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Ethyl Mercury Versus Methyl Mercury

One of the proposed links between Mercury and Autism is Thimerosal, a compound that has been used in vaccinations. A new study [PDF of abstract] from the University of Washington, Seattle, USA has examine the different effects of ethyl mercury, used in Thimerosal, and methyl mercury, commonly used in industrial processes. Most of the toxicology data on mercury is based on accidental exposure to Methyl Mercury in the work place.
The study inject new born monkeys with either ethyl mercury (in the form of thimerosal) or methyl mercury in doses equivalent to that found in vaccinations for human babies. Mercury levels were then monitored and it was found that the ethyl mercury cleared from the body a lot quicker than the methyl mercury. Critically brain concentrations of total mercury were significantly lower by about three-fold for the thimerosal exposed infants when compared to the methyl mercury infants. This is important because mercury causes brain damage only through long-term exposure (a fact that gave us the phrase ‘as mad as a hatter‘). Thus if the body is cleaning itself quickly of the ethyl mercury, it doesn’t have the chance to build up and cause damage.

Coverage from Rueters: Mercury in Vaccines Different, Study Shows


  1. Valerie Holstein

    A flu shot has 25micrograms of ethyl mercury. The EPA recommends limiting mercury to 0.1 micrgrams per kilogram of weight per day. The FDA (oddly enough) thinks 0.4 micrograms per kilogram of weight per day is “safe”. If the brain concentration for ethyl mercury is 1/3 that of methyl mercury, by my math that is still too high for infants and toddlers. As an example, 20 lbs = 9.1 kilograms. Using the less stringent FDA guidelines, 0.4 x 9.1 = 3.63 micrograms of mercury per day. This is more than SIX TIMES the “safe” level (by FDA guidelines) in a standard flu shot for a 20 lb toddler! By EPA guidelines it’s more than 24 TIMES the “safe” level. No thank you, vaccine maunfacturers.

  2. Anonymous

    Valerie Holstein, you are confusing “micrograms” and “micrograms per day”, which are two very very different things. By your own math you come up with a safe level of 3.63 micrograms of mercury per day for a sample toddler, and you site a level of 25 micrograms of ethyl mercury in a flu shot.

    By the FDA guidelines you cite (and assuming no other exposure sources) it would be safe to give that toddler ONE SHOT PER WEEK, for life. By the more stringent EPA guidelines you cite it would be acceptable to give that toddler a flu shot every month, for life.

    So no. A single shot or even one shot every couple of months is a non-issue, even by the the more stringent limits.

    Studies have been done, and there is no link between vaccinations and the illnesses blamed on them. Children who do not get these vaccines get the same illnesses at the same rate. I’m all for mercury-free vaccines, but don’t scapegoat valuable lifesaving vaccines just because we are at a loss for the TRUE cause of autism or others. I’d give myself or my child a few dozen mercury-loaded vaccines… far safer and genuinely beneficial compared to all the diseases that vaccines prevnet.

  3. SR

    Dear Anonymous:
    You say “I’d give myself or my child a few dozen mercury-loaded vaccines…far safer and genuinely beneficial compared to all the diseases that vaccines prevent.”

    Let’s take a look at what vaccines are CURRENTLY on the CDC Schedule and see if they all are indeed worse than injecting your child straight into an autistic prison, shall we??

    3 Doses of HepB – a sexually transmitted disease. Is your child having sexual intercourse or using IV drugs?? Mine’s not!
    3 Doses of Rotavirus – Rotavirus=Bad diarhea…um thanks, but we’ll deal with the diarhea…especially in light of the original recalls on the first round of this vaccine which caused intestinal blockages and killed several children.
    4 Doses of DTaP – made with twice the pertusses toxin as when I was a child to really overload the developing immune system. Read the warnings on the vaccine insert – can cause encephalitis and death. A necessary vaccine, but poorly executed! These need to be split into single vaccines and given 1 month apart.
    4 Doses of Hib – to help prevent meningitis
    4 Doses of pneumococcal – to prevent ear infections. Only covers 8 of some 80+ strains of the pneumococcal bacteria. My son had this and 1 year later needed ear tubes b/c of 12 ear infections. Great vaccine!
    4 Doses of IPV
    Yearly doses of Influenza – 2 per year – Seriously???? When they get the vaccine wrong almost every year and it’s loaded with 25 mcg of thimerosal in each dose????
    2 Doses of MMR
    2 Doses of Varicella – Chicken pox??? Since when is that something for which we need a vaccine in childhood?? It STRENGTHENS the immune system!! The vaccine leads to greater chance of shingles later in life and only lasts for 10 years.
    2 Doses of HepA

