Dyslexia, Science

Dyslexia and Personality

Does having dyslexia cause certain personality traits such as anxiety? This 2001 BDA conference paper thinks so:

…dyslexic people were the most likely to have been treated as less capable than was actually the case. One likely hypothesis is that these subjects therefore were at greater risk of feeling frustrated, believing that they were being unfairly treated and experiencing a degree of intellectual boredom. This latter arises where an individual is provided with a level of academic stimulation that is appropriate to the perceived level of ability, but is in fact at a more simplistic level than is actually required. Such a situation is likely to increase the high level of stress frequently produced by dyslexia. This can be sufficient to engender behaviour which is not only extravagant, but also out of context.

Personality measurement is always a slightly dubious area of psychology as they are based on self-reports. When self-reporting, how do we now that what I call highly stressed is what you call highly stressed? That said, the results are interesting the differences between the gender are notable.

The pattern of personality in dyslexic children and adults: the invisible symptoms and the effects they produce