Is Autism a Disease or Difference?

Good piece in Wired on Autism.

Autistics like Baggs are now leading a nascent civil rights movement. “I remember in ’99,” she says, “seeing a number of gay pride Web sites. I envied how many there were and wished there was something like that for autism. Now there is.” The message: We’re here. We’re weird. Get used to it.

This movement is being fueled by a small but growing cadre of neuropsychological researchers who are taking a fresh look at the nature of autism itself. The condition, they say, shouldn’t be thought of as a disease to be eradicated. It may be that the autistic brain is not defective but simply different — an example of the variety of human development. These researchers assert that the focus on finding a cure for autism — the disease model — has kept science from asking fundamental questions about how autistic brains function.

The Truth About Autism: Scientists Reconsider What They Think They Know


  1. i am autistic and i personally believe all normal people can fuck off its unfair that black people and other races are free to joining the military and not have their lives run by other people i want the freedom everyone has its not fair if there was a cure for autism i would take it even if it ment volunteering for human genetic engineering on myself.

  2. i wish i could be normal theres nothing great about being autistic. i want to be cured by what ever means possible what makes autistic people like myself different from other people i would like to join the marines and serve my country through warfare but i can’t because of my MOTHERFUCKING AUTISM!!!!!!!! i hope you normal people go to hell.

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