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Fast ForWord Language

Following on from the earlier post on neural plasticity  (and also Remembering to Work Hard) a new study demonstrates how computer software can help change the brain.
The software, Fast ForWord Language, teaches various phonic skills as well as memory and mental coordination skills. The study, Neural deficits in children with dyslexia ameliorated by behavioral remediation: Evidence from functional MRI used fMRI scans to show that areas of the dyslexic’s brain relating to reading became active after an intensive eight week course. The study doesn’t prove, in a scientific sense, that the software helps treat dyslexia but it is a promising start though further studies will be needed. More importantly it demonstrates how MRI scanning can be used to help assess the effectiveness of treatment programmes. Hopefully more commercial products will take this approach in the future.
Further coverage in the Stanford Report including a video of Professor Gabrieli talking about the results.