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If Calvin Took Ritalin


This great parody of the classic Calvin & Hobbes cartoons highlights the problems and ethical considerations of using medication to treat ADHD.

Many thanks to The Ephemerist for finding this.

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  1. Jacovny

    Personally I like the outcome. As an avid reader of this excellent comic strip, I understand that Calvin’s grades are atrocious and he is entirely inept at school. These pills have evidently allowed him the ability to control his hyperactive imagination and thus actually complete an assignment. I’ve always been against medicating children for ADHD, particularly when statistics show that the receipients of this medication have overwhelmingly been young males. However, this strip makes me see it in a new light.

    One criticism: Bill Watterson’s name should be removed from the above image at once. If he did not write this particular strip, then his name should not be associated with it. (Of course, if he DID write it, then bravo I suppose.)

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