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Match It For Pratchett

Award winning, best selling author of the Discworld novels, Terry Pratchett has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. In typical style, Terry has decided to use his fame to draw attention to the low levels of funding for research into Alzheimer’s. He has given £500,000 ( $1,000,000 ) to research and has been round the TV and radio stations raising awareness of this terrible but often hidden disease.

In response, the millions of Discworld fans are coming together for Match It For Pratchett. A campaign to match Terry’s £500,000 with £500,000 raised from fans around the world. In just four days, £35,000 has been collected.

If you are a fan of the Discworld or want to help fight a disease which, in Terry’s words, “which strips away your living self a bit at a time” then please donate. There is a donation jar on the web site plus full details of how to give directly to various national charities.

P.s. I’m also the web master for Match It For Pratchett so their may be less updates around here for a while.