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Infinity Walk

Infinity Walk is a treatment for learning difficulties such as dyslexia. It apparently involves walking around in a figure of eight pattern in time to music. I can’t tell you any more than that because the website has almost no information on it. A bit more information can be found on the web site for Infinity Walk’s creator Dr. Sunbeck. Include in the site is a PDF of chapter one from her book. From the brief information included in the free chapter the concept of the ‘figure of eight’ walking is well thought out and consistent with ideas regularly discussed on Myomacy. e.g. the Asymmetric Neck Tonic Reflex, rhythm, balance and movement.


  1. sidney

    You should check out this website on maturing primitive reflexes. These people work with troubled youth and put them through exercises to mature them. They list the exercises on their website at the bottom of the articles section. This would be helpful to people who can’t afford to take them to special centres, or OT’s etc.

  2. Thanks for the nice comments about Infinity Walk method. There is no expensive training program attached to it, and it is quickly learned by OTs, PTs, Spec Educators, health fitness and therapeutic movement educators, etc. Its use spans early childhood development years to elderly seniors practice of daily safe walking, balance and coordination while multitasking or being distracted. Also used in neuro-rehabilitation. Send your health and education professionals to the infinitywalk website to learn more. Vision therapists also use Infinity Walk as a great ocular-motor exercise while the body is in natural multi-tasking motion. Professionals who attend a CEU workshop tend to pay about $50-$60 dollars for training depending on what the sponsoring agency charges. I charge a low flat rate so health agancy can set a reasonable fee when sponsoring, or use for fund raising. I expect to have multi-media supported Infinity Walk CEU training online by end of 2008 making training more possible for busy profesisonals. This is a method that has no finacial barriers to training, teaching or learning. Professionals here in the USA use the method responsibly and only within their area of licensed expertise. There is a home-use version that parents can use to help their children. The method has expanding to Infinity Riding as well, including use of therapeutic riding horses, and wheelchairs/ motor scooters. Visit the site to learn more. Glad for your interest. Deborah Sunbeck, PhD

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