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The Dore Achievement Centres / DDAT are very good at promoting themselves but their high visibility and impressive claims (e.g. a success rate of 90% or more) does open them up for negative stories to appear in the press. For example: Mother queries dyslexic ‘cure’ and here BBC Wales is specifically looking for people for whom the treatment hasn’t worked. A quick Google for personal experiences brings up a few hits (here, here and here).

I would like to gather a comprehensive collection of experiences of people who have been through some or all of the DDAT or any other program. So good or bad, please email your experience to

Commercial Dyslexia Centres & Treatments, Science

Professor Snowling and Professor Hulme of the Department of Psychology at York University in the UK, have published a scientific research article entitled “Lies, Damned Lies and (Inappropriate) Statistics?”. This article [Summary only] looks at the much publicised 2003 DDAT study. To quote from the article’s abstract “We outline the numerous methodological and statistical problems with this study and conclude that it provides no evidence that DDAT is an effective form of treatment for children with reading difficulties.”

Commercial Dyslexia Centres & Treatments, Dyslexia

It is interesting to note that Duncan Goodhew, olympic gold medalist, motivation speaker, dyslexic and Vice-President of the Dyslexia Institute is a keen supporter of Brightstar‘s treatment programme. This is not surprising as Duncan Goodhew is, according to the last set accounts filed by Brightstar, a director of the company and has some 90,000 shares in the company. This financial interest is not mentioned as part of Mr Goodhew’s glowing endorsement for the product nor is it mentioned in any of the press coverage in which Duncan Goodhew features.

Commercial Dyslexia Centres & Treatments

The Sound Learning Centre is based in London, UK, and offers a range sound, light and motor & sensory development programmes including Auditory Integration Training, SAMONAS Sound Therapy, Neuro-Developmental Delay (NDD) Reflex Inhibition Programme, Brain Gym and others.

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Commercial Dyslexia Centres & Treatments, Dyslexia

Brightstar combines eye tracking training along with more traditional dyslexia coaching on spelling, reading and writing in their two centres in London and the South East of England. They offer 6 or 8 week courses which involved regular attendance at their centres.

Brightstar also have centres in California, USA

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