Dore US Closes Down

Not surprisingly Dore in the USA has also shut its doors. The fact that the whole worldwide operation has collapsed like a pack of cards makes it clear Dore will not be re-opening. If there was any chance of selling the business as a going concern, then one of Dore in the UK, US or Australia would of remained open.

My guess is that the business was fundamentally unprofitable and the faster Dore tried to expand in search of profit, the faster he lost money. The dream of “If only I can get big enough, I will be profitable” has sunk many businesses.

If there are any creditors of Dore UK reading this, please get in touch. As a creditor you will receive detailed financial reports on the Administrator’s work that will explain to you, why you will never see your money again. I would greatly appreciate a copy of these to place online so everyone can better understand what has happened. News of when the assets are being auctioned off would also be of interest.

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