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Early Diagnosis?

On Myomancy we have covered autism diagnosis at twelve months and six months. Now we have autism diagnosis in the womb.

DIAGNOSING AUTISM FROM THE WOMB? A new study from researchers at the Yale School of Medicine offers a provocative idea: Doctors may be able to predict autism in a baby by testing the placenta at birth. Researchers tested the placentas of 13 children with autism and compared them with placentas from healthy children. They found a microscopic abnormality that was three times as common in children with autism, suggesting a possible way to test for an increased likelihood of autism in new babies. However, such a test remains hypothetical at this point. Next, researchers plan to do a larger study to see whether their results are confirmed in a bigger sample of children. These results were published this week in Biological Psychiatry.

I’ve been unable to track down the actual research so please apply the usual pinch of salt to this story

Diagnosing Autism From the Womb?