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Dr Kawashima and the $22 Million

Respect, true respect, for a person is very rare. Too many acts that appear to be selfless acts of generosity turn out to be publicity seeking stunts and we have all grown cynical in our modern world. However one man who is getting my respect is Dr Kawashima, the brain behind Brain Age (or Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training as its called in the UK).

Dr Kawashima’s work for Nintendo could earn him $22 million through royalties but he has chosen not to take it. Under the rules of his University he works for, he is entitled to keep half the money with the rest going to the University. However Professor Ryuta Kawashima has said “My hobby is work” is giving all $22 million to the University to help built two new labs in the Institute of Development, Aging and Cancer.

For his belief and dedication to science Dr Kawashima deserves respect. For maintaining his belief in the important of science and learning when someone is offering millions of dollars is incredible. No one would of question the Professor if he had taken the money. It was legal and accepted wisdom the researchers can earn royalties based on their academic works. Yet still he turn it down because he thought the money would be better spent building further research labs than buying him a big house and a fast car.

Respect Dr Kawashima. Respect.

Source: ‘Brain training’ Dr Kawashima has no time for games