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Games to Help Dyslexia

A couple of games to help dyslexia that got mentioned on the Being Dyslexic forum. Mind Games provide packs of games and activities for either home or school user.
PHONOMENA by Mind weavers is a computer game to teach young children the basic sounds that make up spoken english.  The claim "language skills improvement of 2.4 years age-equivalent after just 6 hours training" and also suggests its as an aid for teaching english as a foreign language.


  1. Thanks Lei.

    If anyone is interested in genetics then check-out Lei’s blog. More genetics than you can shake a stick at.

    As it happens, genetics and dyslexia / autism / ADHD is something I deliberatly do not cover on Myomancy. Partly because I don’t think genetics play a signifcant factor in these problems and partly because its very deterministic. I believe everyone can be helped regardless of their genes or current abilities.

  2. Lei

    Great attitude, Chris! While I do believe genetics play a role in learning disabilities, I acknowledge that there’s not much we can do about addressing that factor right now. Hopefully, some targeted therapies can be developed in the future.

  3. melissa

    my name is melissa and i have dyslexia and an attention disoreder. I dont pay attention to things like that. I’ll get distracted by anything. Its pretty hard.

  4. alicia thompson

    I am trying to help poor kids in Mexicali, Mexico. 5 of them have dislexia. We have no access to internet and I come to check e-mails once a week. Any games I could print out would be helpful. These kids struggle with b,p and d
    missionary in mexicali

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