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Dore Program Selling Accusations

The Dore Program has had a controversial history when it comes to its sales and marketing. Complaints have been made about its TV advertising and its online advertising has on one occasion been deceptive. Unhappy customers for whom the treatment didn’t work have been vocal on bulletin boards and on the radio. Much of the science used by the Dore Program to promote has been heavily criticized.

About two years ago I wrote an brief piece called Aggressive Marketing Tarnishing Cerebellum Based Treatments? Over the last few weeks this article has gathered almost thirty comments and become the center of a debate and criticism about the Dore Program’s selling methods. Many of these comments claim to come from members or ex-members of Dore’s staff, others claim to be from customers. There is no way of validating who these people are. They may be genuine or they may be people with malicious intent towards Dore for other reasons. However many of the comments talk about the new sales management brought in over the last 12 months and talk about the sales technique in some detail so I believe at least some of the comments are genuine.

Here is a representative selection of quotes from the comments.

“I am an ex Dore employee and can confirm that Dore have the hard sell approach…” – JackDore

“I have first hand experience of how [Dore’s] sale team works…. Their strategies and tactics are underhanded and deceitful. They are wolves in sheeps clothing beware!” – Oxy

“I then recived a phone call and was offered a home visit to explain what Dore did. I found it really useful and not in the slightest ‘salesy’ … Had it not been for [the Dore salesman] my son would have been starting the Senior school with his normal dose of ritalin” – olwen

“…just be aware that the person who visits you is not medically trained and working on commission.Thats not to say the program doesn’t work it does…..I too am an ex employee, loved the product hated the politics….I’m not sure Wynford actually knows whats going on” – Graham

“I think its a well known fact that this business has cost Wynford a lot of money and he is passionate about reaching all in need, for him its not about making more money…” – Mark

“I do believe Wynford’s sincerity and commitment.” – David

“I have been here 2 months as a Programme Advisor and can honestly say it’s the best job i have ever had. At no time have i been put under pressure to sell.” – current employee

“I am an ex Dore Programme Adviser and what can i say i have wasted over a year of my life with that company. The programme does work for many and that cannot be taken away however the underhand sales team does put a big black cloud over the programme.” – truth

“I genuinely believe Wynford has a passion about the program and is trying to do good, he has put in place a sales management team that has delivered good figures for the first time, however the sales management style is not in keeping with a caring company and they have ruffled a few feathers with the traditional Dore staff that helped build the company” – Bob

“The [Programme Advisors] are pushed and pushed to the limit you need to work 7 days a week late nights weekends etc in order to obtain the 16 a month target that you have.” – worried

“I too worked for Dore for some time and its so sad to see that all the good that wynford has done over the years being pulled from under his feet by the simple fact that the sales so called management are just conserned about the about of money” – mug

“Looks to me that this is just sour grapes by people who are no good at sales so get moved on. ” – steve

“The introduction of a new sales operation last year was initially viewed with scepticism but is now welcomed with joy. They are professional and informed and our clients certainly do not complain of under hand sales tactics.” – Annoyed and angry

I have asked Wynford Dore for an official response on these comments three times over the last few weeks. I have not received any response apart from a message from his secretary saying he is busy.

The marketing of the Dore Program has always been very effective at getting TV and press coverage by making claims that may be true but cannot be backed up by independent research. The Dore Program works. This blog would not exist if it hadn’t worked on me but the reputation of Wynford Dore, the Dore Prorgam and the science behind it is being seriously damaged by Dore’s approach to marketing.


  1. wellwell

    Why if there is no problems in dore or with staff has over the last 4 months 3 sales mangers left a contact centre manager, 5 Programme advisors numerous GPS and Ps along with centre managers not to mention admin staff call centre advisors etc

  2. goingon

    I just find it odd that not one but several disgrutled ex-employees (a very small group, who seem to have a large amount of grammatical errors in posting I may add) have found there way here, and I have a difficult time even finding information from parents (a very LARGE group) on various forums about Dore? All of this just reads like a person or interested group making an attempt to discredit the Dore program, and targeting an unfortunate yet true weakness, in an effort to distract from the real benefits of what the Dore program really does in relieving many of the symptoms of learning disabilities. Maybe feeling a bit threatened, somehow???

