How Do you Tell If An Autistic Child Is Tired?

Autistism brings many problems for parents, some obvious and some not so obvious. Such as how can your autistic child tell you they are tired. At the Rich Center for the Study of Autism at Youngstown State University, USA they are have an exercise program for autistic children that helps to keep the children healthy. However excessive exercise is unhealthy so they have developed a graphical scale that the children can use to show how tired they are:
‘Children with autism are in need of quality exercise programs, which can positively impact their physical well-being as well as their behavior,’ Pintar said. ‘But since many children with autism lack developed verbal communication skills, it is very difficult for them to express how intense their exercise regimens are.’
The picture scale the researchers are developing will help in that area because the children won’t need to use verbal skills to explain their fatigue level. They can simply point to the picture, researchers said
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