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Facilitated Communication, Autism and the Oscar Nomination

Back in February we reported Autism Documentary Nominated for Oscar. In the documentary an autistic young woman appears to make a miraculous recovery from using a technique called Facilitated Communication.
An article in the Pasadena Weekly and featured on gives a good overview of autism and highlights the discredited nature Facilitated Communication. “Then the phenomenon took a strange turn. An inordinate number of children and their facilitators started accusing their parents or others of sexual abuse. Parents and caretakers were arrested, children were placed in foster care, and many lives were ruined. Not until it reached this level of controversy did people begin to question some obvious inconsistencies. For instance, often the autistic people did not even look at the keyboard, while the facilitators never took their eyes off of it. … When scientists stepped in, more than 50 controlled studies and blind tests, in addition to numerous controlled tests conducted in legal cases, revealed FC as a hoax. These studies showed, without a doubt, that the FC messages were controlled by the facilitators, not the disabled people.