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Kenny Logan: Promoting Himself or DDAT?

The Time is running a piece on Kenny Logan and his treatment by DDAT. I’ve covered this before (It changed Everything) but mention it again for a couple of reasons.
This article is written by Kenny Logan rather than it being about him and it has a message worth repeating. There are many complaints that can be made about DDAT’s approach but for some people it really does change lives: “I feel happier inside now that I’ve opened up and told people. Last week I spoke about DDAT at a conference in Edinburgh for schoolteachers and parents discussing learning difficulties. The response was amazing and there are thousands more stories like mine. I met one young girl who was a dancer, but had low self-esteem because she couldn’t read and write. Having done the course, she’s now excelling in dance, is top of her class and has exceeded all expectations — her teachers can’t believe what’s happened. And it’s not just young people. An 83-year-old woman went on the course saying: “All I want to do is read before I die”. She can now speak three different languages“.
Kenny Logan is now 34 and at the end of his playing career so I wonder if Kenny is promoting himself to help him onto the pundit circuit or if he is being paid by DDAT / Dore? The Times article certainly implies that he was dealing directly with Wynford Dore which isn’t normal for DDAT customers.


  1. FrazzleDazzle

    So what if Logan has a new job? Even better for him if he loves what he is doing, which he clearly does. Not a bad deal.

    I highly doubt that Camden would risk their integrity on false advertising either.

  2. Tom

    Is that what you think, you are incredibly niave or just stupid? No wonder you ended up being conned. Please wake up to reality. Your endless talk of the magic of Dore is risking other parents of a similar intelligence level to yourself wasting time and money which would be much better spent on proper treatments.

    Some people might fall for your misguided testimonials, perhaps if they knew that you spent all your time with this obsession with Dore and other rubish alternative treatments (against all professional advice, and you dont even have the excuse of not knowing about it because I have tried to help you) instead of properly helping your child, then they would realise you are just another internet weirdo.

  3. FrazzleDazzle

    It does not matter what you or I think in the end. Neither one of us has the power to change the world. But for the beauty of the internet, we can both speak our minds, as as you, and I, and everybody else does, the dawn of possibilities beyond the limitations of our own little boxes appears. And, for those who take a risk and try something new, different, out of the box, can change and progress be accomplished. You can stay in your little box and you are happy there, and that is fine. I am searching for answers out of the little box, and I am very happy that I have, and I will continue to do so. It’s just that I happen to like change and progress.

  4. FrazzleDazzle

    Here is the ASA’s (Advertising Standards Authority) ruling on a complaint (was that YOU Tom?) against the Dore advert including Kenny Logan’s testimonial.

    Not upheld
    The ASA noted Kenny Logan had completed the Dore programme in March 2004 and had become a non-executive director of Dores holding company in December 2006, to assist Dores development of relations with the sporting industry. We noted he had no shares in Camden Holdings or Dore and had not received any financial remuneration or related benefit at the time of taking the programme.

    We noted the ad referred to Kenny Logan as one of a number of sportsmen who had completed the programme and we considered that, because that was true and because he had not received any financial benefits at the time of taking the programme, readers were unlikely to be misled because the ad did not include a reference to his position as a non-executive director of Dores holding company. We concluded that the ad was unlikely to mislead.

    We investigated the ad under CAP Code clause 7.1 (Truthfulness) but did not find it in breach.

    No further action required.”

  5. FrazzleDazzle

    You know, Tom, my son has done the Dore program, you know that, and we have conversed about what his results were, and that the bulk of them are not due to maturing over the year, issues that are not known to develop otherwise, such as executive functions and comprehension.
    Remind me again what treatments or remediations you have pursued??

    It looks like you really ragged on Kelly Logan about the Dore advert, so far I have not heard anything from you regarding his sting on Dancing with the Stars and how he attributes his newfound dancing ability through developed coordination and vestibular function to having undergond the Dore program.

    “And one thing is for sure, I could never have competed on Strictly Come Dancing without the [Dore] programme. I could never have taken in all the steps and moves.”

    Why don’t you save your energies pursuing those remediaitons that work for you?

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