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Gender and ADHD

ADHD is generally seen as a problem mostly effecting boys but there is evidence that ADHD occurs equally in girls. The National Center for Gender Issues and ADHD does what the name suggests. "For girls and women, ADHD is often a hidden disorder, ignored or misdiagnosed by the educational and medical communities causing these girls and women to suffer in silence. Improved knowledge and a better understanding of girls and women with ADHD have the potential to improve many lives and relieve countless women of the shame with which they have grown up".
The site is mostly aimed at researchers and academics rather than the general public so there isn’t a lot of material on the site. There is the results of a study that looked at the perception of ADHD "Most of the general public (58%) and teachers (82%) think ADHD is more prevalent in boys". It is frightening that teachers are not better informed.