    So, that’s a total of 38 shots between birth and 5. By my count, only a maximum of 16 are even questionably necessary (DTap, Hib, IPV, MMR, HepA). Do NOT be confused. The CDC Schedule is designed to keep the vaccine industry in business, parents at work and campaign dollars flowing into the right places. And you better thank whatever god you worship that your child has a good ability to excrete the toxic soup of chemicals in the vaccines they received and didn’t slip away before your eyes like mine did. You have no idea what it is like. I would take a bout of rotovirus or chiken pox or influenza ANYDAY over watching my son deal with autism EVERYDAY!

    Educated Autism Mom

  4. goche21

    Actually, I can prove vaccines aren’t neurotoxins. I give these as examples.

    University of Rochester did a new study on infants testing the levels of ethyl-mercury in their systems after given thermisal vaccine. Study shows that ethyl-mercury is expelled from the body quicker then originally thought. In fact, it is expelled from the body ten times faster then methyl-mercury, which is found in fish. The entire reason mercury is toxic is because it stays in the body and bio-accumulates in the brain, and sense the entire basis for”thermisol is evil” is that mercury is neurotoxin and mercury is mercury is mercury, this debunks the myth.

    University of Washington, Seattle did their own study, which confirms the above.

    A series of papers published in the most recent issue of New England Journal of Medicine suggests that exposure to ethyl-mercury has no effect on the neuropsychological functioning in children

    The second part of this myth is “My kid got his shot, and then turned autistic” which also isn’t true. Actually what happened is autistic regression, a key point in the diagnosis is this syndrome. Many times, a child will seem normal until they’re 1 or 2 years old, and then suddenly and quickly deteriorated into autistic behavior. Considering that vaccines are given at this age, and this happens in non-vaccinated children just as often, it’s safe to call this a coincidence.

    Mercury is only dangerous thought longer term exposure, ethyl-mercury is out of the system in four, there’s no way it has time to cause these kinds of problems.

    I’d rather see this myth go down the toilet then watch a poor family have to bury their child because they fell for the anti-vaccine propaganda.

    Educated mom, diagnosed on the spectrum.

  5. Anonymous

    I would assume that just because it clears [[ethyl-mercury, that is]] the system faster doesn’t mean it doesn’t have time to cause damage to the brain.

    Each of the 6 BILLION people in this world react to things differently. What might clear out of your 2 year old might not clear out in mine.

    No thank you.

  6. goche21

    Well, even if you don’t believe that fact ((despite the fact that is how mercury effects the body.)) then just look at the diagnosis of autism next to the introduction of thermisol into vaccines, and after it was removed. You’ll see the rate of diagnosis was already going up before it was given to the public, and continues even now years later.

    Oh, and yet another study has been published disproving this myth. It’s being knocked down from all sides. Even the scientist who came up with this wacko conspiracy has been stripped of his title for preforming illegal procedures of minors.

  7. ugottabkinddnme

    Please dont be fooled by the “educated autism mom”. Do your own research on reliable websites such as the CDC and FDA sites and you will learn what the “educated autism mom” is saying is not accurate and she is not educated.

  8. goche21

    If they do unbiased research they will come to the same conclusions.

    For example, the rate of diagnosis of autism was on the rise before thermisol was added to vaccines, and continues to rise even now that it’s been removed almost completely. The man who first introduced the MMR vaccine link almost went to jail for fabricating test results, and preforming illegal procedures on children. The information is there, vaccines are safe.

