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More on Caffeine and ADHD

Following on from the Caffeine and ADHD post, those of you interested in using caffeine as a way of managing your ADHD will be interested in this Boing Boing post about the variable caffeine content of coffee.

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  1. OK I was wondering do you make your adhd kids coffee strong:)? and do you add Sugar and Creamer? Just like you are making it for your self? I have Heard about the coffee thing from my husbands mom it does seem to work some what better then not using any thing for sure ! our little Girl is seven and wow shes Always Running jumping Talking 90 to nothing and has B/P also she is on Low dose of Focalin XR 10mg it seems to not be doing a good Job any more 🙁 and she takes low dose of Risperidone .25 1/2 in the am and 1/2 in the pm for her B/P does OK any Natural thing for that? I’m always on the Internet looking for new Answers Please can anyone help? I have heard that all Natural Lithium is good has anyone tried? Blessings to u all thank Leigh

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