  3. wellwell

    Goingon just a point to make has at no time one person on this Blog ever disputed the fact that the Dore Programme does not work. What the problem seems to be is the way in which the sales team are getting people into the centre and onto the programme is the problem where this all stems for infact all i can see hear is praise for Wynford Dore however its the sales managment that are letting him down here. As for the spelling, grammer etc. Most people who use the Myomancy web site will have some sort of Learning Diff. Seems to me by your rash statment that you think that People with LD should not be working for Dore or infact posting on this site, From someone looking in from the outside who has nothing to do with Dore seems to me that perhaps you are part of the Sales Managment team, Am i correct?

  4. goingon

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to be harsh or offend anyone. My son is just starting the Dore Program in the US. For one, sales of Dore must be quite different in the UK than here in the US where I am. I have been totally satisfied with my experience so far. And, I did do a lot of research into Dore and the program, and had pretty much made up my mind even prior to contacting them. But, they didn’t know that. There was nothing offensive or pressuring about the process in the least. Two, neither my sales rep, nor do any of the staff I have met seem to be affected by any learning disabilites themselves. I was just hoping that one poster was not posting as many posters, to get a point across. Either way, perhaps I missed the distinction between the two countries, and/or, like I stated, things are different in the US.

  5. Australian Dore Advisor

    As an Advisor in Australia for 2 years, I can say that DORE has never driven me to achieve any sales target or put us any undue pressure on the families we meet.
    Wynford has asked us to explain the program and let them make the decision. The organisation is not perfect (rather the people are not perfect) but the underlying fact is that the program works. I have NEVER had a client tell me it didn’t work. Sure, some ex-staff have gripes (i also have some about companies I have left). Ignore the gripes and stick to the facts and the results. The Dore program will change the lives of it’s clients!

  6. B.Warneder.

    I’ve seen all this about Dore’s Management..Can someone tell me is it the simple unproffessionalism of the management or is it
    (like my experience)the lousy unfairness, almost ditatorship, of Bobs and his cronies regime that has caused this barrage of critisism ? These people who are lucky they knew Bob before have jobs for the boys…..they could not do the job they get others to do and would find it impossible to get a job with such power anywhere where they had to establish themselves WITHOUT Bob holding their hand.
    So unreasonable, so unfair. This is why people want to smash the bubble, and this will be done by hook or by what they are used to ………by crook.
    Happy New Year Colonel Bob and best wishes to Von Friel and co ………enjoy.

  7. I am in the unique position of being both a customer of Dore and former employee on their sales force. For me there is little doubt that the programme works. However as this blog has unveiled ; there is a problem within the UK Sales Force. You may be under the illusion this blog is merely the rantings of disgruntled ex-Dore sales employees. I say there is no smoke without fire.

    B. Warneder’s comments, may sound a classic example of sacked employee resentment but i can assure you there is some truth to what he says. Bob is Dore’s Sales Director and i might add a very likable character. I can confirm that Mal Lipps (Dore’s Sales Training Manager and quite possibly one of the ‘cronies’ that B.Warneder speaks of) was brought over from Bobs last company to Dore when he became sales director. Bob told me this himself.

