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The Learning Breakthrough Program is an exercised based programme that utilizes various vestibular and cerebellum training techniques, e.g. wobble boards, throwing and catching beanbags. Unlike similar programmes, such as DDAT, the Learning Breakthrough Program does not require any assessments or visits to anywhere. A standard kit consisting of a VHS/DVD, wobble board, bead bags, targets and other equipment is supplied for $329 (US) which the client then works through at home.
Strangely there is another web site, Balametrics run by the same company. From here individual components of the Learning Breakthrough Program can be ordered and you also the full kit but at a slightly lower price.

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INPP run a ‘One Day Course for Teachers’ that teaches “the use of a simple test battery to detect Neuro-Developmental Delay, and in the administration of a series of remedial exercises which may be used with the individual child, a small group or a whole class of children over the course of two to three terms”. I attended the July 2004 course run in Chester, UK by Sally Goddard Blythe.

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Primary Movement is a charitable organisation based in Northern Ireland. It does not treat children directly but instead provides training courses for teachers who can then go on to provide help for others. The Primary Movement program is based on the concept of retain primary reflexes (also known as primitive reflexes) being a significant factor in dyslexia, ADHD and other learning difficulties. Founded by Dr Martin McPhillips, a research fellow at Queen’s University, Belfast, who has published a paper in The Lancet on the effectiveness of replicating primary-reflex movements.
The web site provides details of their courses and of practitioners in the UK, Ireland and around the world who has been on the course.