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“It Changed Everything”

A piece on Scottish rugby player Kenny Logan in The Hearld highlights his charity work for Dyslexia Scotland. In it he talks about his dyslexia and how the DDAT treatment programme changed his life. The article also shows how dyslexia can limit your life and how liberating it is to be free of it.  Talking about mobile phones he said: "I have no problems with texting now. But I couldn’t have contemplated it even two years ago."


  1. Confused

    Does anyone know whether Leo Sayer has been on the Dore programme for sure? It seems to me that his behaviour on “Big Brother” suggests he hasn’t, or perhaps it didn’t work for him? It was interesting viewing when Leo became conveniently ‘mute’ when it came to his turn to read out a set of instructions from Big Brother.
    There have been newspaper articles where he ‘supports’ the Dore Programme, is this still the case? I’m a little baffled by this?

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