    During my training to become a Programme ‘Advisor’ Mal taught us the standard speel about how to present to potential clients. However Mal then told us that parent’s of dyslexic children could often be “s$%ts” and that we may have to give them quite a lot of “encouragement” in order to make the sale. Mal lost his temper several times over this point. He said he was very angry that parents could be so cold hearted and not allow their kids a chance to be rid of there learning disabilities. We were then instructed that if parents were not willing to sign that we should make them feel extremely guilty about their choice. At one point i lost my temper because i thought it was not only rather disgusting that we were being taught to do this but i also felt that the product was good and if the presentation was good there would be no reason to have to resort to this rather pathetic tactic. Mal didnt take kindly to this suggestion and i was promptly told that perhaps i wasnt quite ready to sell for Dore yet. I spent the next few weeks trying to convince him otherwise as i was still eager to work for the company. Eventually i got the green light from both Mal and the Sales Manager for the South of England (Zoe Mackenzie). However i was told that there was a new Head of London Sales and i had to be re-interviewed with her. During the interview it became clear that this new manager held rather similar views to Mal. She was a no nonsense sort of character who had clearly been put in position by Zoe to try and address the discrepancy in Sales figures between the South and North Of England. I had put across that i was really keen to get people to sign up because i thought it was for the benefit of everyone involved including the company. She was not impressed and clearly wanted a hard nosed salesmen. At this point i tried to salvage the situation and convince her that i was ‘all about the sale’. I can only imagine that she was not convinced because i was not contacted about the position subsequent to our meeting.

    Make what you will of my story

  8. eraina brien

    I am not paid by or affiliated with Dore in any professional sense. However my son has completed the Dore programme, and I cannot explain to you how it has changed his life for the better. (On meeting Wynford Dore himself, yesterday, my son told him he had ‘saved’ his life) he’s nine now, and for a nine year old to make that dramitic statement without any prompting from me shows how unhappy he was before.
    Never at anytime was I pressured into the Dore programme, but I truely believe it is without doubt the BEST thing Ive ever done for my son!
    I think the big point re sales is that, there are parents who’d ‘like’ to put their children on the programme and parents who WANT to…a big difference…. I spoke to a parent whose two children quite obviously had problems and I KNOW the programme could help them, but she told be she couldnt afford it…a fair point… but then she went on to tell me she had just spent £7000 on a holiday!!!! for 2 weeks….we are talking the whole of a childs life here..go to Butlins for a fornight ffs, its NOT that some people cant afford it (im sure there are plenty who cant, I was a single parent when I put my son on it, but I found away to do it)its that some(by no means all) SELFISH parents would rather blow the money on two weeks jollies…well Shame on them… this is our childres lives and future happiness and well being we are talking about…how do you put a price on that? the answer is cant!
    If the BDA and pharmacutical companies were EVER to admit Dore works, then they would be wiping out a whole industry…think about it….
    Dore is NOT a miracle cure, if it were you would take a pill, that costs £1 and you would be cured…. The dore programme means commitment and effort from parents/clients to comply with the exercises, to do them properly and regularly (beleive me when I say there are times I wanted to quit)and to maintain sincere effort over a substanial period of time, irrelevant of other commitments at home and work etc… thats not a miracle cure..thats damn’d hard work….BUT…Id do it all over again if I had too. I hope in five years time Dore is a household name and Ritalin is a thing of the past. As you can tell I am VERY VERY passionate about this programme, I have examples of Jordans writing before and after Dore, if you would like to see them or have any questions re Dore please email me

  9. Dave J


    My wife is seriosuly thinking of enrolling at DORE.

    She has not been diagnosed as dyslexic, as she has never seen a specialist before.She displays some symptoms though.

    Are there any adults out there who have tried the treatment, and how have they found it?

    2 grand is a lot of money, so I would appreciate some feedback.

  10. eraina brien

    dave J, see quinnells latest test for adult improvements,..also i beleive that the programme works the same for adults and children. if you care to email me i will send you the examples of the improvements i have seen in my sons handwriting etc xx

  11. eraina brien

    also, sheffield and manchester centres are having open days on 10th 11th 12th september 12pm til 8pm so you could go see for yourself about testing, talk to other people who arnt paid by dore…? i dont know where your nearest centre would be but you could call and see if they have an open day?xx just a thought

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