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Dore US Closes Down

Not surprisingly Dore in the USA has also shut its doors. The fact that the whole worldwide operation has collapsed like a pack of cards makes it clear Dore will not be re-opening. If there was any chance of selling the business as a going concern, then one of Dore in the UK, US or Australia would of remained open.

My guess is that the business was fundamentally unprofitable and the faster Dore tried to expand in search of profit, the faster he lost money. The dream of “If only I can get big enough, I will be profitable” has sunk many businesses.

If there are any creditors of Dore UK reading this, please get in touch. As a creditor you will receive detailed financial reports on the Administrator’s work that will explain to you, why you will never see your money again. I would greatly appreciate a copy of these to place online so everyone can better understand what has happened. News of when the assets are being auctioned off would also be of interest.


  1. Tall Celt

    See this link
    I think that the private equity guy brought into run DORE has negotiated this licence with DORE hallowell. Good news is this will bring respect to cerebellar theory, bad news for any staff planning to rescue something from the ashes in the UK as licensing agreements will be prohibitive.
    Also given the date I would say the last month has been a cynical attempt to get free money from staff and clients.
    Administrators now appointed in UK so there is a compensation scheme from govt for staff and potentially clients. See Dore home page for details.

  2. Former Dore Employee

    Your comments above seriously smack of ‘gloating’.
    Your comments from the Bad Science site state “Whilst I am a fan of Dore’s treatment, I’ve used it and it did cure my dyslexia..” clearly show what the Dore Prog has done for you; i am therefore baffled as to what Dore have done to deserve this attitude?
    It worked for you and those of us who have been on the prog know that it works well for most-Therefore it is not a scam.
    It has now been confirmed that Wynford invested £15 million of his own money into the company, subsidising clients (including you and I)- Therefore he wasn’t just fleecing clients.

    Of course Wynford no doubt made mistakes and is not above criticism but surely he does not deserve this smug attitude?
    Where would you, I and many others be if he had sorted out his daughter and then just got on with life?

    No doubt you will try and justify your comments by claiming that you are only looking after those affected by the closure, this may be true, but that is not how it comes across.
    If i’m wrong then please accept my sincere apologies as i think this is generally a very well run and informative site.

  3. myomancy

    Former Dore Employee –

    It is certainly not gloating and I’m surprised you think so.

    Whilst often voiced my criticisms of Dore’s business and marketing strategy I have been a strong and vocal supporter Dore’s treatment.

    The collapse of any business is a bad time for the owner, staff and customers. I’ve been involved with failed companies as all three of these so I know the pain. I also know that once something has failed in this sort of business, it is very hard to rescue.

    I would like to offer customers and staff comfort, give them hope that Dore will rise phoenix like from the ashes, but in honestly I can’t do it.


  4. frazzledazzle

    Myomancy, Just to clarify, not all of US Dore has shut down. The Hallowell Center in New York is still up and running, as well as Barbados and the other countries. It is the centers that have been running dependently (dore subsidized) from my understanding, that were at risk. Dore UK is in the process of making client’s sets available (on a patient-priority basis) via website and personal ID numbers along with videos of the sets, and the other countries will no doubt follow suit. It is a program they have been working on for a while, but now was a good time to get it out there, so it seems.


    Just……at this point…delivered differently.

    To be ironed out yet is the personalized assessments. Dore are being approached by investors, physicians, and practitioners, volunteers, etc, on making the assessments available to clients at low or no overhead costs.

    Dore and the [unpaid] staff have been working tirelessly at making sure that paid clients will be able to continue the program, and working on the future prospects along the way. Dore is a very passionate and tenacious man, so watch out! 🙂

  5. Dave Sheppard

    Yes, the Hallowell Center in NY is still operating and I was informed that my son could go there for continued treatment for $300+ per session after we alreadyt paid for hte program in full, upfront as required. There was no mention of any possibility of online exercises or anything just more money.

  6. I do wonder how long the ‘My Dore’ operation can keep going, given that it’s being run from the UK who also appear to be heading for liquidation. Eventually the servers running it will have to be sold off with everything else, & staff can’t work for free forever – you can’t eat dedication.
    I agree with Chris, it doesn’t seem fair to give people false hope at this point.

  7. Tammy Smith

    My son was going to the DORE center in Grapevine Texas, he had been going for 6 months when we received the message. It is very upsetting to me that I have spent all this money and cannot finish my sons program. If MR. Winford Dore was such a GENTLEMAN then he would at least try and refund some of our hard earned money back to us. Put he really must not be a real GENTLEMAN at all. Even if the centers reopen I will not take my son back who knows when Mr Dore would do this again. Thanks again Mr. Dore for nothing and letting my son and others like my son down.

  8. Laura

    You were right Brainduck. The ‘My Dore’ Operation was purely a filler whilst the ‘New’ Dore programme was getting ready to be re-launched!!! In pretty much precisely the same format as before and for the same fee. Oh, only this time you get half the number of appointments (and access to ‘My Dore’) for the same price. Basically the new programme is twice as expensive! We shoudl question whether My Dore is truly worth the same amount as the appointments which woudl have been attended in teh past? My Dore is quite possibly simply the system that was being used ‘privately’ by the administrators of the original programme.

    So, maybe WYnford has now found a way to recover some of his lost millions (by doubling the price of teh programme) I don’t blame him for wanting back some of his cash, i just wonder if it wouldn’t be more ethical to recover some cash in a commercial environment with a souless product whilst allowing medical and eductaional professionals to take on the Dore Programme to truly make it accessible to ALL who need it.

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