  9. mauimama

    You know what? Do what you gotta do – if you don’t think the manufacturers of vaccines – in their multi-billion dollar industry – have a vested interest in continuing to INSIST that parents are wrong and that their unnecessary, overbearing, and forced requirements of vaccines do no harm, knock yourself out!
    But when YOUR child transforms from a healthy, babbling, active baby into a zombie-like stranger in his own head, I bet you’ll want to know who was responsible for this outrage. And won’t you feel just the tiniest bit guilty for “vaccinating” against perfectly normal childhood illnesses, like chicken pox, and changing the whole course of your own, and your baby’s life? I have many “”vaccinating” friends whose children GOT the very diseases the were supposed to have prevented.
    I’m with the “educated mom” – no, thank you. My children, husband, siblings, and I have all made it through chicken pox, flus, colds, and various other illnesses. If anyone in my family became autistic, I’d rest assured that I did nothing to cause it. And you?

  10. goche21

    If you took the time to understand the science behind vaccines and how they work you’d know that vaccines do not cause autism, and that they prevent very dangerous diseases. I can rest assured that I am protecting my family, and other families, from diseases that have killed.

    When we start seeing these diseases in developed countries, how will you feel? Sure you think you saved your children from autism, but will you end up putting them or another child in the grave? Some of these diseases kill one in twenty children! That is not a case of the sniffles, that is a serious infection.

    How many kids have to die before you start looking into all of the research apposing this horrible myth? Why is death less serious then a rumor that vaccines somehow cause autism?

  11. Daniel B

    Most of Ethyl Mercury leaves the body after a few days but is there a way to measure what has been absorbed by the Brain and kidneys? As far as I know there is no blood test in existance that will detect Mercury levels already absorbed in the Brain and Kidneys. Elevated Creatinine levels in the Blood will point to Kidney impairment which could have been caused by Heavy metal poisoning

    MERCURY Random urine

  12. I believe anyone who wants to argue how fast ethyl mercury leaves the body needs to back up and start providing the facts as to whether it has ever been PROVEN safe to begin with. Even on the FDA website it clearly states how little Thimerosal was tested before being used in child vaccinations in the 1930’s. Autism was realized within a few years AFTERWARD. Also you need to do your homework on the fact that ethyl mercury is used in medicine because of its antimicrobial properties, science is only now beginning to understand how our bodies coexist with 1,000’s of bacteria in the mouth and throughout the intestines, many being found to be beneficial to both the digestive (i.e. probiotics) and immune system which are dependent on these for not only health but our survival. So in the 1930’s science nor medicine knew enough about the human body to declare any substance safe to inject into it(in many ways they still don’t). Speaking of bacteria, how about the ones that can be in the human body that, just like in salt and fresh water, convert inorganic mercury into a more toxic form of methylmercury? Lastly in 2005 the American Red Cross collected the blood from 10 newborns umbilical cords acroos the U.S. and when the Environmental Working Group had it tested they found that each one averaged over 200 chemical (many being toxic)and the heavy metal mercury was present at the time of birth, so now how safe do you think that 25 mg is to those babies or should I more properly say TOXIC to them? Its a shame the pharmaceutical companies have people like anonymous so brainwashed or perhaps anonymous is one of those rats that the pharma companies hire to sit on their pathetic asses and do nothing but watch sites like this to spread their poisonous viewpoints on?

  13. Not-anon

    Elemental mercury damages the body through bioaccumulation, which means it has to stay in the body long enough for enough of the substance to be absorbed and cause damage to the tissue. Ethyl-mercury just does not stay in the tissue long enough to cause that kind of damage. It doesn’t react to the body in the same way that Methyl or elemental mercury does. So, if it obviously reacts so differently, how can you claim that it treats the body exactly the same? I fail to see the reasoning there.

    And Lisa, I suggest that before you try to educate ANYONE on history, you go to the library yourself. If you had any common sense or basic reasoning skills you would realize that autism may have been labeled in the 1930’s, but that does not mean that is when it made it’s first appearance. Autism has been around for centuries, but just not under that name. If you don’t believe me then go read on ancient “demon possessions” in young children, or the behavior of particularly “impossible” children.

    Autism seems to be more out of control then it is because of how broad the diagnosis is these days.

