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Dore Centres / DDAT

With eight clinics in the UK the Dore Centres are probably the largest company focusing on treating dyslexia via cerebellum and vestibular development. Having been through their programme I can say its worked for me.

Coverage on

January 17th 2006:Dore Achievement Centres on TV

January 16th 2006:The Problem With Adverts, Commercial Interests and Learning Difficulties

January 11th 2006:Dore Deceptive and Abusive Advertising

January 2nd 2006:Dore / DDAT Posturegraph

June 5th 2005: “It Changed Everything”

February 2nd 2005: Useful Background Article on DDAT

November 27th 2004 Wynford Dore on BBC Radio 5 Live (Download Available)

September 3rd 2004: The Dore Foundation

August 10th 2004: Retrospective Study

August 3rd 2004: Dore Centres on US National TV

July 11th 2004: DDAT Response to Study Criticism

July 8th 2004: DDAT Trial Critique Part 2

July 6th 2004: TV Complaints Upheld

July 6th 2004: Critical Appraisal of DDAT Controlled Trial

June 16th 2004: DDAT, Private Eye and the Daily Telegraph

May 21st 2004: DDAT Release Latest Results from School Study


  1. M. B.

    Why can’t I bring up the Jan. 11th 06 article on Dore Deceptive and Abusive Advertising? The next article on posturegraph comes up instead.

  2. Myrna Burkholder

    Last week I tried to access your article entitled “Dore Deceptive and Abusive Advertising” and could not do so. I regitered a concern, but I tried again and the same thing happened in that I can only access the article next in the list of articles. What is the problem?

  3. Suzzi

    There’s a menu on the left-hand side of this link. Click on ‘Commercial Dyslexia Centres & Treatments’ you will find what you’ve been looking for aboutDeceptive/Abusive advertising and the problems associated with commercial interests in the learning difficulties world.

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