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How Much Does ADHD Cost?

Ever wondered how much a child with ADHD costs its parents? A new meta-study ‘A review of the economic burden of ADHD‘  looked at all the research on this issue and found that children with ADHD had higher annual medical costs than matched controls. The additional cost ranged from $503 to $1,343.
The cost to society was also measured. In Los Angeles it found that children diagnosed with ADHD between 6 and 12 years old had significantly higher juvenile (46% versus 11%) and adult (21% versus 1%) arrest rates. An average ADHD sufferer cost society through crime $12,868 compared to the average non-sufferer who only cost $498. These are estimated figures but based on statistically significant findings and strongly suggest that criminality associated with ADHD results in a significant cost to society.

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  1. Elisha Macedonski

    Hi, my name is Elisha and i am doing an assignment on ADD. I have many questions to ask. could u please help me. Here are a few questions.
    * What are the criteria?
    * What are the drugs taken by ADD patients?
    * How are they treated?
    * What effects do the drugs have?
    * What are the future effects?
    * What do the drugs do? *
    Do they make them calm and focus?
    * What are the early symptoms?
    * How many types of ADD are there?
    * Is it hard to stop once you’re on them?
    * What is the cost?
    * What if the wrong person was diagnosed?
    Thank you I would really appreciate the help. Send bak
    Love Lisha

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