  14. Julie

    I think it is interesting that the central topic here seems to be mercury, and no one is even mentioning all of the other materials that have huge propensity for neurotoxicity. Ethyl mercury may clear the system quickly, may not cross the blood brain barrier, but it is a well established phenomenon that monosodium glutamate does. Free glutamate is routinely used in science to kill test animals, induce obesity, and destroy brain/nerve tissue. It is a potent neurotoxin. It is also in vaccines.

    What about all of the foreign animal proteins? Isn’t it common sense that the body was designed to digest these proteins before the amino acids are absorbed into the blood stream? Isn’t it common sense that a large foreign protein injected directly into the bloodstream could induce inflammatory, autoimmune reactions? Science aside, shouldn’t we at least be QUESTIONING the purported safety of something we are injecting directly into the bloodstream of a newborn infant?

    Autism is not the only issue here. There are a myriad of developmental and chronic autoimmune disorders running rampant in our children today. As far as inducing such a rapid increase in these kinds of problems, it would seem likely, or at least reasonable that intravenous injection of known neurotoxins and foreign materials could be a main contributing factor. Last I checked, children were not dying from acute illnesses like measles, at least not with the advanced medicine we have today. For the most part, people are dying from chronic immune conditions. I believe this is because the body is confused. When the immune system is exposed to a foreign material via digestive, respiratory, or integumentary systems (the way nature designed), a full immune response is induced. When the body is exposed to a ‘watered down’ version of the same material via direct injection, the immune response is only partially stimulated. The part that is stimulated is the short term, immunological memory part-antibodies. The bulk of immune function, the part that is responsible for overall ability to clear the body of foreign materials, is left unstimulated. This makes it difficult for the immune system to function properly. It becomes hyperactive- hence allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases.

    The question in my mind is not so much about proving safety. It is about proving efficacy. Anyone can make any claims they want about the science, but the truth of the matter is that efficacy of vaccines has never been established scientifically. It has been assumed. So before we completely alter the means by which the body becomes resistant to disease, we ought to devote some time to determining how well that means actually works, and if the benefits outweigh the risks.

  15. Lets be realistic!

    I believe there are still a lot of unanswered and unknown questions out there that really prevents us from determining whether or not vaccines cause autism. The number one question that has still been unanswered is what really causes autisim in the first place. Having this question unanswered really prevents us from determining whether or not these vaccines are negatively effecting the development of these children. So you honestly can’t be on one side or the other because no one really knows. You have to keep in mind that the make up of everyones’ bodies is different and that different chemicals, compounds, and even metabolites effect people different ways. You can say that oh only an acute amount in this or that study effected this group negativly, but what about that acute group? What makes them so different? Where the effects similar in this group or were there different results within that acute group? Most importantly, when exposed to this ethylmercury, how does it effect brain even as it only stays in the body for up to 8 days? How does it effect the nervous system? Can it be stored in the body, and if so, where does it store? Could it build up between different exposers and vaccines even after a year or so? Sure you may feel that vaccines aren’t to blame when autisim usually doesn’t show up until the child is 1 or 2 around the same time they are due for vaccinations, but how do you explain that to the parents of children who had a normal child up ’til the child was in his adolencent or even pre-teen years?

    Until scientist are able to clearly answer all of these questions, we can only sit on the fence and do what we believe is best for our children and accept the consequences for our actions.

    *sorry if there were any spelling or grammical errors in my comment, for i am responding on a phone that does not have spell check!*

  16. Kate

    I’m rather disturbed by people who want to cling to the notion that a vaccine caused their child’s autism. I do not know what it’s like to have an autistic child, but I do know what it’s like to bury one due to a disease. So, would you rather have a child who has to live with autism, or have one die from something preventable.

  17. TDavis

    the 2 carbon bonded ethyl-mercury crosses the blood brain barrier more easily than the single carbon bonded methyl mercury. thats where the danger is. Even if the mercury is expelled by the body, thimerosal will cross the infants B/B barrier and what are the effect of that? you do that to an immature nervous system and multiple symptomatologies can occure.

