Dyslexia, Television

Dyslexia Myth Complaint Rejected

The Dyslexia Myth, broadcast last year, generated an uproar in the dyslexia community, mostly because it said dyslexia did not exist. Consequently people complained to OfCom, the body in the UK that regulates TV and now OfCom have published their findings.
It looked at two main questions, did the programme mislead viewers and was it duely impartial? In both cases OfCom felt that the programme had suitable under the relevant broadcast regulations.
As much as I disliked the programme I think this is the right decision. As OfCom note:
…it is not for Ofcom to decide what are the causes of reading difficulties. However we are satisfied that Channel 4 based this programme on detailed research that is of public interest. Some may wish to challenge the evidence and the conclusions drawn from it…
Ofcom broadcast bulletin, Issue number 58, 18 April 2006 [ PDF ] (page 20).