely hope that something can be arranged to allow him to complete the programme. I don’t want to go back to our pre-Dore hell.


  1. I can’t see how other DORE centres around the world can carry on in present form much longer. Surely if the issue is that Wynford can no longer maintain subsidies, this will affect all centres? I suspect this is going to turn out to be false hope.

    As of tomorrow (24th May) I won’t have moderator or admin rights to the back-up DORE forum, I’ve handed that over to parents. Would you mind making that clear in your post above please?

    It’s interesting that parents are wanting to put the exercises on the Internet for all to access. ‘Commercial confidentiality’ has meant that researchers and interested MOPs haven’t been able to see the exercises in full before, but people have already begun to propose what looks rather like an uncontrolled pilot study of using the exercises ‘free-range’, so to speak.

  2. I am saddened by the effect the Dore collapse is having on clients all over the world. As a competitor of the Dore program I have always been concerned about MYOMANCY’s relative bias in favor of Dore while always seeming to make light of the Learning Breakthrough on which the Dore program’s activities were based. I have always been aware of the business motivations and alteration to the truth the Dore employed, yet always sure that people were benfitting as I know they do from our program.

    MYOMANCY is such a wonderful tool in so many ways and the frank and honest treatment of the topic along with an honest reference to a place where people can continue to go to get help on the exact same challenges at a fraction of the expense will be wonderful to see.

    Keep up the good work and please look into the LBP with more open mindedness to see what a life changing program it is also!!

  3. anwen owen

    why did this happen know, my yearly wage has gone so that we a working family from Wales could for fill our dreams, just like Scott Quinell was lucky enough to for fill, why arnt sky and so on putting there money where there mouth is, they where quit willing to sell the dore program

  4. Steve Morgan

    Luckily our daughter is at the end of her Dore programme. We as parents of Hannah who is almost 13 have seen a vast improvement over the last 18 months and cannot speak highly enough of the staff in Cardiff and the help they have given. We as a family wish Wynford and all of his dedicated staff all the best for the future. We also feel for all those people who are still on the programme but are sure that the Dore staff will do all they can to assist you in every way possible. Matt/Eileen if you read this, many thanks for everything, Hannah (Morgan) is a bit dissapointed that she cannot make her last sign off appointment as she wanted to really thank you both for the great job that you have done. Hope that everything works out for you all in all clinics. Best regards Steve&Joan Morgan

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