  18. John Fryer

    Some good comments so far and most people on both sides seem genuine.

    Thimerosal is a neurotoxic chemical that can cause the destruction of brain cells.

    This is fact and nothing can alter this.

    Chemical reactions and chemical properties are fixed and no amount of research by FDA or CDC can change the laws of science.

    Thimerosal needs to come out of vaccines and at present the exposure recommended by CDC to vaccinate the pregnant mother is disgraceful and amounts to attempted murder.

    You can never prove negatives but only positives. Thimerosal does take away the mind and this has been known for thousands of years and hence yes autism will be ancient too.

    It can also kill, so before bemoaning one dead child, what about the 1 million SIDS for USA alone.

    Despite all this over use, early use and repeated use it didnt stop the child mentioned from dying or many others today.

    There is a stack of information on mercury and the harm caused and the debate over methyl and ethyl is sick. For information thimerosal contains both forms as it is so impure.

    Also the product when reacting with all thats in vaccines is insoluble so if you dont shake, imagine what the last one gets?

    My orange juice is shaken but even so the last glass is full of bits of orange at much greater levels than the first fully shaken glass.


    I was of an age to get my vaccines and tell people if they were bad. They weren’t. But at age one day or in the womb when children cry for hours afterwards? Classic signs of incredible harm perhaps?

  19. Kirk

    “You couldn’t even construct a study that shows thimerosal is safe,”
    says Haley, who heads the chemistry department at the University of
    Kentucky. “It’s just too darn toxic. If you inject thimerosal into an
    animal, its brain will sicken. If you apply it to living tissue, the
    cells die. If you put it in a petri dish, the culture dies. Knowing
    these things, it would be shocking if one could inject it into an
    infant without causing damage.”

    people saying organomercury compounds arent a safety hazard need to remember who they are quoting. I remember how many years we were told tobacco is ok – and for vested interests mercury toxicity makes the tobacco liability look like a cake walk. That wouldnt affect opinions would it?

  20. Greg

    Rgearding the Educated Autism Mom, all pedes vaccines have either no thimerosal (49% ethyl mercury) or trace levels. Only the flu vaccine remains as bearing thimerosal, but a non-thimerosal preservative-based vaccine can be requested instead. Thimerosal, used since the 1930s, is nearly gone from use.

    Just don’t feed your kids tuna (contains methylmercury) at 10-60 mcg of mercury per 6 oz can depending on the type of tuna and the fishing location.

  21. Michael D. Houst

    What’s interesting is that you are exposed to, and inhale more mercury each time you have a broken florescent bulb than you will from a shot.
    This year’s flu shot, if you get the shot from the multi-dose bottle, contains
    0.000025 grams of ethyl mercury compound compared to
    0.00005 grams of pure mercury vapor per cubic meter of air for the next 8 hours from a broken CFC.

    Dose per unit of time is the key. If you’re really concerned about mercury in vaccines for your children, space out the injections, and don’t get multi-valents, get single vaccines if possible. It’s not as convenient, but the total dose of thimerosal will be very low.

    As for autism, more and more evidence is accumulating that it’s mostly a combination of inherited genes and a developmental disorder having no relationship to immunotherapy. The “blame” lies in your chromosomes and during pregnancy, not after birth.

  22. Laura D.

    To all the parents who choose not to vaccinate their children: You’re getting a free ride on the coattails of the 90+% of parents who do choose to vaccinate. Yeah, kids aren’t dying of or being maimed by measles or polio now, but why do you suppose that is? It’s because widespread vaccinations have all but eradicated those diseases in the U.S. Go to a third-world country and see what polio does to kids. Or even ask your grandparents about polio scares every summer when they were children.

    Same for diphtheria (a horrible disease during which you would watch your child suffocate to death). My father had diphtheria as a child–he almost died, was gasping for breath; his nails turned black from lack of oxygen; and recovery time was three to four months.

    Even chicken pox, while not too dangerous for kids, can cause severe complications for adults, so if you don’t get chicken pox as a child, you have to be really careful not to catch it as an adult–or get vaccinated. But many young adults don’t regularly see doctors, so they need to get vaccinated as children or else forgo the protection. Same thing with HepB vaccines–by the time they are sexually active, teens and young adults are not likely to see a doctor for a vaccine.

    A few more comments:

    Flu vaccines don’t contain 25 mcg of ethylmercury; they contain 25 mcg of thimerosol, which translates to approximately 12.5 mcg of ethylmercury. That should change the calculations of the poster who figured out the maximum allowable daily intake of mercury.

    Any child born in 2003 or later has had less mercury in all his vaccines combined than he would eating a single 6 oz. can of albacore tuna.

    Children don’t cry for hours after a vaccination shot. Mine cried for about 30 seconds after each one. He cried a lot more when he had the flu and all his muscles ached.

    And totally off-topic, to the poster who “didn’t have spell-check” on his/her phone: Good Lord, proofread your own work before sending it out; don’t rely on a machine to do it for you.

  23. mike

    People need to subside their anger-autism sucks, but infortunatley I think the vaccine debate only hinders research in this area. Could a fever or illness trigger autism in a child that already has a genetic destination to regress in their skills? Could vaccines cause that fever? Could be true-but the child would have had autism from the next ear infection or influenza.

    I worked in Alaska for a number of years in public health. Alaska Natives (some are called Eskimo, but the right names are Inupiat, Athabaskan, etc). AK natives vaccinate because they still remember the large numbers of kids dying from meningitis prior to the Hib vaccine introduced in the 80s. I took care of many kids that had cerebral palsy or developmental delays from this horrible disease. They were the lucky ones-because they survived.

    I became friends with many folks working on curbing these diseases.They made less money than most docs and were so dedicated and compassionate. When I hear the “BIg pharma” arguments, I think people should realize most of the scientists/pediatricians will NOT let a bad vaccine go to market. Pediatricians really care about kids and can make much less money doing what they really love-making sure kids are healthy.

    A good sight that still is not closed on the vaccine debate but really is discovery good information on the genetics of autism is the MIND center at UC Davis. Look it up.

  24. relativelyquantum

    I was under the impression thimerosol is typically 25 mcg of mercury, according to the FDA and this manufacturer

    It should be noted that according to the EPA about 10% of methylmercury ingested gets into the blood and diminishes over time. So the limits and calculations spoken by others were assuming the EPA injested limits, rather than how it translates into blood limits. Whether ethyl or methyl, the exposure limit seems very high, at least an order of magnitude, which is why swordfish or shark is not advised to be eaten by expecting mothers. Ethylmercury may be safer in some respects, considering it leaves the body sooner, but I think this should bring some concern to mind–particularly to those most sensitive (like children). This may be where genetics + environmental factors are at play, which is why some may be more neurologically affected.

    I’m not wholly against vaccines and I may still get some as needed, but I think it right to at least raise concern for further investigation. In fact, some vaccines contain far less thimerosol and this may be useful–not sure how the other ingredients affect us, though also worth looking into. The flu vaccine, however, seems pointless since the virus mutates and it is such a hit or miss. Good to hear both sides regardless.

  25. Steve

    A couple of things Laura.

    Third world countries can’t be compared to the U.S. The most proven reduction of disease in any civilization is, Clean water, good hygiene, Sanitation and nutrition which third world countries don’t have.

    Before vaccines were introduced, many deaths in the U.S. from disease were reduced greatly by clean water, good hygiene, Sanitation and nutrition. When the measles vaccine was introduced, the death rate was under 100 in roughly 180,000 cases annually.

    There aren’t any vaccines for scarlet fever or typhoid fever and you don’t see any cases and death of those diseases anymore. What was the course of those diseases to vanish?

    Also, I’m looking at a flu vaccine insert and it states 25 mcg of mercury not 25 mcg of thimerosal.

  26. Joe

    To Laura D.

    I’ll bet that eating mercury tainted tuna is far less harmful then having it injected directly into your bloodstream where it instantly comes in contact with tissue.

    So what if the tuna has even more mercury in it?

    It’s got a lot to go through thanks to the digestive process.

    I’m sure that less mercury would reach my brain from the tuna vs any vaccine.

    And if all those dread diseases have been eradicated then why are these vaccines still mandated??

    Is it to protect me if I happen to travel to a third world country?

    If so then I’ll consider taking whatever particular vaccines I might need before I travel to said country:)

    But honestly who wants to go anywhere that would make you have to risk your health or life to be able to go there?

  27. Mike B.

    Let me guess this straight: So far approx 1000 deaths in U.S. and 20,000 hospitalizations…this is an emergency??…a pandemic?? How many people die every year because of excessive or incorrect prescriptions of drugs, antibiotics (the ole’ take this and see what happens), or infections in a hospitals, or misdiagnosis? That’s just the drug and medical industry that everyone puts their faith in…not to mention drug companies and the FDA/CDC being a revolving door. Next there is all the processed food with chemicals, preservatives, the chemicals in our tap water, etc. that lower our immune system because the body is not getting what it needs resulting in many more deaths short term and long term. The FDA’s answer “We have no evidence..” or “there are no studies to suggest..” “It is safe..” only to find out 5 years later…well maybe it’s not so safe. If I had enough money, believe me…I would and could pay for a study that would suggest. The evidence is there and its staring at us. Where’s the declaration of emergency?

    I’ll trust my intelligence and problem solving any day over a doctor, the govt, etc when it comes to being sick…or NOT being sick. I’m 45 and maybe had the flu maybe 4 or 5 times in my life. I’ve travelled a lot over the last 20 years sitting in airports and airplanes (breeding grounds for viruses) going to different countries and if I do get a cold, etc…its because I have let myself get run down and I didn’t take care of my immune system. Just drinking 8 glasses of water (not tap water) a day can make a huge difference.
    To the person who claims I’m riding on their coattails…F You!!…YOU’RE propagating the problem. Take some responsibility for your own immune system and health. Get exercise, sleep, eat vegetables, drink good water, add herbs and spices rich in nutrients (try some garlic and turmeric)…boost your immune system and let IT do what IT actually is SUPPOSED to do and is far better at than what govts and the profit hungry industry can provide. To the person who said check reliable sources like the FDA and CDC…are you kidding???? The FDA reliable and competent??? That absolutely baffles me. Now my question is WHY isn’t the govt declaring a national emergency on all of the above. People wake up…this H1N1 hype is a bunch of crap and it is way overhyped compared with # of deaths for reasons that reach much further into our lives.

  28. This blog presents as well-balanced an argument as I’ve seen, but there are two main flaws to the pro-vaccine argument:

    Mistake #1: Focusing too much on one tiny element, such as how much ethyl mercury remains in the blood. Better questions to ask are: how much mercury got absorbed? How much monkey DNA was there? How much embalming fluid like formaldehyde did the vaccine contain? Or how much Squalene oil (never approved by the FDA and known to cause auto-immune diseases) does it contain? And why are the symptoms of “Mad Hatter” disease (mercury poisoning) so similar to autism?

    Mistake #2: Assuming that vaccines work, or that any historical reduction in disease was due to vaccines, and without one shred of evidence, opting instead to say “studies show” or “the CDC says”. Where are the double-blind studies showing that vaccines are effective in the first place? What happened to “evidence based medicine”? There is no unbiased evidence that vaccines are either effective or safe. As Steve pointed out, it is indeed better water sanitation that was responsible for the amazing decline in disease in the 20th century – up to 99% of it.

    My conclusion: educated mom had it right – the vast majority of the diseases they vaccinate for are not worth fearing in the first place, especially swine flu. As for pregnant women being “more at risk”, it’s actually obese, pregnant women who smoke that are more at risk of dying of the flu (duh). John Fryer had it right: “To vaccinate the pregnant mother is disgraceful and amounts to attempted murder”.

    Once you start eating a diet based on raw, organic foods that are locally grown or better yet produced in your own garden, you won’t get sick anymore, period. Herbs like Burdock and Milk Thistle help remove existing mercury.

    These “McDonalds” moms (and dads) who feed their family at the Drive-thru with the SUV idling and then blog about how they are protecting society by getting their children pumped full of untested chemicals are a joke!

    More on water sanitation and disease here:

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